As the global temperature rises, the 27 EU countries are taking further measures to tackle 🌍

With the package, the EU will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. How? 👇


RT @CharlesMichel: 2 years after the fraudulent elections in the EU stands with Belarusians in their desire to live in a free and democratic society.

Your struggle comes at great personal cost and risk.

We believe in you and will continue to support you and your legitimate aspirations.


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📖We are rolling out our summer featuring young European authors. Let them take you to the most hidden corners of our continent!

🔎 There is drama, happiness, excitement, mystery and a lot of love.

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Cars and vans account for 15% of EU CO2 emissions. Accelerating the transition to zero- and low-emission mobility is key to achieving a by 2050.

EU ministers agreed in June on a proposal for all new vehicles from 2035 to produce zero emissions.


Is your flight cancelled or delayed? Know your rights!

🇪🇺EU rules protect you when travelling by plane, train, boat or bus ✈️🚄🛳️🚌 in Europe.

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Today the 🇪🇺 adopted a regulation to reduce ↘️gas demand by 15% this winter.

This reduction is voluntary but could become mandatory if a security of supply ⚠️ alert is triggered.

But what does that mean exactly❓



Hundreds of thousands of children have fled Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion.

The EU is helping to protect them against all risks of:
➡️illegal adoption

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The EU and its member states stand in solidarity with the millions of people who have left their homes to escape Russia's war of aggression.

How many refugees from Ukraine have registered for protection in the EU? Find out 👇


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The EU has imposed a number of trade sanctions to weaken the Russian economy in response to Putin's war against Ukraine. These include:
🚫import bans
🚫export bans

What does that mean in practice? Watch our animation to find out ⬇️

More on EU sanctions:!mxCRdQ


This was an important year for the euro: it turned 20! 🎉

Since 2002, we have been using 💶 euro banknotes and coins on a daily basis – but do you know what is represented on them and why this design was chosen? 🤔

🔎 Let's discover the design behind the euro 👇


Every year, thousands of people are identified as victims of in the EU. Criminals use online platforms to advertise and exploit them.
The EU has taken steps to 💙 & plans to do more.
Find out about the UN campaign:


The EU has stood by the side of and its people. Measures include:

➡️reception of refugees
➡️civil protection assistance
➡️humanitarian aid
➡️macro-financial assistance
➡️military support

More info:!jhpFwC

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🚫📺 To stop Russia’s propaganda and disinformation campaigns, the EU has suspended the broadcasting of 5 state-controlled outlets, such as .

What does that mean in practice? Watch our animation to find out ▶️👇

More about EU sanctions:!QPJCM4


Russia's invasion of Ukraine has forced millions of people to leave their homes.

Nadia and Svitlana were separated from their loved ones by Russian soldiers. Listen to their story ↓

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📉 Today 🇪🇺 energy ministers agreed to reduce gas demand by 15% this winter as a demonstration of solidarity.

This reduction is voluntary but could become mandatory if a security of supply alert is triggered.

More 👇!FCwwm


| Extraordinary Energy Council tomorrow

EU ministers to discuss security of energy supply in the EU

More concretely, to agree on a gas demand reduction

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Travelling in Europe by ✈️🚄🛳️🚌 this summer?

👉 Get to know your rights in case of cancellations or delays.

🇪🇺EU rules protect you.

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