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The 🎅 is around the corner, and we are preparing a surprise for our followers 😍

Stay tuned‼️ 🫢🎄🎁

In the meantime, you can already get in the mood by checking out the 🇪🇺🛰️ Calendar at


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Now is the right time to and raise awareness on

Use the app of our Service and view the air T ° 🌡 anomaly in your city🏙️

⬇️Cairo 🇪🇬, 🟦🟦🟨🟥🟥🟥🟥


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The EU Space Week in 🇨🇿... What a week it has been for the 🇪🇺🛰️ community!

It was a great pleasure to meet in person again ‼️

🛎️ TIP: If you were unable to attend, watch the video to discover all the highlights 🥰🚀


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We are launching a Twitter campaign to raise awareness among citizens 🌍 showing how visible, with the eyes of Copernicus, are the effects of climate change

➡️ for awareness⬅️

Stay tuned ‼️


RT by @CopernicusEU: Wildlife Day

The Rhodope Mountains 🇧🇬🇬🇷 are one of Europe's precious refuges for wolves, providing essential habitat for the conservation of this iconic species 🐺

⬇️Recent 🛰️🇪🇺 image

[2024-03-03 10:35 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU:

🐦 Nested in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands 🇫🇴 are home to vibrant colonies of seabirds

🐳 Whales also frequent these waters as they are a passage point for their seasonal migrations

⬇️Recent 🛰️🇪🇺 image

[2024-03-03 10:02 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU:

🐢 Zakynthos 🇬🇷: a haven for sea turtles!

🌊With its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Zakynthos serves as a vital nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle

⬇️Recent 🛰️🇪🇺 image

[2024-03-03 09:31 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU:

@BonnConvention has recently published the “State of the World's Migratory Species”, a report detailing the status of migratory birds & their habitats

⬇️ image of the Stephens Islands🇨🇦, an important area on the Pacific migration route

[2024-03-03 08:17 UTC]

Happy Liberation Day to our colleagues, friends, and followers in and from
🛰️🇪🇺 image of Sofia
Честит национален празник, България!

[2024-03-03 11:15 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: 🇪🇺🛰️ for

that are home to 80% of all

The EU Space Programme and services support the monitoring and preservation of the of

[2024-03-03 09:03 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: that our monitoring service provides monitoring and forecasting at European and global levels?


⬇️ 🇪🇺🛰️ image acquired on 1 March of a storm crossing the Mediterranean basin

[2024-03-02 10:23 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU:

A broke out near North Platte, Nebraska 🇺🇸 this week

The fire spread quickly, fuelled by strong winds, and affected more than 28,000 hectares.

⬇️ The burn scar is visible in the image acquired by 🛰️🇪🇺 on 29 February

[2024-03-02 09:53 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Stay informed 🌻
The dataset from our Change Service provides invaluable insights into climate conditions, supporting informed decision making

[2024-03-02 13:55 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: The Call for Applications of the Business Accelerator is open

This initiative provides and entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow their business, benefit from coaching sessions & build 🆕 connections

Apply before 8 March👇

[2024-03-02 09:25 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: We need to increase the use of ♻️

that thanks to the 🇪🇺🛰️Programme, the planning and operations of solar farms is more efficient❓ ☀️🌍🔌

More at:

[2024-03-02 10:03 UTC]

As global warming intensifies, making informed decisions is crucial
dataset from our
Change Service provides invaluable insights into climate conditions, supporting informed decision making
Read more in this week's

[2024-03-02 11:58 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Even from space, South Georgia is beautiful 🛰️👇🐧 Invisible in this image are the many precious species, now safer under the recent expanded protection. A big win for biodiversity!

[2024-03-01 13:02 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU:

Heavy rains have hit northern Spain 🇪🇸 in recent days:

➡️Many reservoirs have benefited. Yesa, for example, has reached 95.38% of its capacity

⬇️Flooding has hit Aragón, following the overflow of the river, as seen in this image from 29 February

[2024-03-01 09:25 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: Thematic Hub

recently launched provides user-friendly access to , enabling monitoring of impacts on one of 's most fragile ecosystems: the Arctic🧊🐻‍❄️

Find out more at👇

[2024-03-01 12:01 UTC]

RT by @CopernicusEU: ?

🇪🇺🛰️ enable the accurate monitoring of glaciers, including their size, shape, and movement over time

⬇️🛰️🇪🇺 image of the San Quintin glacier ( 🇨🇱) acquired on 24 February

[2024-03-01 11:12 UTC]

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