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RT by @Cybersec_EU: 📌 DEP spotlights: Enabling Technologies ❗ Join the EU Grants Call for groundbreaking progress in Security Operation Centres (SOCs). 🔗More info on topic conditions, stakeholders, and funding rates:


[2024-01-15 08:46 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 📌 DEP spotlights: Strengthening the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) ❗
Join the EU Grants Call aimed at strengthening cybersecurity capacities of SMEs in line with the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) requirements. 🔗Read more here:


[2024-01-15 12:07 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: CERTFR-2024-AVI-0027 : Multiples vulnérabilités dans les produits Juniper Networks (11 janvier 2024)


[2024-01-11 15:46 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Excited as Belgium kicks off its @EU2024BE presidency.

“Protect, strengthen and prepare” is our motto and that’s no coincidence.

Our citizens need an EU that is fit for purpose and forward looking.

Enhorabuena a estimado @sanchezcastejon y su equipo.

You’ve done a great job.


[2024-01-01 08:00 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 👋 Welcome 🇧🇪 Belgium @eu2024BE, which has just taken over the Council presidency. It's going to be an exciting six months!


[2024-01-01 08:11 UTC]

New calls for proposals of the EUR 84 million of the
🛡️novel application of AI anfor Security Operation Centres
ℹ️ implementation of cybersecurity EU legislation
💪EU transition to post-


[2023-12-18 14:17 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 🚀 EU funding opportunity! The @European Commission just launched new Cybersecurity Calls under the Digital Europe Programme with 6 topics! More details coming soon. Check it out:


[2023-12-18 11:14 UTC]

-US Cyber Dialogue in Brussels concludes. The full joint press statement is available 💪🛡️
Read more on the transatlantic partnership on cyber issues. See you next year in Washington 👋


[2023-12-09 09:59 UTC]

💼 The 9th
-US #🛡️Cyber Dialogue featured an exchange with
: Public-private cooperation is key
ℹ️ Great discussion on product security, information sharing, incident reporting & cyber diplomacy
for co-hosting & to


[2023-12-09 10:07 UTC]

🇺🇸 🇪🇺 Together with
, we co-host the 9th
🌐 In the cyberspace, friends like 🇪🇺 and 🇺🇸 must pull together
⚡topics for cooperation:
infrastructures, digital products, emerging technologies
💼 Tomorrow, we continue the work 💪


[2023-12-06 15:50 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: | The @EUCouncil and the @europarl_en reach a provisional agreement on the cyber resilience act.

The new rules introduce EU-wide cybersecurity requirements for the design, development, production and making available on the market of hardware and software products.


[2023-11-30 22:51 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Deepening our commitment to cybersecurity in Europe with our latest safety hub in Malaga, advancing research + tools to fight threats, and a new program from @Googleorg to provide skills training and protect community organizations.


[2023-11-29 15:15 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: We did it! 🤝

With the European Digital Identity wallet, all 🇪🇺 citizens will be able to have a secured e-identity for their lifetime.

The wallet has the highest level of both security & privacy.

Giant step & a world premiere ! 👏 to my teams and both colegislators.


[2023-11-08 16:34 UTC]

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