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Today is Day of the Mediterranean! 🌊
The Mediterranean is a hotspot of biodiversity and geodiversity, and home to a multitude of unique habitats and species.
Engage by organising a debate, honouring a landmark or take action!


[2023-11-28 10:00 UTC]

The Relieve
project is recycling lithium-ion batteries into metal salts to produce new batteries 🔋
They expect to reduce
by +4 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent


[2023-11-28 08:41 UTC]

A new call for tender has been published: Scaling-up EU cultivation of algae and shellfish! 🐚
This call focuses on creating tools to evaluate the feasibility and impact of scaling up shellfish and algae cultivation in the EU.
Deadline📅: 19/02/2024


[2023-11-27 14:17 UTC]

R to @cinea_EU: @PalomaAbaEU @RosalindeEU @HorizonEU
@EUScienceInnov @EU_ScienceHub @Transport_EU >@CCAM_EU @2Zeroemission @ERTRAC_EU


[2023-11-27 11:09 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: The 4th 🇪🇺 Forum in 🇳🇱 Rotterdam is now over, but our efforts for cleaner air for all continue!

Learn more about all our EU air policies, and stay updated with the latest actions to improve across Europe 👉!CDuQ3N


[2023-11-24 12:10 UTC]

👏🤝Good to hear of groundbreaking results by
projects tackling aircraft noise pollution incl.: 👇
✈️better prediction of propulsion-airframe interaction noise
🛫development of "design to noise capabilities" for optimised airframe integration


[2023-11-24 12:24 UTC]

R to @cinea_EU: @ercoftac @pulsareuproject @DLR_en @onera_fr @TUBerlin @vki_vonkarman


[2023-11-24 12:46 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: "We do it for and we do it with businesses, because building a economy is a key for the


[2023-11-23 15:55 UTC]

Congratulations 4BIZ and DBAN on winning the Black Sea Project Award under the category:
'Fostering Investment in the Black Sea blue economy'! 🌊🏆🎉
Read about the
regional flagship projects here:


[2023-11-23 15:41 UTC]

R to @cinea_EU: €4 billion from for innovative technologies ✨

For small, medium, &amp; large-scale projects in sectors like decarbonisation, manufacturing, maritime &amp; energy-intensive industries

Apply by 9/04/2024 👉!yGMR4X

🧵 2/3


[2023-11-23 11:23 UTC]

R to @cinea_EU: €800 million is available in the first-ever auction ✨

Through fixed premium support for producers of renewable 💧

Submit your bid by 8/02/2024 👉!YFqgFX

🧵 3/3


[2023-11-23 11:24 UTC]

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