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The EU is already the top investor in Latin America.

We can do much more by concluding EU-MERCOSUL.

On top, Global Gateway, our investment plan for the world, will invest €10 billion in LatAm & Caribbean ↓


For two years, Ukrainians have been standing strong.
Bravely defending their country.
But also the whole of Europe.
We were in Kyiv to reaffirm:
There will be a free and sovereign Ukraine.
There will be peace and prosperity.
And there will be Europe.

[2024-02-25 09:09 UTC]

Good meeting with
We discussed next steps on the €50 billion Ukraine Facility.
The 1st payment of €4.5 bn will come in March.
We discussed how to deal with Ukrainian exports and tackle issues at the land border.
And our joint work on the defence industry.

[2024-02-24 12:54 UTC]

Glad to hand over 50 new vehicles funded by the EU to the Ukrainian police.
They will help them in their daily work.
To bring security and stability in the territories liberated by the brave Ukrainian Armed Forces, and support the population.
This is EU solidarity in action.

[2024-02-24 08:37 UTC]

For two years now, the heroic Ukrainian people have been defending their country from the aggressor.
Liberating cities and territories.
Resisting bravely.
Defying all odds.
adorns the colours of the Ukrainian flag and honors those who defend it.

[2024-02-23 19:37 UTC]

R to @vonderleyen: Europe supports Polish farmers.

makes €1.4 billion available directly to local producers in Poland.

More will come.

We also support the increase of Ukrainian exports via the Black Sea, towards the world, to relieve your land border.

[2024-02-23 11:15 UTC]

A pleasure welcoming
in Brussels.
We will keep on working closely to support the brave Ukrainian people and strengthen our European defense capacities.
And we will continue to improve the competitiveness to achieve prosperity in Europe.

[2024-02-22 15:17 UTC]

Good exchange with industry leaders on what we can do so the future of clean tech is ‘made in Europe’.
The EU provides predictability, investments and broad, stable markets.
And they provide innovations for the clean power systems of tomorrow ↓

[2024-02-22 08:20 UTC]

Was für eine Stimmung! Diskussionen, Delikatessen und 100 gute Ideen engagierter Menschen.
zieht der Duft der Freiheit und die Ahnung einer besseren Zukunft für die Ukraine.
Die Ukraine kämpft für uns alle.
Wir stehen ihr zur Seite, so lange wie nötig.

[2024-02-19 18:04 UTC]

I welcome today’s decision to launch the EU Naval Force Operation Aspides.
Europe will ensure freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, working alongside our international partners.
Beyond crisis response, it's a step towards a stronger European presence at sea to protect our European interests.

[2024-02-19 10:52 UTC]

Good phone call w/
Shared strong commitment to support 🇺🇦, and for peace & security in Europe
Discussed conflict in Middle East; duty to protect civilian lives
New UK agencies & Frontex working arrangement formalized in coming days to crack down on illegal migration

[2024-02-18 18:20 UTC]

We will have to break new ground to bolster Europe’s defence for the coming years and decades.
While continuing to support Ukraine, we must boost Europe’s defence industrial base.
Exchange with

[2024-02-17 10:25 UTC]

Dear Yuliya, you and your family have bravely supported Alexei Navalny in his cause for so many years.
Today, we also bow our heads to the entire family.

[2024-02-16 18:14 UTC]

Das Transatlantische Forum der CSU in München hat die richtigen Themen zum Auftakt der
👉 Stark an der Seite der Ukraine stehen und Allianz Europas mit 🇺🇸 und 🇨🇦 stärken
👉 EU braucht mehr gemeinsame Investitionen in Verteidigung

[2024-02-16 11:46 UTC]

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary,
You have been the most trusted of partners.
Helping Europe through difficult winters.
And now leading the transition towards a global clean energy system ↓


[2024-02-13 16:00 UTC]

I welcome the political agreement on our ambitious reform of the EU's economic governance.
For a competitive and fair EU economy.
The new rules will enable EU countries to invest in their strengths while consolidating their public finances.
This is our common growth path.


[2024-02-10 08:37 UTC]

Team Europe is investing in Mauritania’s immense potential for green hydrogen.
To develop this strategic sector.
And create jobs and growth, right here in Mauritania.
This is what Global Gateway is about ↓


[2024-02-08 14:19 UTC]

I welcome the political agreement on the first-ever EU law combating violence against women.
Guaranteeing equal protection to all women, in all EU countries, and in the cyberspace.
It is high time that women enjoy the most basic of rights.
The right to be free from violence.


[2024-02-06 18:57 UTC]

I welcome the political agreement on our Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA).
NZIA will bolster the EU's clean energy manufacturing capacity, boost our industrial competitiveness &amp; resilience.
And create clean, quality jobs.
Ensuring we're well-equipped to reach our climate goals.


[2024-02-06 17:03 UTC]

I am saddened to hear of the passing of former Taoiseach John Bruton.
A proud leader of his country and a committed European, representing the EU as Ambassador to the United States.
My thoughts are with his friends and family.
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.


[2024-02-06 14:11 UTC]

Good phone call with
after Europe agreed on 50 billion euros in financial aid for Ukraine.
We agreed that Ukraine needs to continue receiving broad support from its partners.
We will jointly stand at Ukraine's side as long as it takes.


[2024-02-01 17:35 UTC]

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