Here are some charts about Linux resources, courtesy node-exporter, otel-collector, Prometheus and Grafana.

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was down for about 5 minutes as a service was killed by an OOM. Mastodon services spontaneously shut down and had to be manually restarted.

No further action is deemed necessary as we already have more memory than usually necessary. Shifting to a smaller instance would probably increase the need for manual work like this.

Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger #DigitalEU.

This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!

Hi @pneutig! Thank you for your questions! Our new instance will only host accounts belonging to the European Commission, including Commissioners, Directorates-General, and spokespersons. While we were the first EU institution to create its own instance, we anticipate that other EU institutions will do the same. We are committed to helping them create their own instances or migrate their content to another established instance.

Pages like will appear rather broken, but they're rarely accessed. (And unfortunately they were quite broken already, for example with links to a now squatted Nitter domain...)

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To reduce costs (and possibly save energy), we're experimenting with moving older files to cold storage.

For now the simplistic approach is a object storage lifecycle rule to move all attachments older than 180 days to the Glacier class. It's not possible for such rules to target only originals, or mp4 files, or files above a certain size.

In a few months we can consider whether to refine this approach. Feedback appreciated.

@amgine Indeed the current situation isn't sustainable.

Let's hope gets funding from the Commission, at least!

" is dead", proclaimed the maintainer after yet more changes.

Some instances managed to survive a bit longer but now we're suspending updates of accounts. We'll reassess in a little while.

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@mapto Thanks for asking, here it is: @EUprosecutor.

If you want to code in Python you can help by patching PleromaBot:

At the moment I'm not planning to expand but I'll have to decide what to do with new people after the Parliament elections. It will be less depressing to put resources into it if the mirrors actually work. ;)

Since 2023-08-10, our mirrors almost always failed.

We're now trying the instance by the excellent @nolog as source. (Trying to avoid excess load.)

Please support them and the Nitter developers if you can:

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Fermeture de notre service Nitter

Maintenir une instance Nitter est devenu de plus en plus complexe et chronophage ces derniers mois.
Nous pensons que notre temps et notre énergie seront mieux investi·es ailleurs, ce pourquoi nous avons décidé de fermer notre instance Nitter.

Si vous souhaitez toujours utiliser Nitter, retrouvez la liste des instances ici :


I was introducing someone I know to #Mastodon a few years back, starting with:
"So let's find a server that suits your niche interests. What are you looking for?"
...thinking that I knew all the fedi communities pretty well.

They responded cheekily "Is there a european-foreign-policy server?"

Of course I came up short, and they ended up making an account on a generalist server.

But fedi has grown a lot since!
So happy that, and exist 🔥

accounts now have over 70,000 followers (not unique).

Under the hood, Mastodon keeps track of many more users who for some reason interacted with our instance. Over time that becomes rather wasteful, so we've finally activated regular data purging. Such hygiene saves us 200 GB in storage.

Even better, we no longer have to worry about holding potentially personal data about thousands of users for no reason. Our policy now looks better.

Our source is broken again, we'll reconsider the alternatives. (Such as self-hosting or switching to a Nitter source.)

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A suggestion for whoever sent a report about 40 posts and 90 images without comment: don't. Focusing just on the 3 most egregious, ideally with a comment, would have been enough to get us to moderate the account as we did.

has been upgraded to Mastodon v3.5.9, a security release.

The upgrade was painless. Thank you and especially @Claire[@] for offering backports to pre-v4 releases and for the clear instructions.

While the details of CVE-2023-36459 have not been published yet, the title suggests the vulnerability may be exploitable even on an instance like ours where no third party can directly post anything.

[Annonce de service]

Notre service Nitter subit actuellement une interruption de service en raison de changements du côté de Twitter.
Le développeur de Nitter est au courant, nous vous tiendrons informé·es de l’évolution de la situation.

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