Venez nous retrouver aux @geekfaeries ! Notre stand se trouve au Village du Libre avec @Framasoft, @Mozilla et l' @aprilorg !
Et merci beaucoup @Pouhiou pour cette grue géante en crochet !! :blobcat_heartcat:

@HistoPol Thanks! Most mirrors are hosted without the original account's explicit cooperation. Hopefully, more MEPs and institutions will notice the benefits of the fediverse and take the lead themselves, so at some point we become redundant.

On you can also see a list of "official" fediverse accounts for MEPs and former MEPs:

@ombudsman We are glad to be competing in the prestigious #EOAward with #EUVoice and #EUVideo!
If you like our pilot project on alternative social media based on Open Source and #privacy oriented #mastodon and #peertube software, vote for us!

Due to the growth of the , which may have passed 10 million registered users depending how you count, we had to update our () disclosures.

Other possibilities exist. The principle of least astonishment could be a guiding factor:

We could mark posts from certain accounts unlisted if they regularly post to hashtags in ways which don't belong.

We could also forcefully add CWs to posts, but so far we don't. It's hard to come up with a CW which would be applicable for all accounts, or for entire classes of accounts equally. A catch-all CW like "From birdsite 🐦" is broadly correct but also potentially unhelpful.

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Some accounts with no followers are sometimes considered problematic too, even though they're hard to find. Someone may accidentally stumble on something they were not prepared for.

I've surveyed a few accounts from known-controversial quarters and I've marked a few as forced-sensitive. I've also disabled mirroring RTs where they're mostly not about EU policy.

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The has a page on "Appropriate behaviour rules":

The Rules of Procedure, at Rule 10(1), state that:

«The conduct of Members shall be characterised by mutual respect and shall be based on the values and principles laid down in the Treaties, and particularly in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Members shall respect Parliament’s dignity and shall not harm its reputation.»

Rule 176 deals with sanctions. I didn't say that only trans people need protection.

I also act proactively but I won't pretend I understand every subtlety of political discourse in languages I don't know.

This instance is about letting people follow what's going on in EU institutions. That includes knowing the political messaging of all European Parliament groups, as long as they're allowed in the EU institutions.

Another account seems to convey generic anti-establishment messaging. Its videos were not reported but I've made them forced sensitive.

Reports with specific clarifications on why a post is problematic are very welcome. (Often posts walk a fine line on topics like immigration, promotion of diversity.)

It's less helpful to send reports with no comments, about no specific posts or about generic policy disagreements (such as reporting anti-renewables posts, generic snipes against other parties).

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I've reviewed incoming reports about a couple accounts, possibly triggered by one of them getting one (1) follower on

The most serious report was about a probably transphobic post. On the fediverse it would at least need a CW for offensive content, discussion of state violence. The account is now limited.

To understand better, I'd like a private discussion with someone (preferably trans) who knows German and is up to date with current trans policy discussions in Germany.

An alternative list of accounts is now also linked, with the names of national parties and citizenships.

People sometimes have strong opinions about specific national parties but not necessarily about the European Parliament groups.

Easier lists should make it easier also for moderators of other instances to apply account-level blocks as needed according to their rules (which sometimes don't map easily to EU-level concepts).

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The query to find accounts for MEPs has been updated on our frontpage:$8

It now includes languages and political groups so that you can more easily find accounts you want to follow (or mute!).

Currently going through a backlog of about one week. No wonder activity was lower than usual as of late!

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Amid long-delayed changes at , it seems our mirroring bot no longer works correctly from its usual location, though it seems to work from another machine. It could be that our key was revoked and/or our IP address blacklisted. Or maybe something weirder.

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More trivia/transparency for .

The main operating cost for this instance is arguably RAM. 4 GB is more than enough, but it's nice to have some buffer. A DB crashing for lack of memory is not fun.

CPU usage varies a lot (but predictably) with traffic. We're on cheap shared CPUs, and 40 % steal CPU at the peak doesn't sound great, but the min idle CPU is over 10 %, so we never really run out of CPU due to bad neighbours. seems to be good enough at scheduling.

Mysteriously, our API access is still working. It's still February 13th in Honolulu for a few hours though...

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In light of the confusion, accounts may go silent any time now.

The forum was also shut down.

We'll work on a solution (or not) whenever we receive official information on what's going to happen to our API keys. We're definitely not going to pay 100 $/month though.

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