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The 🇪🇺 will become climate neutral by 2050.

But to get there, we need to set climate targets for 2⃣0⃣4⃣0⃣

What do YOU think the EU's climate ambition should be? 🫵

Answer our survey:!Wn7Fpq


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Today we present a pioneering proposal to help us get to net zero emissions.

The first ever 🇪🇺-wide framework to reliably certify high-quality carbon removals.

To boost innovative natural and industrial carbon removal solutions.

Here's how 👇


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Europe is burning as spread across France, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Sounds familiar?🤔

That’s because 2021 was the second worst wildfire season on record, with fires mapped in 22 EU countries.

Read more👉!mM8BYy


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Today is 🌍 and we have a big announcement… 📣the @EU_Commission joins the 🎉

The pledge is to become climate neutral by 2030💚 How? By reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more and see how you can take too👉!vXQ88G


RT by @EUClimateAction: The REPowerEU plan of 2022 prioritises clean energy production for EU's .

In 2022, the EU generated more from than from . In 2023, took over gas in electricity production.

2 years on 👉!bMdXPd

[2024-05-17 10:09 UTC]

Climate change is here and we must prepare for its consequences.
A new
report provides insights on how to make climate adaptation efforts bankable and effective, ensuring they protect people and prosperity.

[2024-05-17 10:00 UTC]

Climate change is threatening 🌍 species
From the Arctic to subtropical waters, rising temperatures and extreme weather events are hurting the natural world.
It's clear: more species will go extinct as a result of the climate crisis.
Take action on

[2024-05-17 08:45 UTC]

Did you know transport accounts for a ¼ of EU greenhouse gas emissions, with 70% from road transport? 🚙
To cut emissions, the 🇪🇺 has adopted a law to make all new cars and vans zero-emission from 2035! 🌱
Here are 5️⃣ things you should know about battery electric vehicles 🚗

[2024-05-16 13:44 UTC]

Here's a roundup of recent
In 🇧🇪, 8 Pact Ambassadors joined
In 🇬🇷:
🔹Climate Walk to the Parnes mountain led by Pact Ambassador Isidoros Kampolis
🔸Beach clean-up led by Ambassador Marina Gavrilaki in Palaio Faliro
Get involved⤵️

[2024-05-16 08:24 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Today, the EU and @WorldBank published 3 new reports on:

☑️ smart investments in disaster resilience
☑️ the cost of adaptation strategies
☑️ the financial impact of wildfires and droughts

Read them here. ↓

[2024-05-15 10:40 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 🔛Moving on to the first thematic event of the , which gathers the Member States' representatives of our UfM Regional Platform on Environment and Climate Action.

Together w/ civil society representatives, local authorities, academia & more, we delved into:

👉🏻the visibility of the Mediterranean region in global negotiations
👉🏼 the importance of linking science and policy to combat climate & environmental changes
👉🏽 the mobilization of financial flows for green and blue projects & investments

🔗Consult our agenda for + info on the :

[2024-05-14 13:54 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 🔈 Kicking off today’s , we are proud to welcome Leena Ylä-Mononen, as she introduces the @euenvironment’s new report: 'Responding to climate change impacts on in Europe: focus on floods, droughts and '".

[2024-05-15 09:13 UTC]

Climate change is impacting our water and health
💧impaired water quality
A new
report zooms in on examples from across 🇪🇺 while offering practical proposals to protect people, prosperity and planet🌍

[2024-05-15 08:34 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Climate change is worsening floods, droughts, and water quality, threatening our health. 🌍💧

The 's new report highlights water-related impacts on health and well-being, assessing our preparedness and showcasing practical measures.

Read more here:

[2024-05-15 06:50 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 2.3 billion people globally lack access to clean cooking.

Proud to announce that as , we have mobilised € 400M for clean cooking activities under the Africa-EU Green Energy Initiative.

Together, this is a problem we can fix.

@IEA summit on clean cooking in Africa

[2024-05-14 10:18 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Ahead of the season, we are taking significant steps through to bolster 🇪🇺 firefighting efforts by:

🟢 strategically pre-positioning over 550 👨‍🚒 from 12 countries;
🟢 assembling a firefighting aircraft fleet.


[2024-05-14 11:22 UTC]

Climate change is making wildfires more frequent and intense🔥
The 🇪🇺 is bolstering firefighting efforts and safeguarding communities by:
🔸pre-positioning over 550 firefighters across key locations
🔸assembling a firefighting aircraft fleet
More on

[2024-05-14 13:15 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Very happy to inaugurate the Reflection Group on mobilising climate resilience financing.

Let’s face it: climate impacts will not decline any time soon and have strong economic and financial consequences.

[2024-05-14 10:43 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 🔌🚗 Locating recharging points for your electric vehicle has never been easier.

The TENtec interactive map contains extensive information on the recharging points installed across 🇪🇺, including their kWh and power type.

See more in the interactive map→!kmFKXg

[2024-05-12 16:00 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: In rural areas of Europe, the @ruralinterfaces project is using innovative knowledge exchange to transform local needs into influential policies, on issues such as and land use.


[2024-05-13 06:22 UTC]

Event alert➡️How climate change is impacting our water and health
📅15 May
⏰11:00 to 12:15
in Brussels &amp; online
Experts from
and elsewhere will be discussing the risks and the solutions.

[2024-05-09 12:00 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 📆 Next Week! | We will be joined by @euenvironment to explore the risks and solutions to the impact climate change has on and .

⤵️ Learn more below.

[2024-05-08 09:10 UTC]

New podcast alert🎙️
Our very own Johanna Schiele joins
to discuss the
European Hydrogen Bank auction:
🔹the design of the auction
🔹outcomes and results
🔹main challenges for bidders
Listen here➡️:

[2024-05-08 13:20 UTC]

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