The query to find accounts for MEPs has been updated on our frontpage:$8

It now includes languages and political groups so that you can more easily find accounts you want to follow (or mute!).

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There still isn't a good way to look for other accounts, because I couldn't find any dataset listing EU agencies/orgs/initiatives/whatever, let alone their social network handles. Most of the accounts in aren't on yet.

Some might be relatively easy to add, like all the language/country variants of the and accounts. (But these might also be run by distinct entities, like local representation offices.)

An alternative list of accounts is now also linked, with the names of national parties and citizenships.

People sometimes have strong opinions about specific national parties but not necessarily about the European Parliament groups.

Easier lists should make it easier also for moderators of other instances to apply account-level blocks as needed according to their rules (which sometimes don't map easily to EU-level concepts).


Great news! - In contrast to the lagging US #congress more and more Members of the #EuropeanParliament do have #Mastodon accounts.

Check out, if your MP is already there. If not, write to him/her to join! - This is how we dethrone the corporate sites. People of relevance in RL must engage in the #fediverse.

As with the #journalists and #scientists, welcome them and #followfollowfollow$8

@HistoPol Thanks! Most mirrors are hosted without the original account's explicit cooperation. Hopefully, more MEPs and institutions will notice the benefits of the fediverse and take the lead themselves, so at some point we become redundant.

On you can also see a list of "official" fediverse accounts for MEPs and former MEPs:



It is of vital importance for all democracies in #Europe (and elsewhere) that they and all supranational and national institutions all move to the #Fediverse if they are to sustain fair and free elections.

If #Erdogan wins again in the #TurkishElections2023 corporate #SocialMedia, in particular #Twitter, will bear a chief responsibility:

#respublicae #eu #wikidata



PLEASE BOOST from anywhere

Time to start fighting for #European #democracy, too!

Today, #Erdogan is set to win the #turkishelections2023, which were rigged, at least on #SocialMedia, by #ElonMusk (1) and others.

What can we do?--Give all the #MP's and institutions of the #EU a voice in the #Fediverse, regardless of your political inclinations. Make this THE go-to platform for...

#europe #twitter #turkiyeelections #respublicae #eu #wikidata #socialmedia




...for political discourse.

#Democracy doesn't mean to muzzle dissenting voices, but to engage with them in a civil and intelligent manner.

(For two really fun examples, see my earlier timeline today.)

The admins of...


#european #democracy #erdogan #turkishelections2023 #socialmedia #elonmusk #mp #eu #fediverse #europe #twitter #turkiyeelections #respublicae #wikidata

It is awesome that so many European politicians are on the #fediverse. I should make a map of them.

In contrast I only know of about 5 US green party members on the #fediverse.


@HistoPol @praetor @FediFollows

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