An inspiring example!
Petr Těšina moved back to Czechia from Germany (LMU) when he won an ERC Starting Grant. It allows him to set up a research team at
and take his cutting-edge to new levels.

[2024-06-14 17:26 UTC]

On Monday @ 13:00 you can hear from a former ERC Scientific Council member and a former ERC General Secretary 👇

[2024-06-14 14:01 UTC]

R to @ERC_Research: Last day at .

Coming up very soon at 09:45, a captivating talk with ERC Scientific Council member Leszek Kaczmarek &amp; ERC grantees, all about how you could chase your dreams with an ERC grant.

Info 👉

[Organised by @USinKatowice]

[2024-06-14 07:11 UTC]

R to @ERC_Research: While while working on his ERC-funded project PORTWINGS to improve the flapping flight of robotic birds, Stramigioli made discoveries in fluid dynamics, deformable objects, and quantum mechanics 💡

[2024-06-13 11:00 UTC]

'The ERC has changed my life, allowing me to focus on research and my passion for science. It has transformed how I work, interact, and envision my future.'
Read the full interview with Stefano Stramigioli, Professor of Advanced Robotics @UTwenteRaM 👉

[2024-06-13 11:00 UTC]

R to @ERC_Research: Greetings to everyone at !

Today you can find the ERC at 09.45 (Ballroom B) to explore the marvels of tissue regeneration, &amp; at 13.00 (Ballroom C) to delve into the roles of machine learning and AI in the digital transition.

ERC Programme:

[2024-06-13 07:06 UTC]

🇨🇿🇪🇺 In Czechia today and tomorrow, 12-13/6:
ERC President Maria Leptin visits Prague and Brno to meet the local scientific community, ERC grantees and Ministers, also with ERC’s Alice Valkárová and former member Tomáš Jungwirth.
Here’s the programme:

[2024-06-12 08:55 UTC]

R to @ERC_Research: Day 1 at !

This afternoon we will host two interesting scientific sessions, @
13:00 on "Tracking invisible contaminants"
14:45 on "Frontier research for ecosystems conservation."

Don't forget to swing by the 🇪🇺EU stand as well!

Full details

[2024-06-12 07:31 UTC]

Going to
in Poland?
Don't miss ERC Scientific Council member Leszek Kaczmarek, discussing scientific excellence during 3 different sessions:
1️⃣ 12 June @ 11.15 CEST
2️⃣ 13 June @ 14.45
3️⃣ 14 June @ 9.00
Full details 👉

[2024-06-11 13:00 UTC]

Today 11 June 2024 is the first-ever International Day of Play.
There is no better excuse to try a new game!
Check it out👇

[2024-06-11 08:54 UTC]

Did you miss the ERC webinar last Friday?
It was on the use of lump sum payments for the 2024 ERC Advanced Grants, covering how this mechanism affects the application and evaluation process.
You can catch up by watching the recording 👉

[2024-06-11 07:00 UTC]

Feliz Dia de
, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas. Happy National Day!
DYK the ERC funded 178 researchers there?
For example, Pedro Sousa-Victor at
, who aims to find immune factors causing regenerative decline in aging. 👉!H4Yrkt

[2024-06-10 07:30 UTC]

Newly-deciphered text from ancient scrolls may have finally revealed how Greek philosopher Plato really felt about music played at his death.
research of Graziano Ranocchia's team
helped decipher these fragile papyri.

[2024-06-09 11:30 UTC]

🌊 Let's make a splash this
! 🐠🌎
💙 Join us in celebrating the beauty and importance of our oceans.
To help clean them, Helge Niemann at
investigated microorganisms capable of degrading plastics.
Read more

[2024-06-08 11:30 UTC]

Will you be at
in Ljubljana?
Don't miss the talk on AI &amp; machine vision from Jill Walker Rettberg
: tomorrow 8 June at 10:30am
More info on ERC &amp;
science engagement professionals meeting 👉
📷 © Eivind Sennesvik/UiB

[2024-06-07 12:00 UTC]

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