Last week, HR/VP
was in Kyiv. In his latest blog post he explains why the quality and quantity of military support in coming months will be decisive. For Ukraine, but also for Europe’s security.
Read the blog post:!3RYnjr


[2024-02-14 09:48 UTC]

RT by @eu_eeas: Very good exchange with @AraratMirzoyan ahead of our Partnership Council. EU-Armenia relations are clearly on a positive track. Discussed areas for deeper engagement, domestic developements and peace process. Expressed full support to resuming Brussels process.


[2024-02-13 19:55 UTC]

Congratulations to the Elephants on their brilliant victory!
The African Cup of Nations ends brilliantly for the host country, Côte d’Ivoire.


[2024-02-13 08:31 UTC]

R to @eu_eeas: Remarks by HR/VP @JosepBorrellF at the press conference following the Informal Foreign Affairs Council (Development):!4hKGyN.


[2024-02-12 16:44 UTC]

R to @eu_eeas: Informal Foreign Affairs Council (Development): Press remarks by HR/VP @JosepBorrellF upon arrival:!6J9QCN.


[2024-02-12 09:12 UTC]

Media literacy is the best cure against disinformation, but not an easy one to obtain. Watch Maida, Executive Director of Mediacentar Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, make a case for optimism.!HmWMrn


[2024-02-12 10:00 UTC]

Today HR/VP
chairs the informal Development ministers’ meeting.
The agenda:
➡️EU int'l cooperaton &amp; dev policy
➡️ Gaza/ Mtg with
➡️Partnership w/ Africa on Global Health.
Stay tuned for live doorstep remarks ahead of the meeting


[2024-02-12 07:27 UTC]

Nominate yourself or someone you admire for
– celebrate impact making a real difference for the environment and human rights!
Ready to give floor to youth voices for change? Spread the word and let's create a global ripple of hope &amp; inspiration!


[2024-02-11 11:01 UTC]

Not sure how to vote in the
if you are an EU citizen living abroad?
Check our handy overview ↓ &amp; share it to help us spread the word.
Tap for more details. 👇
in June! Because Europe is all of us, wherever we live.


[2024-02-10 11:00 UTC]

Crucial choices are also based on what we see in the news. To trust media we need to know who owns them. Watch Besar, a journalist from Albania, share his insights.!HmWMrn


[2024-02-09 10:13 UTC]

RT by @eu_eeas: Azerbaijan: 🇪🇺 takes note of the preliminary conclusions of the @osce_odihr Election Observation Mission on 🇦🇿 presidential elections. According to them,the vote took place within a restrictive political environment,under laws curtailing rights &amp; freedoms!TKh7F4


[2024-02-08 18:21 UTC]

"Ukrainians are at the frontline between democracy and autocracy. By defending their sovereignty, they are also protecting EU security. We must support them with whatever it takes to win the war and win the peace."
speech in the Verkhovna Rada⤵️


[2024-02-08 17:07 UTC]

RT by @eu_eeas: Visited the residential building hit by Russian missiles today &amp; a shelter with mayor @Vitaliy_Klychko.

I pay tribute to the innocent civilians that were killed in Kyiv &amp; in other places of Ukraine during this latest indiscriminate attack by Russia.

Слава Україні!


[2024-02-07 18:20 UTC]

"Russia is the last colonial empire in Europe. But Ukrainians are masters of their own destiny. By defending their sovereignty, they are also protecting EU security. We must support them with whatever it takes", said HR/VP
in Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv


[2024-02-07 18:39 UTC]

RT by @eu_eeas: Honoured to be received again by President @ZelenskyyUa.

He asked for additional ammunition, drones and air defence systems.

Mobilising additional EU military equipment for is my top priority.

We must do more and we must do it faster.


[2024-02-07 16:16 UTC]

R to @eu_eeas: “We have been committed and will be committed to support Ukraine not “for as long as it takes” but for “whatever it takes”. Not as a measure of time, but as a measure of quantity, quality, and rapidity in supporting you”
Full HR/VP @JosepBorrellF remarks:!bRfkqd


[2024-02-07 17:08 UTC]

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