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Want to know what's happening this week?

Join our Twitter Spaces conversation with Spokesperson @jduch to hear what MEPs will be discussing and voting on this week: the Nova Kakhovka dam attack, the AI Act, Pegasus spyware, and more.

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To clean up our cities' wastewater, Parliament has approved new rules to improve its treatment and reuse to protect the environment and human health.
This would mean urban wastewater is more closely monitored for chemical pollutants.
Read more:!XdDxNj

[2024-04-19 09:28 UTC]

New EU rules aim to strengthen the rights of people working in the gig economy and ensure better working conditions.
Find out how you will benefit:!FphyQF

[2024-04-18 17:00 UTC]

🏔️ It’s International Day for Monuments and Sites and we are celebrating our cultural heritage and the ability to visit these wonderful places across Europe.
Which site or monument would you like to visit? 🗺️

[2024-04-18 08:50 UTC]

71% of Europeans say they are likely to vote in the European elections this June 🗳️
That’s 10 percentage points higher than before the 2019 European elections, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey published today ↓

[2024-04-17 13:00 UTC]

RT by @europarl_en: The Teachers' Lounge by İlker Çatak is the winner of 2024 ! ✨

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the Teachers' Lounge as well as the other four nominated films: 20,000 Species of Bees, Fallen Leaves, On the Adamant and Smoke Sauna Sisterhood 👏🏻🇪🇺🎥

[2024-04-16 17:00 UTC]

RT by @europarl_en: 🔴 LIVE Now

🎬𝐋𝐔𝐗 𝐀𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐲

[2024-04-16 16:07 UTC]

Follow the LUX European Audience Film Award ceremony live from 6pm CET:!hvXPYP
Parliament and the European Film Academy award the LUX prize to help the distribution of European films with significant artistic merit that reflect Europe's cultural diversity.

[2024-04-16 15:00 UTC]

Dive into global trends and their potential impact on the EU in the latest ESPAS report.
The report sets out some strategic choices and questions that Europe's leaders may need to address in the coming five years and beyond:

[2024-04-16 07:30 UTC]

How can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
The Parliament has approved three measures to cut emissions and protect our planet, helping the EU reach climate neutrality by 2050.

[2024-04-15 17:00 UTC]

🗳️ Survey on the European elections
📽️ 2024 LUX European Audience Film Award
👍 Preparations for next week's plenary session when many important votes will take place
Check out what Parliament will be working on this week:!nm94kH

[2024-04-15 08:28 UTC]

Learn about the reform of the EU's electricity market reform, which will lower costs, support green energy and keep prices more stable:!ccpMyn

[2024-04-14 14:09 UTC]

RT by @europarl_en: Iran's unprecedented drone & missile strikes on Israel is a major escalation. It risks igniting further chaos across the Middle East.

The EU condemns the attack in the strongest possible terms & will keep working to de-escalate & stop the situation spiralling into more bloodshed

[2024-04-14 05:38 UTC]

Who's your voice in Europe? 💡 Vote in the EU elections taking place across 27 countries on 6-9 June.
Do you need to register to vote in your country? Find out and sign up for an easy reminder to vote →

[2024-04-14 07:52 UTC]

Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act which aims to make the EU a world leader in safe and trustworthy AI.
These rules are some of the first in the world to protect people from high-risk AI while encouraging innovation.
Find out more:!wDmRcF

[2024-04-13 18:00 UTC]

Friday briefing: from migration to the energy market, here are five things the European Parliament worked on this week ↓

[2024-04-12 13:00 UTC]

Parliament is revising the rules for some breakfast foods to provide Europeans with healthier and better quality choices.
Find out more:!VCVHnx

[2024-04-12 07:22 UTC]

Parliament has adopted a reform of the EU electricity market to make it more stable, affordable, and sustainable.
Vulnerable customers will be protected from having their electricity cut off.
Find out more:!VDfWWg

[2024-04-11 12:07 UTC]

MEPs have adopted stricter CO2 emissions targets for trucks and buses.
Heavy-duty vehicles account for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions from EU road transport.
Read more:!yBBNfh

[2024-04-11 09:23 UTC]

Breakfast foods: Parliament has adopted new rules to improve consumer information.
The aim is to help consumers make informed and healthier decisions on products such as honey, fruit juice, jam and marmalades.
Read more:!qT9Qy9

[2024-04-11 06:00 UTC]

“In these times of war, uncertainty and societal unrest, Europe and the world are in dire need of hope."
King Philippe, King of the Belgians, addressed Parliament for the first time today to commemorate the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU:!ghGdN7

[2024-04-10 18:00 UTC]

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