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We just sealed the deal on a new Global Framework at 🌱

This is our Paris moment – a historical day that will give us the chance to keep our 🌏 livable for generations to come


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The time to act for our 🌏 is now!

Today, jointly with @eu_eeas, we launch our brand new campaign

This is our ambition to join forces all across the 🌍 to take action on the ground and the climate!

Because big changes often start small!


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🆕 First-ever Law

Today, we presented pioneering proposals to restore damaged ecosystems and bring back nature to our lives

From land to sea, from rural to urban environments - all across 🇪🇺

and all of us 🌱!gQb8JP


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📢 Registrations for the 2022 are now open!

Join the debate with policymakers, environmentalists and stakeholders from across 🇪🇺 and beyond - help us make our objectives for 2050 real!

More info & registration 👉


RT by @EU_ENV: Caring for the environment is caring for ourselves.

Today, the Environmental Crime Directive enters into force.

It establishes minimum rules regarding the definition of criminal offences and penalties to protect the environment more effectively.

More info ↓

[2024-05-20 08:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Happy !🐝

If you see a bee, would you know it is one?

You might see them less, though: 1 in 3 bee, butterfly and hoverfly species is in decline.

With the Initiative, we want to reverse this development:!6PymrM

[2024-05-20 05:30 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: 5⃣ reasons why we should protect these tiny miracle workers! 🐝🐝

[2024-05-20 03:30 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Without water, life ceases to exist.
As the World Water Forum kicks off, today’s term is:
. 🚰

Access to clean water is essential for:
💓 Health & nutrition
🐳 Ecosystems
📈 Economic security


[2024-05-18 11:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Our soils are degrading and fertile lands are turning to desert – with human activity to blame.

🌿 Yet, hope endures.

Ahead of , discover these success stories in this new documentary series:

[2024-05-19 14:43 UTC]

Water resilience is not only a challenge for the EU, that's why we need 🌍 solutions
🇪🇺 Director General
attends the 10th World Water Forum in 🇮🇩 Bali to discuss water challenges with international partners
Learn more about it, and help us become a

[2024-05-17 13:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: A new study led by Mahon et al. concludes⬇️

"Biodiversity loss is the biggest environmental driver of infectious disease outbreaks"

This linkage is also explored in the @IPBES 📚

🗞️Article by @guardian

[2024-05-16 15:28 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Who wants to be the 2026 & Awards 🏆 winner?

Some cities across 🇪🇺 are already on the path towards a healthier environment, and for citizens, and are eager to take up the challenge!

Meet them 👇

[2024-05-16 11:23 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Water-related disasters are increasingly affecting European countries, highlighting the need for collective action 🌊🚱

At the , find out how our products are helping to build a more water-resilient Europe

Register at👇

[2024-05-16 08:11 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: We should never take democracy for granted.

in the upcoming on 6-9 June.

Don't let others decide for you!

Discover how 👉!9K3V69

[2024-05-15 09:48 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Climate change has a huge impact on the Arctic. External interests towards the region are growing.
“🇪🇺 Arctic policy reaffirms the need for Indigenous voices to lead sustainable management of the Arctic.”

Speech at the Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue 👉

[2024-05-15 12:42 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Do you want to shape the future of industry?
🗓️On 21 June, take part in the launch of , our new Innovation Centre for Industrial Transformation and Emissions in Seville!

We’ll work together towards a cleaner, more competitive industry.


[2024-05-15 12:20 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Have you heard about the first industrial vertical farm in the ? 🍅

LIFE Planet Farms is one of the 9 finalists for the Citizens’ Prize🏆

Discover how this has contributed to more sustainable agriculture:

[2024-05-15 07:18 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: 💦 Our monthly newsletter is here with stories that make a splash, such as:

💧 our new campaign
🌱 the upcoming 2024
🏆 2024 &
... and much more 👉!7MbB8n

[2024-05-14 12:54 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: International cooperation in the is more crucial than ever.

We gather & non-Arctic EU countries to discuss how to better cooperate: from listening to the people of the Arctic, to tackling challenges & discussing angles.

[2024-05-14 08:20 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: Drought is a threat to the on which we all depend. 🏜🌾

According to the @IPBES Report, land degradation increases flood risks. 🌊

So, how can nature help us tackle natural disasters? ⬇️


[2024-05-14 09:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV:  that since 1970, 1/3 of the 🌍 freshwater ecosystems have been lost, and freshwater populations have plummeted by 83%?

Join the 2024 opening session on 29 May at 13.45 CEST to discuss the key challenges and vision for a 👉!MkYwkk

[2024-05-13 13:54 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: effective restoration of 15% of converted land could halt approximately 60% of expected species extinctions 🐗🐯🌿Ecosystem restoration could further reverse loss & improve ecosystem services. Learn more:

[2024-05-13 14:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_ENV: The Arctic is warming fast, leading to the rapid thawing of permafrost affecting biodiversity & local communities.

@nunataryuk project created the first map of Arctic permafrost to assess its effects when thawed:!N8NNP4

[2024-05-13 12:00 UTC]

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