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A hugely significant step for in JHA @EUCouncil today.

Looking forward to starting trilogues with the @europarl_en

We are so much stronger when we work together 🇪🇺


RT by @YlvaJohansson: Receiving updates after the shocking attack in Paris last night.
The French authorities reacted quickly and decisively.

We will discuss anti-terrorism measures at the JHA Council on Tuesday.

My thoughts are with the victims of this attack.


[2023-12-03 08:38 UTC]

Honoured to sign with Montenegro Minister of Internal Affairs
Arrangement for the implementation of the Joint Action Plan on Counter-Terrorism for the Western Balkans between
and Montenegro.
🇪🇺 🤝 🇲🇪


[2023-11-29 07:53 UTC]

Canada + EU negotiators marked the finalisation of their PNR (Passenger Name Record) negotiations.
The new Agreement, once in place, gives a new legal basis that strengthens law enforcement cooperation and public security, while ensuring a high level of data protection


[2023-11-29 06:45 UTC]

In closing the International Conference on a Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling, I thanked delegates for their commitment.
And I look forward to building on our call to action.
My closing speech 👇
The call to action👇


[2023-11-28 16:39 UTC]

My closing speech at the Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling today:
“I call on all of you to do what you can to make this global coalition a success.
To join forces. To stop migrant smuggling. And ultimately: to save lives”.
Full speech👇


[2023-11-28 17:15 UTC]

It takes a network to fight a network.
Glad to host today’s conference for a Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling.
I will also outline
anti-smuggling legislative package:
Press conference ⤵️
📺 Watch 🔴 LIVE ⏰ 13:15 CET +/-


[2023-11-28 11:16 UTC]

RT by @YlvaJohansson: 🆕 International Conference on a Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling

🗣️ Press conference by Commissioner @YlvaJohansson

🔴LIVE ⏰ 13:15 CET



[2023-11-28 11:51 UTC]

Ahead of
hosted Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling conference, 28/11, I had a constructive meeting with
🇵🇰 Foreign Minister
I welcome the steps Pakistan is taking to fight criminal networks & prevent people becoming victims of smugglers.


[2023-11-27 15:15 UTC]

736 million. That’s the number of women that have been subjected to physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence, at least once in their life.
We need an EU law on combating violence against women. Now.


[2023-11-25 09:48 UTC]

Joint press release on EU-Türkiye High Level Dialogue on Migration and Security (23 November) 👇
My appreciation to 🇹🇷 Minister of Interior of the Republic of Türkiye
for the constructive engagement.


[2023-11-24 10:06 UTC]

RT by @YlvaJohansson: 🇪🇺 is one of the most emblematic achievements of European integration.

Today, @EU_Commission is adopting a Recommendation for increased cooperation between Member States.

Controls at internal borders are not the only way to ensure in the Schengen area 👇


[2023-11-23 14:55 UTC]

Honoured to host Türkiye Minister of the Interior
in Brussels today for the High-Level 🇪🇺🇹🇷 dialogue on migration and security.
An opportunity to progress on our shared strategic objectives.


[2023-11-23 12:57 UTC]

“To Finland we say: The Finnish border is the EU's border. The European Union is behind you. You can count on our full support.”
My speech at the
on developments at the EU external border between Finland and Russia 👇


[2023-11-22 06:58 UTC]

RT by @YlvaJohansson: Rapid information-sharing is crucial to investigate criminal activities.

We welcome the agreement reached today between @europarl_en and @EUCouncil on automated data exchange for police cooperation.

The new rules will boost the investigation of criminal offences in the EU ↓


[2023-11-21 09:12 UTC]

Significant breakthrough in Strasbourg this evening to improve European Police cooperation.
Preliminary agreement between
on Prum II that will allow for police records + data exchange to strengthen joint 🇪🇺 fight against crime👇


[2023-11-20 21:38 UTC]

‘Facilitating legal migration to key sectors, while fighting smuggling networks – a busy November’.
My latest blog on the
agenda in the coming days and weeks
- 15/11 Talent Mobility package
- 28/11 Anti-Smuggling conference
Blog ⬇️


[2023-11-20 20:06 UTC]

“The EU remains determined to prevent and safeguard children from violence, abuse, and exploitation, whether online or offline, using all the tools available, including legislation”.
Read full
statement on
here 👇


[2023-11-20 10:07 UTC]

Today is the European Day on the protection of children against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.
Online the situation is getting worse and worse.
We need strong EU legislation now.


[2023-11-18 08:58 UTC]

I am extremely honored to receive today the award Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Guardian Civil, especially receiving it from Fernando Grande-Marlaska, with whom I share a commitment for a stronger Europe in the areas of migration and security.
Muchas gracias!


[2023-11-16 16:50 UTC]

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