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The 🎅 is around the corner, and we are preparing a surprise for our followers 😍

Stay tuned‼️ 🫢🎄🎁

In the meantime, you can already get in the mood by checking out the 🇪🇺🛰️ Calendar at


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Now is the right time to and raise awareness on

Use the app of our Service and view the air T ° 🌡 anomaly in your city🏙️

⬇️Cairo 🇪🇬, 🟦🟦🟨🟥🟥🟥🟥


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The EU Space Week in 🇨🇿... What a week it has been for the 🇪🇺🛰️ community!

It was a great pleasure to meet in person again ‼️

🛎️ TIP: If you were unable to attend, watch the video to discover all the highlights 🥰🚀


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We are launching a Twitter campaign to raise awareness among citizens 🌍 showing how visible, with the eyes of Copernicus, are the effects of climate change

➡️ for awareness⬅️

Stay tuned ‼️


South of Vidauban near St. Tropez, an intensively burning wildfire was reported.
On this Sentinel-2 near-infrared false colour image, healthy vegetation is bright red while dry or stressed vegetation has less intensive colour.
See more:

[2024-06-14 12:18 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU:
Mauro Facchini, Head of Unit for Earth Observation at @defis_eu, stresses the need for collaborative efforts in developing systems such as the to meet user needs and further improve our understanding of our planet

[2024-06-13 14:40 UTC]

Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve is a unique ecosystem formed by low-lying clouds in a relatively cool, but tropical environment.
It is home to many unique species, now threatened by climate change.

[2024-06-13 08:44 UTC]

Discover more about the European Digital Twin Ocean Demo during the Digital Ocean Forum 🌊 on June 13th, taking place in Brussels and online.
This demo integrates flagship European data and services such as
More info :

[2024-06-12 11:34 UTC]

The Øresund bridge between Copenhagen 🇩🇰 and Malmö 🇸🇪 is one of the longest bridges in Europe.
This Sentinel-2 image from 2 January 2024 shows the bridge structure projected by shadows on the surface of the sea.
Take a closer look:

[2024-06-12 09:20 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Our Global Human Settlement Layer 🛰️🧑‍🤝‍🧑provides detailed information on population presence and density over time, as well as monitoring changes in global built-up areas 🏘️

⬇️Building Volume change in 🇧🇪 between 1975 - 2030

More at 👇

[2024-06-11 11:51 UTC]

At Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago in Chile, the importance and the power of the ocean is evident. The weather is typically stormy and overcast ☁️ throughout the year, so this kind of image is a rare occurrence.
📷 by

[2024-06-11 08:48 UTC]

Korission Lagoon is a biodiversity hotspot on the island of Corfu, Greece. 🇬🇷
On this Sentinel-2 True color picture, wave patterns are highlighted by sun glint. 🌊🌞

[2024-06-10 13:29 UTC]

Can you guess the location of this image taken by
🗓️Today we mark 80 years anniversary of
or the Normandy landings.
As this operation has led to the liberation of France 🇫🇷 and Europe in World War II, it's commemoration symbolises peace and reconciliation

[2024-06-06 08:34 UTC]

R to @CopernicusEU: One of the latest examples is that our data were cited by the @UN Secretary General, @antonioguterres

Read 📖 the full report on the rising global surface temperature 🔗:

[2024-06-05 16:18 UTC]

Today is
Be it emergencies, land monitoring, sea rise levels, or air quality monitoring with
services, we take the pulse🫀 of the planet and make sure to provide critical data📊 about the
to the citizens.

[2024-06-05 16:17 UTC]

Copernicus Marine General Assembly 2024, organized by
is taking place today and tomorrow. The experts gathered online to discuss
🌊📒and highlight the achievements done by Copernicus Marine data producers and Marine Data Store in the last year.

[2024-06-04 14:29 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: help to protect the

satellites 🇪🇺🛰️ are key monitoring, or to observe the impact of in the Arctic environment

image of the Yukon Delta 🇺🇸 acquired on 26 May

[2024-06-03 08:01 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: La Academia Copernicus da sus primeros pasos en Guatemala 🇬🇹.

Únete al webinar el 6 de junio para conocer más sobre nuestra estrategia a nivel nacional para promover el uso de datos de de @CopernicusEU

¡Inscríbete ahora! ➡️

[2024-06-02 12:27 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: In the face of the current geopolitical and climate threats, our initiatives strengthen EU space and defence supply chains and support a more resilient Europe

, the component of the Programme 🇪🇺🛰️, helps improve the EU’s climate resilience

More at👇

[2024-06-02 09:40 UTC]

🤔Can you see the circle⭕️?
Egmont National Park (New Zealand 🇳🇿) is famous for its majestic centrepiece, Mount Taranaki, a perfectly symmetrical stratovolcano
🇪🇺🛰️ image of 7 May 2024

[2024-06-02 07:59 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: El 28 de mayo, uno de los satélites 🇪🇺🛰️ permitía observar amplias extensiones de humo sobre México🇲🇽, Guatemala🇬🇹, El Salvador🇸🇻, Honduras🇭🇳 y Belice🇧🇿

@CopernicusEMS continúa monitorizando la crisis de incendios🔥 en Guatemala y Belice

[2024-06-01 07:41 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: 🔥Riesgo de incendio hoy 01/06/2024
[Fuente 🇪🇺 @CopernicusEMS]

[2024-06-01 09:39 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: The SO2 from the reached .
As forecasted by @CopernicusECMWF CAMS the transport of SO2 from moved Southward reaching & , while to the North touched Greenland, as shows the map on May 31st.

[2024-06-01 14:20 UTC]

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