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Join us & @sweden2023eu for two jam-packed days with discussions on:
⚛️ quantum tech
🤖 AI
+ more

And take a walk down memory lane with previous events 👇


RT by @DigitalEU: Ursula von der Leyen – President-elect of the European Commission (2024-2029)

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[2024-07-18 12:40 UTC]

☀️ Free internet across Europe, a summer dream or reality?
initiative gives you access to +90.000 free
hotspots all over the EU!
Navigate safely in parks, schools, health centres & more public buildings.
⤵️ Check out the nearest hotspot powered by

[2024-07-18 11:01 UTC]

From cybersecurity to supercomputing, if you want to keep up with the latest news on digital & tech, follow us!
🔮Let's shape Europe’s digital future together.

[2024-07-17 12:50 UTC]

projects = boundless tech opportunities!
The 🇪🇺 & 🇰🇷 selected jointly-funded projects that will advance:
🔀 heterogeneous integration (technologies combining multiple components onto one chip)
🖥️ & neuromorphic (brain-like) computing technologies.
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[2024-07-17 07:36 UTC]

🗺️From Lisbon to Helsinki you can
This summer stay in touch with your loved ones🤳 anywhere in the EU at no extra cost.
If you are travelling soon, let them know you arrived safely and pay no additional charges!
Learn more↓

[2024-07-16 13:12 UTC]

💻 From our cars to our phones,
are part of our daily lives!
ensures the production & manufacturing of these micro components in 🇪🇺, in addition to guaranteeing more research, innovation & training.
Join our
& watch the video ⤵️

[2024-07-16 08:06 UTC]

During today's third Cyber Dialogue, the 🇪🇺 & 🇺🇦 agreed to further deepen cooperation on
& cyber diplomacy.
🛡️ The EU continues to support Ukraine’s resilience capabilities against
-attacks & disruptions of critical infrastructure.
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[2024-07-15 15:01 UTC]

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Digital technology has become essential to professional success & education of youth.
To engage meaningfully in society & enjoy the benefits of digital transition, young Europeans must be equipped with
↓ More about the initiative on

[2024-07-15 12:04 UTC]

☀️ Are you ready for this
? ☀️
📲 Whether making a call from a city abroad or taking photos and posting them on social media,
is with you wherever you go!
Stay tuned to discover what the EU is doing for a more
for everyone, every day ⤵️

[2024-07-15 09:58 UTC]

🌌 Space: the final frontier.
🛰️ Did you know that in 2036 some of Europe's data centres might be in orbit?
⬇️ Find out more in our

[2024-07-14 08:33 UTC]

Your weekly
🔞XNXX will now have to comply with the
obligations to protect users online
📲Affordable calls to & from
: ensuring that refugees can stay connected
🤖AI factories: EU's supercomputers available to
startups to train their AI models

[2024-07-13 08:33 UTC]

⏰The next
is happening on 14-27 October!
Don’t forget to register your events, organise or join an activity for the next edition of 🇪🇺
👩‍💻👨‍💻 Be part of the movement and inspire others to embrace coding!
🔗Event registration:

[2024-07-12 13:57 UTC]

sent today the preliminary findings to X under the
X is in breach of the
in areas linked to dark patterns, advertising transparency and data access for researchers.
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[2024-07-12 10:12 UTC]

🔇 How can we counter online
is building an interdisciplinary network to:
🔍detect, analyse & expose disinformation
🤝connect related experts
🗨️provide support to authorities & media
& more!
👇 Read more on this
success story.

[2024-07-12 08:42 UTC]

🤖 Are technologies reshaping our lives?
& immersive tech are converging & redefining our interaction with the digital & physical worlds.
From retail to financial services, various industries have been transformed.
Read more on this
article via

[2024-07-11 22:29 UTC]

🦕Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 165M years. Sounds like a lot?
🤯Not really when you think that we will spend a total of 500M years using social media only in 2024!
↓That's why 🇪🇺 policies like the
play a crucial role in keeping the users safe.

[2024-07-11 13:44 UTC]

Are you interested in the
call for European Digital Media Observatory?
Join this online session to get more information & ask all your questions about the call topic, application and evaluation procedures.
📅 16 July
⏰ 10.00 - 11.30
More information ⤵️

[2024-07-11 10:02 UTC]

🌤️ Sun in the sky but clouds only in the digital space!
allows storing data & files on a remote database.
European citizens, businesses & public authorities must have access to secure, interoperable cloud infrastructures & services.
Check out this video ⤵️

[2024-07-11 07:33 UTC]

XNXX is the latest website to be named a ‘Very Large Online Platform’ under the
It will now have to comply with several obligations to protect users, including minors, from harmful content, address the dissemination of illegal content & more ↓

[2024-07-10 12:03 UTC]

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