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Russian bombs have left over 2,800 Ukrainian schools in ruins.

We are donating €14 million for school buses to help 🇺🇦 children get to and from school safely.

Today on , we are calling on public and private entities to join us in donating school buses


"It is time for the European awakening on defence and security.
Because there is much at stake here.
Our freedom and our prosperity depend on our security and we have to bring our actions in line with this changing security environment."
— Keynote speech by President
at the European Defence and Security Summit. Read it again:!P8WcCf

[2024-04-17 14:02 UTC]

The amendment of the EU's research and innovation programme mobilises previously unallocated funding to increase the 2024 budget by nearly €1.4 billion to a total of €7.3 billion.
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[2024-04-17 10:58 UTC]

The next round of
applications is now open!
If you are...
👉 born between 1 July 2005 and 30 June 2006
👉 a citizen or a resident of the 🇪🇺 or 🇮🇸, 🇱🇮, 🇲🇰, 🇳🇴, 🇷🇸 or 🇹🇷
Deadline: 30 April
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[2024-04-16 13:30 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: Actions include:
🔹 Up to €1.9 billion under the Recovery and Resilience Facility to support sustainable fisheries
🔹 €103 million for ocean observation programmes
🔹 €134 million to help African countries sustainably develop their blue economy

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[2024-04-16 12:09 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: Our Union is taking commitments for action on key areas, including:

🔹 Sustainable fisheries
🔸 Marine protected areas
🔹 Ocean and climate change
🔸 Sustainable blue economies
🔹 Marine pollution
🔸 Maritime security
🔹 Support to the Mediterranean regions
🔸 Research

[2024-04-16 12:09 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: Over the last year, the commitment for a stronger Schengen area has delivered key achievements:

🔹A reinforced legislative framework
🔹An integrated Schengen governance framework
🔹Historic steps to complete the Schengen area with 🇧🇬🇷🇴, lifting controls at air and sea.

[2024-04-16 10:30 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: With 14 547km of land borders, Schengen has remained strong and the most visited destination in the world.

In 2023,
🔸over 10 million Schengen visas were issued
🔸more than half a billion passengers visited the Schengen area

[2024-04-16 10:28 UTC]

Schengen remains one of the crown jewels of 🇪🇺 integration and we have taken decisive steps to further strengthen its governance.
Today's report shows the result of this commitment to strengthen Schengen to face current and upcoming challenge.

[2024-04-16 10:25 UTC]

The international community must act together immediately to help the people of Sudan.
The EU commits €896 million in humanitarian aid for Sudan to assist the most vulnerable.
Our priority continues to be the implementation of a ceasefire and the passage of humanitarian aid.

[2024-04-16 07:56 UTC]

We've endorsed the Ukraine Plan, paving the way for regular support to Ukraine under the EU's €50 billion Ukraine Facility.
This will help Ukraine to keep its administration running and to provide basic public services, among other necessities, while it continues to defend against Russia's aggression.!gqrJ4x

[2024-04-16 06:46 UTC]

The European Youth Week is up and running all over our Union!
🌍 It's a chance for young Europeans to share ideas, meet like-minded people, and make a real difference.
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[2024-04-15 15:00 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: 📣 All EU citizens are invited to join the debate and exchange their ideas.

The Citizens' Engagement Platform is open for views and insights from the general public on energy efficiency.

Have an impact on policy. Take a seat at the table →!HRcfYF

[2024-04-15 14:01 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: Their recommendations include:

💡 Expanding the energy efficiency of buildings
💡 Developing more efficient transport infrastructure
💡 Improving labour skills in the energy efficiency sector
💡 Empowering communities to become energy efficient

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[2024-04-15 14:01 UTC]

➡️ Europe is on its way to next-generation semiconductor production.
The implementation of the
is moving forward with the selection of the consortia that will manage the four pilot lines for semiconductor technology.
Find out more 👇🏼

[2024-04-14 14:30 UTC]

Supercomputing is an essential feature of Europe’s technological sovereignty.
And Europe is leading the way.
Discover the
supercomputers across Europe 👇

[2024-04-14 12:02 UTC]

2023 was the fourth worst year since 2000 regarding areas scorched by wildfires.
Last year we also witnessed the single largest fire ever to occur in Europe since the 1980s.
We call for enhancing prevention using the resources made available through the

[2024-04-14 10:01 UTC]
in 1992, the agreement on the creation of the European Economic Area was initialled.
This agreement brought together the EU countries and Iceland 🇮🇸, Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 and Norway 🇳🇴, allowing them to participate fully in the

[2024-04-14 08:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_Commission: I strongly condemn Iran‘s blatant and unjustifiable attack on Israel.

And I call on Iran and its proxies to immediately cease these attacks.

All actors must now refrain from further escalation and work to restore stability in the region.

[2024-04-14 05:07 UTC]

The High-Level Conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights is taking place on 15 &amp; 16 April!
, we aim to make a real difference in the lives of Europeans by exploring ways to strengthen social policies, foster inclusivity, and drive innovation.

[2024-04-14 07:01 UTC]

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