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After many years of discussion, the @EUCouncil reached groundbreaking agreements on asylum and .

A big shout out to @YlvaJohansson who never gave up and kept going until everyone was on board 💪🏼

RT @YlvaJohansson: A hugely significant step for in JHA @EUCouncil today.

Looking forward to starting trilogues with the @europarl_en

We are so much stronger when we work together 🇪🇺


Very pleased to welcome Dr Sultan to Brussels after our many previous meetings. I look forward to deepening our good cooperation as we prepare for an ambitious .

Read our joint statement here:


We are transforming the way plastic products are designed, produced, used and recycled in 🇪🇺

Our policies will:
🌊protect the environment
💝look after human health
🌍tackle climate change

On , find out more:


There’s more than one way to

In the EU, we have taken action to:
🥤 Tackle single use plastics
📦 Reduce packaging waste
♻️ Make products more repairable, recyclable & reusable

On this , learn how we can all act to end


RT @EU_Commission: 🌈 Happy Pride Month!

In our Union, we're breaking down barriers to create an environment where everyone can thrive, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

On , let's stand together for a future free from discrimination.


Riding a bike is fun, affordable and healthy – for both you and the planet.

Stay tuned, as we will propose a European Declaration on Cycling this summer, inviting @europarl_en and @EUCouncil to sign up for it ↓


Very good meeting with 🇲🇾 Deputy Prime Minister Yusof and 🇮🇩 Coordinating Minister Hartarto

We strongly agree on the need for climate and environmental action and will operationalise partner talks on the implementation of the EU's anti- law in Malaysia & Indonesia


Very good to discuss renewables, energy efficiency, green hydrogen, and sustainable fuels with ministers @RajKSinghIndia and @HardeepSPuri today.

There are strong opportunities for the EU🇪🇺 & India🇮🇳 to deepen our cooperation and I look forward to continuing our work together.


It was great to discuss India’s green and just transition today with ministers @byadavbjp and @JoshiPralhad.

We talked about the EU’s pathway towards net zero, India’s rapid expansion of renewables, clean tech and supporting sustainable growth.


RT @EU_Commission: Launched: the EU-Republic of Korea Green Partnership 🇪🇺🇰🇷

Together, we will work to fight climate change, protect nature and speed up the green transition.

But that's not all. We're working with global allies 🇯🇵🇲🇦🇳🇴 to secure a green future for all.

Read more👇


On Sunday 21 May we celebrate , marking the creation, 31 years ago, of the 🌍 largest network of protected areas

Learn more and get ready to discover the wildlife around you by taking part in our 1st-ever BioBlitz on Sunday 👉!mHqTpj


Non possiamo cambiare il passato ma possiamo cambiare il futuro, per il bene dei nostri figli e nipoti.

Se il Green Deal ha un senso, lo ha qui più che in ogni altro luogo. Mi impegnerò sino all’ultimo perché la via intrapresa diventi realtà.


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Sin dall’inizio del mio mandato ho voluto parlare di perché qui si mostrano in tutta la loro drammaticità i lasciti di un modello di sviluppo esaurito. E qui si può dimostrare come il futuro possa coniugare industria ed ambiente, lavoro e salute.


Last year, one third of Europe was affected by .

These long periods without rainfall cause water shortages and severely impact:
⚡️Energy production
🚱Human health

Read more in the new @Copernicus report :


🧵 Time to debunk more myths about Nature Restoration Law.

Myth 1: Restoration means more protected areas & no economic activities. NO!

Restoration is not protection.

Economic activities are NOT prohibited & will on contrary benefit from healthier, more productive ecosystems.


🆕 Public Consultation to prohibit the production for export of hazardous 🧪 banned in the 🇪🇺

Chemicals can be useful for our society & economy, but must be produced & used without harming people's health & the 🌍



RT @VSinkevicius: 🧵1/5 Let’s put things straight about the Nature Restoration Law:
Restoration gives Nature a chance to be the vital force we need for our future & economies.
This law responds to science’s alarming calls, seen in @IPCC's latest report, & peoples' demands to bring Nature back.


Thank you @moniquegoyens for presenting @beuc's study on energy savings at home 🏡

Ecodesign measures clearly help us save plenty of energy. Less energy consumed is less money spent and less CO2 emissions leading to less harm to our climate 🌍


Das 1,5-Grad Ziel am Leben erhalten - das war der Appell von @TimmermansEU 🇪🇺 heute beim . Wie? Durch weniger Emissionen ALLER großen CO2-Verursacher, globale Ziele für und neben öffentlichen auch privaten Geldern. ➡


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