You accept to release under Creative Commons Zero any original work you publish through this instance. For content mirrored or federated from other fediverse instances and websites, refer to the responsibilities and rights of the respective sources. Reposted official EU works may be in the public domain or under CC BY 4.0. Please see Guidelines on recommended standard licences, datasets and charging for the reuse of documents (2014/C 240/01) and the legal notices for the, and websites among others.

Privacy tries to avoid collecting any personal information and doesn't willingly transfer any outside the EU. For example: no visitor logs are kept, so when your visit is over we don't know what your IP address was; and cookies aren't needed to browser the website, so you're encouraged to refuse them all. However, some information is necessarily transmitted to our service providers Scaleway and OVH: please refer to them if you want to know, for example, whether they're logging your IP address.

ActivityPub information

If you interact with our service through ActivityPub, your actions can leave some traces in our database, such as a copy of your profile (username, bio, avatar etc.). If you wish us to no longer have such information, you can stop interacting with our service, reverse any previous interaction and block our domain from your ActivityPub client/server. We attempt to purge such information regularly with all available maintenance routines such as "accounts prune", "statuses remove", "media remove", "preview_cards remove" and "media remove-orphans" (see the tootctl documentation for default settings). If you want us to remove such information faster, you can delete your account so that our service receives all the required deletion requests through ActivityPub.

Appropriate behaviour

All profiles are expected to follow the relevant official code of conduct: see European Parliament's Appropriate behaviour rules and the European Commission's Rules for EU civil servants.


Disclosures according to Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 for the past 6 months: disputes, 0; suspended registered human users, 0; human registered active users, 1; total addressable monthly active users (across all instances), between 1 and 20 million. Statistics are also published at FediDB and Fediverse stats.

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