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We want a European leadership that reflects Europe. All of Europe. Women too. Women and men should be equally represented when it comes to European leadership.
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[2019-05-22 19:15 UTC]

This is great news: Expanding to the entire G7! For technology to serve humans we need to know how to master it - also as employees and employers!

[2024-06-12 11:09 UTC]

RT by @vestager: Thank you to @vestager, EVP of @EU_Commission, and @LuluRanne for today's insightful discussions on RDI as a growth enabler in Europe and biotechnology's role in the bioeconomy! 🌱

Thrilled to also show VTT's work in quantum computing and microelectronics during the visit 💡

[2024-06-11 07:26 UTC]

RT by @vestager: 🌐Exciting times at LUMI data center yesterday as the was launched to fight against climate change.

Thank you to everyone who attended! Missed the stream? The 🎬 is here:

@vestager @artosatonen @DigitalEU @EUkomissio @ECMWF @eumetsat @ESA_EO

[2024-06-11 07:25 UTC]

supercomputer in Kajaani, today
quantum computer in Helsinki 🇫🇮
With a unique public computing infrastructure, Europe has nothing to envy from the rest of the world

[2024-06-11 08:25 UTC]

📣 “If we take extra steps to make AI ethical, we make people trust it and then we can scale it up”
👉 Very nice to hear the core principle on which we based the
coming from some of Europe’s most talented young AI scientists
Thank you all 😊

[2024-06-10 16:42 UTC]

📣Good news for all those who have put the fight against climate change as a priority in this
👉 Today we launch Destination Earth, our 1st digital twin of the 🌍. It will make our fight against climate change concrete and operational, like never before.

[2024-06-10 13:59 UTC]

D-1⃣ week before we inaugurate Destination Earth 🌍, Europe’s highly accurate digital model of the earth that will help us monitor, simulate &amp; predict the interaction between natural phenomena and human activities.
🗓️Monday 10 June from Kajaani 🇫🇮 &amp; livestream 🎥

[2024-06-03 09:41 UTC]

makes Sicily 🇮🇹 a center of excellence for semiconductor production in Europe &amp; worldwide. They help us secure our 🇪🇺 chips supply.
I am happy to announce that we approve a 2bn€ Italian state aid for their new sillicon carbide plant in Catania.

[2024-05-31 12:50 UTC]

A few months ago we adopted the first ever rules on artificial intelligence. Now we must implement them.
The new 🇪🇺 AI Office is a key step on that path.

[2024-05-29 20:43 UTC]

Trade over borders of member states in the
can lower prices and increase the selection of products for consumers. Today we have fined
€337.5 million for illegally limiting cross-border sales across 🇪🇺👇!g99dyK

[2024-05-23 09:04 UTC]

We open a proceeding against
for potentially breaching its
obligation to keep
safe on
Eg: we're concerned systems may stimulate addictions &amp; lack age-verification.
All users must be safe, esp. young ones

[2024-05-16 14:05 UTC]

Great to meet
Minister Saito today!
Much alignment of views on the importance of cooperation among like-minded partners for trustworthy supply chains that uphold our shared values and provide scale.
Lots of work ahead between 🇪🇺🇯🇵 and in the

[2024-05-07 10:47 UTC]

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