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The 🇪🇺 will become climate neutral by 2050.

But to get there, we need to set climate targets for 2⃣0⃣4⃣0⃣

What do YOU think the EU's climate ambition should be? 🫵

Answer our survey:!Wn7Fpq


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Today we present a pioneering proposal to help us get to net zero emissions.

The first ever 🇪🇺-wide framework to reliably certify high-quality carbon removals.

To boost innovative natural and industrial carbon removal solutions.

Here's how 👇


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Europe is burning as spread across France, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Sounds familiar?🤔

That’s because 2021 was the second worst wildfire season on record, with fires mapped in 22 EU countries.

Read more👉!mM8BYy


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Today is 🌍 and we have a big announcement… 📣the @EU_Commission joins the 🎉

The pledge is to become climate neutral by 2030💚 How? By reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more and see how you can take too👉!vXQ88G


RT by @EUClimateAction: 🎶Listening to the Beach Boys sing 'Vegetables', we reach our last day at dedicated to food, agriculture and water.

Highlights of our day:
🟢Tracking adaptation finance in development projects
🟢Breaking silos with the Gap Fund.

Full agenda👉


[2023-12-10 07:09 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Our Vice-President Fayolle at :
a boosts climate neutrality & brings benefits for the economy & society.

But unlocking its financing potential is a challenge.

We need to do more to mainstream circular economy and make it an integral part of our projects.


[2023-12-10 08:22 UTC]

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and durably storing it.
At our
event, Kurt Vandenberghe stresses the importance of first reducing emissions and then using
so we hit net zero.


[2023-12-10 08:57 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: My final side events happens today, in the EU Pavilion at 12:30 GST, organised by the team, with panelists from @EUClimateAction, @StateDept, @DefraGovUK & @PuroCO2Removal


[2023-12-10 06:18 UTC]

Meet Christian, our
He's at
telling the📸story of the climate crisis, particularly the fragile, conflictual relationship between humans and nature.
Through his work, he's calling on others to
wants more 🌍 climate ambition.


[2023-12-10 06:28 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 💬 A lot of food for thought at today's side event on CBAMs & their role in international carbon pricing!

Thanks to our moderator @TimMcPhieEU & our panellists for sharing their insights on this important topic

Missed the debate? Watch back 👉


[2023-12-09 16:02 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: 🟢 Starting in half an hour!

LIVE with @EU_TaxudDirector-General @gerass_thomas & guests

👉 CBAMs and their role in promoting carbon pricing initiatives worldwide

Join our event in person or online.



[2023-12-09 14:01 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: It's time to end the anomaly of fossil fuel subsides which are holding us back.

We need to redirect resources from fossil fuels to renewables and energy efficiency. And we need to do it fast.

See my full intervention on fossil fuel subsidies phase out➡️!TQQ3kC


[2023-12-09 14:15 UTC]

R to @EUClimateAction: It's our last event of the day at

Now our panelists are discussing the role of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms in promoting 🌍 carbon pricing initiatives.

Join us in person at the Pavilion or online.


[2023-12-09 14:38 UTC]

R to @EUClimateAction: LIVE now with @EUClimateAction Director-General Kurt Vandenberghe and others👏

➡️Realising the full potential of carbon pricing and markets: opportunities for Europe, Africa and the world.

Join our event in person or online.


[2023-12-09 11:44 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Up to 14% of global emissions come from deforestation and land-use change alone.

We need integrated approaches to global heating, biodiversity loss and land degradation.

Otherwise, we’re burning through one of the Earth’s most powerful climate solutions.



[2023-12-09 09:26 UTC]
and carbon pricing are hot topics at
They have a big part to play in making net zero a 🌍 reality.
Join us in the
Pavilion or online for 4️⃣ discussions with 🇪🇺 and international experts.


[2023-12-09 08:49 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: How can we deliver nature-based solutions at scale?
3 solutions from Commissioner @VSinkevicius at nature day:
🟢make the most of existing structures
🟢build up knowledge at all levels
🟢update nature-based solutions
🟢integrate nature-based solutions in our financing.


[2023-12-09 05:47 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Climate change is putting our future at risk, and in particular that of young people. Young people will face increasing climate risks.

That’s why it is so important for us as politicians and decision-makers to engage with young people.


[2023-12-08 18:10 UTC]

RT by @EUClimateAction: Just touched down at in Dubai, ready to strengthen global partnerships for the .

Today, I'm hosting events on nature, forests & oceans, and will also sign the EU-Egypt Joint Declaration for a sustainable water partnership, reaffirming our lasting cooperation.


[2023-12-09 05:00 UTC]

It's a full house at our
youth dialogue with EU Commissioner
We're discussing the green transition, climate justice and much more.
Join us in Dubai or live online and be part of the
discussion 👏


[2023-12-08 14:46 UTC]

Today at
the focus is on youth, education and skills🙌
Ambassadors joined the
team to learn more about international climate negotiations and share ideas on how to boost🚀 grassroots climate action in Europe🇪🇺.


[2023-12-08 13:10 UTC]

Starting soon⏳
press conference with EU Commissioner for Climate Action
and Member of the European Parliament
Join us in Dubai: Press Conference 1, Zone B8 at 15:00 local time.
Or live online 12:00 CET:


[2023-12-08 10:41 UTC]

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