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🇪🇺🇪🇺 Lovely tribute to John Hume by President @vonderleyen in :

“If so many people live in peace today on the island of Ireland, it is in large part because of his unwavering belief in humanity and conflict resolution.” 🕊


[2020-09-16 09:18 UTC]

✅ The EU has just approved the implementation of the oil price cap.

It will reduce Russia’s revenues, while keeping global energy markets stable.

Read more here:


The EU agreement on an oil price cap, coordinated with G7 and others, will reduce Russia’s revenues significantly.

It will help us stabilise global energy prices, benefitting emerging economies around the world.


RT @EU_Commission: The violation of EU sanctions against Russia won't pay off.

Today, we put forward a proposal to criminalise the evasion of EU restrictive measures.

It will make easier to investigate, prosecute and punish violations of sanctions in all EU countries.


RT @vonderleyen: 🇮🇪 In Dublin today. Very happy to meet @MichealMartinTD.

Thank you for the great cooperation over the past 2.5 years - quite eventful years, too.

In difficult times, you always remained true to our European values.

Go raibh míle maith agat.


🇪🇺 The @europarl_en, @EUCouncil and @EU_Commission will organise tomorrow a feedback event as a follow-up to the Conference on the Future of Europe. It’ll be an opportunity for them to explain how they are following up on its proposals.

Read more:


RT @EU_Commission: Half a century ago, Ireland joined the EU.

Europe’s transatlantic gateway and link to the anglophone world, we have benefited immensely from the Irish spirit in our Union.

🇮🇪 Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine
🇪🇺 We live in each other's shadows


RT @MarosSefcovic: Today the EU has agreed internal rules that allow us, if needed, to enforce our agreements with the UK.

Continued unity @EU_Commission @EUCouncil @europarl_en in action!

The EU is committed to a positive, constructive relationship with the UK.


RT @RNihoul: Happy to end this week with an important step in the journey of the Conference on the Future of Europe: an event dedicated to giving feedback to the citizens who gave a lot of their time to the . Check the latest news on You can follow it online!


RT @EU_Taxud: Coming up at today's Tax Symposium 👇

💬 Keynote speeches on the mega-trends & global issues that will affect our tax systems from:

@VDombrovskis @PaoloGentiloni @KadriSimson @Zbynek_Stanjura @MathiasCormann @IMFNews

Don't miss out! Join us at the link below.


🇪🇺 Big tax event next week!

On Monday 28 Nov, the @EU_Commission is organising the first-ever EU Tax Symposium, which will kick-off a wide-ranging debate on the future of our tax mixes.

Follow live here & more info below👇


🇪🇺🇮🇪 President @vonderleyen will travel to Dublin on 1 December. She will meet President @PresidentIRL & Taoiseach @MichealMartinTD, as well as deliver an address to the Joint Houses of the @OireachtasNews.

The President will also receive the Peter Sutherland Leadership award.


Join me and @NadiaCalvino shortly👇
RT @rielcano: @NadiaCalvino @McGuinnessEU How is the war in Ukraine impacting Europe’s digital economy? We ask @NadiaCalvino and @McGuinnessEU.
⏰ 10 min left!
📺 Watch live:


After 10 years since the @EU_Commission proposal, we will now have an EU law for gender equality on company boards.

The glass ceiling preventing women from accessing top positions in companies has been shattered.

This is a truly historic and moving moment.


RT @EU_Commission: We know what Russia says is the opposite of what it means.

Kremlin is spreading disinformation on energy, aiming to manipulate the EU & dissuade it from supporting Ukraine.

But we are now fully prepared for the winter ahead & our support to Ukraine is unwavering.


RT @vonderleyen: While G20 leaders were meeting and calling for the war to end, Russia conducted massive strikes against Ukraine.

With G7 and NATO partners, we condemn these brutal acts.

We also offer full support to Poland and assistance with the investigation on the explosion at the border.


RT @vonderleyen: Debt sustainability and growth go together.

Our new will focus on what matters.

We need a simple and transparent 🇪🇺common framework and stronger Member State ownership.

This intelligent SGP will deliver, thanks to more responsibility and stronger enforcement mechanisms.


RT @VDombrovskis: Good news: EU finance ministers reached general approach on last parts of 2021 Banking Package to:

➡️boost EU banks’ resilience, keep them competitive
➡️make sure EU banks stay a reliable & sustainable financing source for EU economy
➡️implement Basel III standards


“We must use all our energy to build the kind of cooperation we need in today’s world. Respecting our mutually agreed agreements – centred around trust – is an intrinsic part of it.”

@MarosSefcovic at the🇪🇺🇬🇧Parliamentary Partnership Assembly.



RT @EP_ForeignAff: 📢 Coming up at 14.30 CET: The 2nd EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 kicks off in London.

@NathalieLoiseau @OliverHealdUK

🔴 📽️ More information and live streaming links here 👉


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