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Congratulations 🎉!

We are very pleased to have been able to support the research team, through funding the Lacto-Be project led by @SarahLebeer (details:

RT @Isala_UAntwerp: 📢 Exciting News! Isala has become the first-ever recipient of the prestigious European Union Prize for Citizen Science! 🏆 We're incredibly honored to be recognized for our dedication to contribute to valuable insights on women's he…


dealing with language has so far mostly focused on static texts.

ERC grantee Iryna Gurevych aims to create a new generation of AI that could help people to follow information through different sources, or collaborate more efficiently on documents👉


Are you a researcher looking for a job? 💼

Find a perfect fit among dozens of and vacancies in ERC-funded teams by clicking the link below. 👇


As diversity grows, so does the need for greater of our differences.

ERC grantee Maykel Verkuyten is trying to define the meaning of inter-group tolerance and calculate its for society.

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@CORDIS_EU @UniUtrecht


🚨Next week: Info session for researchers in Georgia.

Join us to hear from successful ERC grantees & get advice on preparing a successful proposal.

⏰9:00 - 11:00 (CEST)/11:00 - 13:00 (GST)




Youths who feel neglected, marginalised and alienated can be pushed towards .

New research from @AyhanKaya14 examines how sport, music & art can bring them back.

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@CORDIS_EU @BiLGiOfficial @BilgiErc


☀️ Scientists warn of more powerful solar flares in the near future, but what impact could this have on satellites & electronics?

Astrophysicist @ASachaBrun at @CEA_Officiel investigates...

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🏝️ Islands are particularly vulnerable to the decline of . On we look at an ERC-funded project from Anna Traveset's team at CSIC that aims to explore their valuable and unique ecosystems. 👉



How does protest shape – and vice versa? ✊

ERC grantee @ChRVolk is examining the contemporary democratic order through the specific forms of protest that have emerged in recent years.

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@HumboldtUni @CORDIS_EU


📣 კარგი შესაძლებლობა მკვლევარებისათვის საქართველოში! 🇬🇪🇪🇺

შემოგვიერთდით და გაიგეთ მეტი ევროპის კვლევების საბჭოს (ERC) გრანტების შესახებ. ასევე, მიიღეთ ინფორმაცია ERC-ის ლაურეატებისგან თუ როგორ მოამზადოთ წარმატებული აპლიკაცია.

რეგისტრაცია 👉!Wtdnnp


What happens when alcohol prices are slashed?

Research from Pekka Martikainen has revealed that greatly reduced prices lead to a rise in consumption and a short term increase in adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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@CORDIS_EU @helsinkiuni


RT @mleptin: @GabrielMariya @ERC_Research And we @ERC_Research look forward to working with Commission VP @vestager as she takes over the research file at a crucial time ahead of the next framework programme.
She has stressed in the past that Europe needs blue sky science - this bodes well.


Today is !

Almost 75% of our world’s crops depend on 🐝 and other pollinators.

Find out how Abdelahid Bendahmane @INRAE_France is investigating how to make cultivated 🌼 & 🌿 more attractive to bees (and more sustainable!).

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📣 Don't miss our info session for researchers in on 31 May 🇬🇪🇪🇺

Join us to learn more about ERC grants & how to submit a successful application to our calls for proposals.

Programme & registration 👉!Wtdnnp



Unravelling the multifaceted nature of violent .

By employing extensive data-sets and innovative techniques, the @Grievance_ERC project aims to develop an overarching understanding of underlying risk factors.

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How can we make fish farming more sustainable? 🐟

ERC grantee Jorge Fernandes has found epigenetic factors that help fish grow in captivity. He hopes to leverage these findings to optimise farming.

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@HorizonMagEU @Norduniversitet @Jorges_Lab


When antibiotics cease to work, fighting bacteria 🦠 with more bacteria 🦠🦠 may be the answer.

A research team @lab_serrano have engineered the first live bacteria to fight antibiotic-resistant lung infections.

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@CORDIS_EU @CRGenomica


New batch of ERC-funded research results! Get your weekly dose of new findings, this time including:

🔄 Regenerative business models @NancyBocken
🌲 Mapping forest floors @miinaraut
🩺 Non-invasive tumor monitoring @LorettaMercato

And others! 👉


Promoting work-life balance and in is a priority of the ERC Scientific Council.

Listen to @AnnaLauraPisell share how ERC parental leave rules helped her navigate parenthood & her scientific career.

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