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Russian bombs have left over 2,800 Ukrainian schools in ruins.

We are donating €14 million for school buses to help 🇺🇦 children get to and from school safely.

Today on , we are calling on public and private entities to join us in donating school buses


We're making sustainable products the norm in the 🇪🇺.
The new Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation entered into force this week, aiming to:
→ Ensure products last longer
→ Make them easier to repair
→ Reduce the use of chemicals
→ Improve energy efficiency

[2024-07-21 14:00 UTC]

We've endorsed releasing nearly €4.2 billion to 🇺🇦 under the Ukraine Facility this week.
This supports Ukraine's macro-financial stability and the functioning of its public administration.
The EU will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

[2024-07-21 09:30 UTC]

Moving on EU roads safely. Your right, our goal.
We turned Europe's best road safety practices into draft laws so you can walk, roll, ride and drive safely anywhere in our Union.
They can help reduce deaths and serious injuries by 50% by 2030.
Here's how ↓

[2024-07-21 07:00 UTC]

Connected, we are stronger 🇪🇺
New rules on trans-European transport network entered into force this week.
They will:
🚆promote more sustainable transport modes
🚆advance digitalisation
🚆improve the use of multiple means of transportation for a single journey.

[2024-07-20 14:30 UTC]

RT by @EU_Commission: Today, on this tragic 50th anniversary, and every day, we stand with Cyprus.

We stand in support of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Cypriots deserve to live in a reunited country in conditions of peace, co-existence, stability and prosperity.

The Cyprus question is a European one. We will continue to firmly support Cyprus in the efforts to reunify the last divided EU member state, in line with the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

[2024-07-20 10:14 UTC]

Today, the EU and the Republic of Serbia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding launching a Strategic Partnership on:
🔩 sustainable raw materials
🔋 battery value chains
🚗 electric vehicles
More info ↓

[2024-07-19 15:30 UTC]

Online vulnerability,
Addictive design of some social media platforms.
We need to get to the bottom of mental health difficulties for young people.
We owe it to them.”
— President-elect

[2024-07-19 14:14 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: The support is subject to progress in the implementation of the reform agenda of the Palestinian Authority and paving the way for a Programme for Palestinian Recovery and Resilience.

This strategy aims at stabilising the Palestinian Authority and the economy in the West Bank.

[2024-07-19 10:50 UTC]

The EU is providing short-term emergency financial support to the Palestinian Authority.
This support, worth €400 million in grants and loans, will help the Palestinian Authority address its most pressing financial needs and support its reform agenda.

[2024-07-19 10:49 UTC]

“We will propose a European Democracy Shield.
The EU needs its own dedicated structure for countering foreign information manipulation and interference.”
— President-elect

[2024-07-19 08:32 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: “I will present a new European strategy for our agriculture and food sector.

No one should be forced to sell good food below production costs.

We must strengthen the position of our farmers in the food industry value chain.”

— President-elect @vonderleyen

[2024-07-18 14:45 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: Securing our external borders.
Responding to cyber and hybrid threats.

“We need to respond on a European level.

This is why we must strengthen Frontex.

And make Europol a truly operational police agency.”

— President-elect @vonderleyen

[2024-07-18 14:29 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: “We must set up common European projects such as a comprehensive aerial defence system – a European Air Shield.

Not only to protect our airspace.

But also as a strong symbol of European unity in defence matters.”

— President-elect @vonderleyen

[2024-07-18 14:08 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: “European start-ups should not need to look at the US or Asia to finance their expansion.

Europe must be the home of opportunity and innovation.

This is why we will propose a European Savings and Investments Union.”

— President-elect @vonderleyen

[2024-07-18 13:58 UTC]

R to @EU_Commission: “We will stay the course on the and the goals we set for 2030 and 2050.

Our focus will now be on implementation and investment”

— President-elect @vonderleyen

[2024-07-18 13:48 UTC]

“Our competitiveness needs a major boost.
The fundamentals of the global economy are changing – and I want Europe to switch gear.
Our first priority will be prosperity and competitiveness.”
— President-elect

[2024-07-18 13:40 UTC]

🔴 Watch LIVE Statement at the European Parliament Plenary by President
, candidate for a second mandate 2024-2029.

[2024-07-18 07:07 UTC]

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