🔜 After a lively , it is time to reflect on our achievements✨

🗓️Come and join me & 700+ stakeholders on 6 Dec. in building the legacy of this at the 'Claim the Future' closing conference!


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🔜 I will be glad to take part in @europeanreform Western Balkans Summit tomorrow 🗓️3 Dec.

👉Key to understand challenges faced by Western Balkans countries and unite our efforts to master the transitions. Together.

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RT @europeanreform: We are pleased to announce the participation of European Commissioner @GabrielMariya in our Western Balkans Summit on 3 December.

Find out more here: newdirection.online/event/wbs_

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With @EU2022_CZ & Member States, we send a clear message: 🇪🇺is ready to become a🌍powerhouse of innovation🚀

implementation in a record time
✅Support to researchers &🔬infrastructure🔄
✅Use of excellence in science to guide policy actions

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💬Knowledge valorisation & scientific evidence are key to guide efficient policies, for the benefit of all.

The @EU_Commission acts to better coordinate🇪🇺efforts👉values-based R&I, synergies🔄academia & industry, tagerget actions to master transitions.


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Timely adoption of conclusions on 👏@EU2022_CZ

🔹25 actions👉🇪🇺strategic autonomy
🔹1M deep tech talents training
🔹100 Regional Innov’ Valleys
🔹Women innovators empowerment

🤝@EUCouncil, an ecosystem approach to lead the🆕wave of innovation!

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🔬 Research✅Positive exchange on Research infrastructures in Europe.

From🇪🇺Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) to stronger coordination for excellence in scientific research, we unite our efforts 👉synergies & strategic vision, together.


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📍 @EUCouncil

Glad to engage w/🇪🇺Ministers to join forces towards👉stronger , performant research infrastructure & efficient 🔄!

🤝🇨🇿@VladimirBalas, 🇳🇱 @RHDijkgraaf, 🇦🇹M.Polaschek,🇧🇪@barbaratrachte, 🇸🇪M.Nilsson,🇩🇪K.Haugg.

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

@EUCouncil | 🔜meeting with🇪🇺Ministers of 🔬

🔄 Research infrastructure
🔄 Knowledge valorisation
🔄 - R&I in the Mediterranean Area
🔄 New @EITCultCrea

📲LIVE ⏰10:15 & 12:50-press conference👉europa.eu/!Bc68hQ


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Let your voice be heard!

🔹Take part in the largest-ever public consultation on 🇪🇺 &
🔹Share your experience with & @HorizonEU
🔹Contribute to shape the R&I priorities for 2025-2027

Learn more👉europa.eu/!MvdQjQ

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This 2022 was a real success!

📲You were 1️⃣ 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ following us LIVE, at every corner of Europe👏

I thank all our amazing 🇪🇺 community & all authorities for their support.

Together & united: we are building a stronger .

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Every war is affecting .

With🇪🇺Member States, the @EU_Commission mobilises all available instruments👉@EUErasmusPlus capacity, practical tools📚, peer learning, access to edu’ & care in early childhood.

We & defend continuity of education.

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

Education is the best investment for our future!

🇪🇺Learning Lab on invest. in quality edu’&training will have impact in all our Member States and regions.

🤝Ministers 🇫🇮@liandersson, 🇪🇸@subirats9 🇵🇹@Educacao_PT 🇮🇹@G_Valditara &🇷🇴Mayor @Emil_Boc.


🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

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Efficient🇪🇺actions mean stronger coordination, for concrete change.

✅Solid evidence-based data & open tools
✅Peer learning & capacity building

Our🆕Learning Lab on invest’ in quality education & training will support edu’ systems, for investment to be truly transformative!

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

At , great occasion to meet🇧🇬Coordinators of Education for Climate Coalition, G.Chalakova & M. Georgieva.

🏫@EUErasmusPlus bottom-up projects & invest. in edu’ infrastructure contribute to🇪🇺ambitions in training 🔄.


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Europe is the home of .

To foster excellence, inclusion & entrepreneurship, Universities-🇪🇺Alliances w/ innovators are change makers.

👏🇪🇺Network of Innovative Higher Edu’ Institutions for your work: a firm step for our ambitions ➡️europa.eu/!JNHfwr

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

Thank you Anna & Maria 🇵🇱 for our stimulating chat!

As members of our pool of 🇪🇺 🗞️ your dedication to valorise Europe - its actions, for & with our - has a real impact 👏


🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

📍 Positive meeting with Lotta Edholm, 🇸🇪 Minister for .

🔹Mutual recognition of diplomas
🔹🇪🇺🔄next steps
🔹 legacy

Looking forward to an impactful cooperation 🤝 2023 Swedish presidency.

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RT @BTAnewsBG: ✅Ролята на регионите за насърчаване на иновациите е ключова, смята еврокомисарят @GabrielMariya.
👉Това се посочва в приветствието на еврокомисаря по случай откриващата конференция по проект "Европа в България: Общо бъдеще“. 🇪🇺🇧🇬

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With our🇪🇺Education Area, we set a vision, but also a mission for Europe!

From @EUErasmusPlus Teachers Academies to🎓Alliances or🇪🇺Network Innovative Universities, we reach milestones👉to master pressing challenges.

🤝@VladimirBalas @sabineverheyen @JanisFifka @ChatzimichailP

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/GabrielMariya

My monthly newsletter is out!⤵️

🔸🔄 legacy, , Cult' Workplan '23-26 &🇺🇦Solidarity
🔸1st🇪🇺🇹🇷high-level dialogue science&R&I
🔸 startups event @EUeic Fund🚀
🔸2023 calls @EUErasmusPlus&


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