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President @vonderleyen will travel to Kyiv this week with High Representative @JosepBorrellF

She will meet President @ZelenskyyUa before the pledging event which she convenes jointly with Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau on 9 April, 15:00 CET.

More details soon


It is a new prosperity plan to accelerate their journey towards the EU, building on 4 pillars:

1. Bring the Western Balkans closer to the EU Single Market

2. Deepen regional economic integration

3. Accelerate fundamental reforms

4. Increase pre-accession funds


RT @vonderleyen: Glad to meet @LudoOdorPM.

We discussed Slovakia’s implementation of the Recovery Plan and the transit of Ukrainian grain via the Solidarity Lanes.

Slovakia’s cooperation will be instrumental.

We also agreed to join forces to combat disinformation.


It is not enough to just wait for our friends outside the Union.

We must bring the Union closer to them.

This is what we are doing with Ukraine.

And with a new initiative for Western Balkan countries ↓


I congratulate @RTErdogan on winning the elections.

I look forward to continue building the EU-Türkiye relationship.

It is of strategic importance for both the EU and Türkiye to work on advancing this relationship, for the benefit of our people.


EU funding can support farmers who have lost crops and machinery.

We will also help you rebuild with the EU Solidarity Fund.

Finally is investing €6 billion to make Italy more resilient to natural disasters.


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We are mobilising European support.

For relief, for rebuilding, and for adapting to extreme weather.

I want to tell the people of Emilia-Romagna:

“Tin bota. L’Europa è con voi.”


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RT @vonderleyen: Heart-breaking to see the devastation caused by the floods in the beautiful region of Emilia Romagna.

I have come here to tell you that Europe is mourning with you.

And that we are by your side.


The European Union stands by Moldova’s side.

We support your energy security. Your economic stability.

We support your reforms, on your way to our European family.

Moldova is not alone.

The EU is with you.



Today’s agreement is a major step for the production of green hydrogen in Namibia.

Proud that allows the EU and Namibia to invest in a shared future.

Together we will fight climate change, make Namibia energy-independent and create jobs and prosperity.
RT @hagegeingob: The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Namibia and Hyphen, signifies an exciting chapter for Namibia's growth trajectory. We wish to thank all of our development …


We work hand in hand for the twin transition.

The euro is now the currency of choice for sustainable finance and Europe is the largest issuer of green bonds in the world.

Today we are also working on a digital version of the euro, to complement our coins and banknotes.


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25 years of @ecb are not only 25 years of prosperity and stability.

It is also a great example of European strength.

I am very grateful to have the ECB as a trusted partner ↓


La Presidente @vonderleyen si recherà in Emilia Romagna giovedì 25 maggio per toccare con mano la devastazione causata dalle inondazioni ed esprimere il sostegno dell'UE.


President @vonderleyen will travel to Italy’s Emilia Romagna region on Thursday 25 May, to witness on the ground the devastation caused by last week’s floods and express EU support.


This week on President @vonderleyen's agenda:

In 🇰🇷:
• Attended EU-South Korea Summit

In 🇧🇪:
• Meeting of the College of Commissioners

In 🇩🇪:
• Speech at @ecb's 25th anniversary
• Speech at @etuc_ces 15th Congress

In 🇮🇹:
• Speech at NEB Collateral Event, Venice Biennale


EU mobilises emergency equipment to assist Italy, which was hit by devastating floods and landslides. Details here ⬇️


RT @EU_Commission: Today tens of thousands of Moldovans gathered in Chișinău to reaffirm their aspiration to follow a European path.

Moldova can keep counting on the friendship, solidarity and partnership of the EU. As a candidate country, Moldova has a European perspective.


We launched an EU Energy Platform to pool our demand for gas and bring down prices.

The first tender of joint gas purchasing has been a success, with bids from reliable international suppliers to supply more than 13.4 billion cubic metres of gas.


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The green transition is already underway.

Last year we doubled the additional deployment of renewable energy in the EU. And for the first time, we generated more electricity from wind and sun than from gas.


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A year ago, Russia blackmailed us with energy for our support to Ukraine.

Our answer was , a plan to rapidly phase out Russian fossil fuels.

The job is not yet done, but much has been accomplished ↓


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