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The EU supports SMEs in their green transition. is expected to trigger up to €13 billion in investments in energy efficiency, renewables, green mobility and Environment.
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Russia's invasion of Ukraine hastens the need to transition to a clean, secure & resilient energy system.

⚡️🔋will help the EU phase out 🇷🇺 fossil fuels, while massively investing in renewable energy to speed up the green transition.




❓Are consumer health and safety regulations across the world shaped by the EU?

This and many other questions will be discussed on 7 December at the academic conference to mark 🎉

✍️To attend in person or follow online, register here:


The European Tourism Agenda 2030 was adopted yesterday. It sets up ambitious objectives🎯 and includes a multi-annual work plan with clear actions and goals to achieve a 🌱green, ♻️sustainable and 🚀innovative transformation of 🧳

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Women♀️ only make up 12% of decision-makers in European venture capital. Let’s change this!

GP, LP, business angel, VC fund or 1st-time team? Join the info session & investment masterclass!
🗓️5-6 December

Only spots for 6/12 left👇


RT @JornaKerstin: Did you know? is the second biggest industrial ecosystem! Today, all ministers recognized its for sustainable tourism. . Together, we will innovate, invest and attract. A beautiful example of resilience in the 🇪🇺


Stakeholder interested in scaling up production📈 of photovoltaic & products in Europe?
Join our high-level EU Solar PV Industry Alliance☀️launch conference!

📅9 December

See our event programme & register👇


Christmas is less than a month away! If you're sending gifts🎁abroad make sure you by using our parcel price transparency tool to find the best cross-border delivery service and price for you:


🇪🇸 is the 2023 European Capital of Smart Tourism 🏆 They impressed the European jury with their passion for sharing best practices 📖 & enabling other cities to be a part of their smart tourism experience.

Watch the winner's announcement video!


RT @EEPA_EU: We cannot believe has ended!

Our delegates are leaving Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 today.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for 3 days online and on-site!


RT @EU_ENV: 🆕 Our new Package is out!

Today, we proposed new EU-wide rules to put an end to wasteful packaging, while boosting reuse and recycling ♻️🌱

This is our plan to make Europe's economy more circular, clean & fair:



RT @EU_ECHA: - The proposed restriction on in fishing and outdoor shooting could prevent over 600 000 tonnes of lead from being released into the environment, save millions of birds from lead poisoning and protect child health.



The European SME Week Youth Essay Competition finalists are taking the stage!

They wrote essays📄✍️ on how to reduce our fossil fuel🛢️ dependence & are excited to share their ideas at the .

Discover the 🏆winners👇
RT @EEPA_EU: is here!
In a few moments, our finalists of the European SME Week Youth Essay Competition will take t…


Welcome to the European Enterprise Promotion Awards!

We're live!🎥📡📶

awards🏆 innovative initiatives and projects that support and in 6 different categories.

Tune in 👀now to discover the winners 👇


The European Small and Mid-Cap Awards🏆 ceremony happens now at !

This joint initiative by @EU_Growth, @EuropeanIssuers, & @FESEBrussels awards the best that gained access to capital markets💶 via .

Watch the ceremony online👇


Sportswear is becoming high-tech 🏃‍♂️🌐

Supporting this trend is the 's FMK 👏

They develop 'smart' knitted sportswear with high-tech sensor yarns that optimise performance and collect data including heart rate ♥

Check out their wares👇


We want to make design📝📐registrations cheaper, quicker, and more predictable.

Our proposal will adapt the process for the digital age💻and introduce an EU-wide ‘repair clause’ for the freedom to repair vehicles🧑‍🔧with a choice of parts.



is here 🇨🇿!
The main event for 🇪🇺 , entrepreneurs, supporters & policymakers.

Today, the Czech Republic's Minister of Industry and Trade @JozefSikela & Commissioner @ThierryBreton officially open the Assembly.

Join us online now👇


RT @EEPA_EU: 🔜 The "Innovation in Enterprise" is about to begin in a few minutes!

Come meet this year's Schumpeter lecturer Professor Luc Soete, Dean of the @Brussels_School!

See it live at the here 👇


The 2023 European Destination of Excellence is Kranj 🇸🇮
This European destination will act as a role model 🏅 and will showcase that thinking globally starts with acting locally 🌍

Check out the winner's announcement video!


RT @EEPA_EU: has arrived in Prague 🇨🇿!
Are you ready to join us for the next 3 days?
📲 Check our feed for the latest updates from the event
📌 Join the conversation at
✅ Tag @EEPA_EU in your tweets!

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