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The query to find accounts for MEPs has been updated on our frontpage:$8

It now includes languages and political groups so that you can more easily find accounts you want to follow (or mute!).

Currently going through a backlog of about one week. No wonder activity was lower than usual as of late!

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Amid long-delayed changes at , it seems our mirroring bot no longer works correctly from its usual location, though it seems to work from another machine. It could be that our key was revoked and/or our IP address blacklisted. Or maybe something weirder.

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More trivia/transparency for .

The main operating cost for this instance is arguably RAM. 4 GB is more than enough, but it's nice to have some buffer. A DB crashing for lack of memory is not fun.

CPU usage varies a lot (but predictably) with traffic. We're on cheap shared CPUs, and 40 % steal CPU at the peak doesn't sound great, but the min idle CPU is over 10 %, so we never really run out of CPU due to bad neighbours. seems to be good enough at scheduling.

Mysteriously, our API access is still working. It's still February 13th in Honolulu for a few hours though...

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In light of the confusion, accounts may go silent any time now.

The forum was also shut down.

We'll work on a solution (or not) whenever we receive official information on what's going to happen to our API keys. We're definitely not going to pay 100 $/month though.

followers were well over 50,000 yesterday.

Activity is now picking up again with the new wave.

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Follow links to the sources through Nitter to verify posts.

Due to unexpected output in Twitter's v1 API, some quote tweets have been posted on as if they were authored by the quoted user.

The issue is now handled by our mirror sofware thanks to swift action by the developer. It lasted perhaps a few hours while a new version was being tested.

The cases we noticed were deleted manually.

We apologise for the confusion.

Don't forget to donate to your friendly local instance! Think of all the surveillance and abuse you and your friends are saved from every time you use Nitter... 🛡️ offers many avenues for contribution, including membership and donations.

Several other Nitter instances are hosted by non-profits you can donate to:

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Hopefully this additional load is welcome and our redirects don't overload the server! 😅 Now we can more easily switch away if our usage is unwelcome.

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The crossposter now points to our own domain so that we can update its target to whichever privacy-friendly EU instance of is most suitable at any given time.

Thanks and for the service so far, and thanks to @ChatonsOrg member @lacontrevoie for providing! We were immediately seduced by the clear and well-principled privacy policy: .

There still isn't a good way to look for other accounts, because I couldn't find any dataset listing EU agencies/orgs/initiatives/whatever, let alone their social network handles. Most of the accounts in aren't on yet.

Some might be relatively easy to add, like all the language/country variants of the and accounts. (But these might also be run by distinct entities, like local representation offices.)

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The query to find accounts for MEPs has been updated on our frontpage:$8

It now includes languages and political groups so that you can more easily find accounts you want to follow (or mute!).


@RGrunblatt Sooo. marks as actor_type "Service" whereas other users are "Person".

The specification envisions 5 core actor types: Application, Group, Organization, Person, Service.

Is other software like fine with using "Service" for accounts about a Person or Organization?

Dear and , does your instance have any hard rules on (not) using the "bot" flag for ?

Today in confusing reports: a post about the EU budget was deemed a "fundraiser" by some user. I would never have guessed that without a comment.

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Interesting week... We're now well over 20,000 followers across all accounts (not unique).

Some accounts have seen their followers increase tenfold in a couple days.

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We clearly need more posts/media to be marked as sensitive. I've taken action on one account. Later I'll survey the most followed accounts, see if this needs to be done instance-wide or on a case by case basis.

(Thanks for reporting graphic images of animal abuse, blood!)

Once again, folks, please use the comment field when reporting a user. If you report a post about the latest apple harvest numbers, without any explanation, there's not much this can do to guess why.

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