RT by @Cybersec_EU: 🖥️ This morning, a first trilogue took place on the Cyber Solidarity Act ().

🇪🇺 The EU Cyber Solidarity Act wants to strengthen the EU's capacities to detect, prepare for & respond to significant and large-scale threats & attacks.

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[2024-02-13 11:22 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: [10 règles d'or, édition @Paris2024🥇]

3️⃣ Misez sur la double authentification !

🏃 Au relais, l’effort collectif est un facteur d’efficacité. Idem pour la cybersécurité avec l’authentification multifacteur qui renforce la sécurité de vos accès.

🔗 cyber.gouv.fr/dix-regles-dor-p

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[2024-02-11 11:04 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Good morning from our ECCC booth at the Research to Reality Conference! ☕

Are you registered to the conference? Make sure to swing by our booth, number 5! Discover the work we do and engage in our exciting quiz & raffle and win lovely prizes! Will you be our lucky visitor?🏆

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[2024-02-05 07:22 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 👋 Come visit our booth on 5 and 6 February in !

Have you registered for the Research to Reality Conference? Make sure to visit our booth, no. 5! Discover the ECCC and what we do.

Engage in our exciting quiz & raffle to win lovely prizes! Are you our lucky visitor? 🏆

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[2024-02-02 10:52 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Today @LucaTagliaretti took office as ECCC Executive Director (ED) and met the ECCC team. Luca thanked the previous interim ED @miguelgsb for leadership & guidance.

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[2024-02-01 14:35 UTC]

& the
keep working hand in hand on
🤝Read more on the next steps to further strengthen their mutual cyber resilience & foster a secure global cyberspace

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[2024-01-31 16:49 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: In January 2024,@SAP joined the Cybersecurity Skills Academy, the European Union’s initiative to create a governance framework around , focusing on and . 🛡️The course is available under the following link: learning.sap.com/learning-jour

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[2024-01-31 13:21 UTC]

📌 Today we welcome the first ever
With the rise of cyber threats, the new
framework is much anticipated and allows to uphold secure features in
products EU-wide ✨
👉 More information available

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[2024-01-31 14:01 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Another great results-focused exchange at the White House with Anne Neuberger, US Deputy National Security Advisor to President Biden.

With the 🇪🇺-🇺🇸 Joint CyberSafe Products Action Plan signed today, we align our standards for the protection of our supply chains.

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[2024-01-30 21:20 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: We welcome the signing of the U.S.-EU Joint CyberSafe Products Action Plan. Together, we’ll create a transatlantic marketplace that sets a standard for the cybersecurity of Internet-connected products, ensuring the devices our citizens use in their homes and offices are secure.

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[2024-01-30 21:27 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Digital Europe Programme Calls - Who Can Apply?
🏢 Businesses
🚀 SMEs
🏛️ Public Administrations
🌍 Entities from EU Member States, EFTA/EEA countries, and Digital Europe Programme-associated countries.
🔗 More information available here: lnkd.in/edciMaw5

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[2024-01-30 12:38 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Common European data spaces were elaborated within the Data Governance Act.

Ahead of on Sunday,  looked into the principles regarding protection of personal data.

Read the report: europa.eu/!cTW9J7

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[2024-01-26 15:03 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 🙏🏼 to the Belgian Presidency for this inspirational summit . We have a lot of work ahead and one of the motto for the coming years : Implementation and cooperation

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[2024-01-19 17:30 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 📌 DEP spotlights: Enabling Technologies ❗ Join the EU Grants Call for groundbreaking progress in Security Operation Centres (SOCs). 🔗More info on topic conditions, stakeholders, and funding rates: ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tend

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[2024-01-15 08:46 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: 📌 DEP spotlights: Strengthening the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) ❗
Join the EU Grants Call aimed at strengthening cybersecurity capacities of SMEs in line with the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) requirements. 🔗Read more here: ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tend

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[2024-01-15 12:07 UTC]

RT by @Cybersec_EU: Excited as Belgium kicks off its @EU2024BE presidency.

“Protect, strengthen and prepare” is our motto and that’s no coincidence.

Our citizens need an EU that is fit for purpose and forward looking.

Enhorabuena a estimado @sanchezcastejon y su equipo.

You’ve done a great job.

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[2024-01-01 08:00 UTC]

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