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⚠️Western Mediterranean countries are under severe !

What are the main consequences?
🔸 Low soil moisture and river flows⬇️
🔸 Affecting plants & 🌾crops during their crucial growing season

And the summer hasn’t even started...🔥☀️!hWkWXy


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⁉️Have you heard about the 🇪🇺Centre for Algorithmic Transparency?

It needs the best talents to open up the "black box" of algorithms & help foster a safer, more predictable & trusted online environment

Are you in for the challenge?


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Today, together with @DigitalEU, we launch the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) 🔎
👩💻 Our scientists and experts will help shape a safer and trustworthy online environment for all
🎓 Want to know how?👉!4mgj6F

RT @DigitalEU: A milestone in making the internet safer for us all 👏

The will:
👩‍💻reduce harms & counter risks online
🛡️protect users' rights online
👉make …


Raffaella works in the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to
She makes sure that we can verify the safety of chemicals while protecting laboratory animals.

[2024-05-15 07:00 UTC]

🗓️ Are you working on reducing
Join us for the public event ‘Let’s reduce consumer food waste!’ to engage with experts & explore practical solutions
June 5 in Brussels

[2024-05-08 08:33 UTC]

We’re opening our labs!
Collaboration and the continuous exchange of expertise are key factors for successful scientific research. We open again some of our facilities to professionals working in academia, research organisations, industry, and SMEs➡️!6yhQbb

[2024-05-04 09:30 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: 🏔️, of the come together in @penelope_cain’s With Salt and Rocks in Our Veins
📍Visit the exhibition🦩 by @EUScienceHub in partnership with @imalorg.

[2024-05-03 12:48 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Continuous support for Ukrainian researchers is essential 🕊

This is why EU increased the initial budget of the @EURIZON_EU Fellowship Programme under , helping scientists to continue their work.


[2024-05-02 14:49 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Mushrooms, whales, bacteria 🍄🐋🦠 Let more-than-human politicians take the floor, experience Claus Schoening’s in
📍Visit the exhibition 24/5-29/9 @imalorg Brussels
🌱An exhibition by @EUScienceHub
More info at:

[2024-05-01 13:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Today will be my last day at JRC. It's been an amazing journey, and you can read about just some of it here.

But above all else it’s been a privilege to work with so many fantastically talented people @EU_ScienceHub.

Thank you 🙏Keep up the great work!

[2024-04-30 12:50 UTC]

Are you a Joint Research Centre’s former employee?
Join the new JRC Alumni Platform - the place where you can connect with former colleagues, share your journey and expertise, and cooperate on events and external activities.
Check it out!jvgKfG

[2024-04-29 08:12 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Science truly is wonderful 🔬

Visit the Science is Wonderful! Fair today, 26 April, at The Egg in Brussels. You'll have the chance to meet researchers and learn about their work through games & quizzes!


[2024-04-26 07:03 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Welcome to test our great working place! You can choose between Ispra 🇮🇹, Karlsruhe🇩🇪, Petten🇳🇱, Geel🇧🇪, or Sevilla🇪🇸😃👍

[2024-04-25 08:31 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Interested in contributing to safer batteries and tasting The Netherlands? Well, glad that you ask!

[2024-04-25 09:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: 🫵 Looking for funding opportunities to help bring concrete solutions to one of society's greatest challenges: ?

🗓️ Join the info days this Thursday morning & learn more about the new calls under for !


[2024-04-24 13:32 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: ⚡While the EU energy system is shifting towards a decentralised supply landscape with increasing renewable sources, energy smart appliances play a crucial role in demand side flexibility and energy system optimisation.

🇪🇺 @Energy4Europe and @EU_ScienceHub launched today the Code of Conduct on Interoperable Energy Smart Appliances during the EU Energy Day at the @hannover_messe.

APPLiA is honoured to have worked as a facilitator for the voluntary-based initiative, and is looking forward to contributing to future developments to the Code, as a key step toward and in Europe. ⚡🌱

[2024-04-23 15:15 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Tomorrow!
Join our launch event of the 2024 Global Report on Food Crises
🗓️ Wednesday 24 April 2024
🕑 2pm CEST
📺 Watch online:
💡 Event info:

[2024-04-23 14:36 UTC]

Together with
, we launched an EU Code of Conduct for Energy Smart Appliances interoperability.
The first 10 companies manufacturing smart appliances commited to develop interoperable connected products within a year ⬇️!v8DMB3

[2024-04-23 14:30 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: Transmitted last week to @vestager & @Ili_Ivanova, the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) presents

🔵 the current state of with its challenges & opportunities

🔵 evidence-based recommendations to policymakers


[2024-04-23 08:00 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: As wildfires in Europe increase in size and intensity, the EU continues to invest in prevention, preparedness and response mechanisms.

But we all have a role to play.

We must work together to protect our home. 🌍

[2024-04-22 13:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: With the launch of the book ‘The Pandemic, Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Learning Outcomes. Cross-National Impact Analyses of Education Policy Reform’ the authors will compare the case studies, policy implications and lessons learnt. Join us to know more👉!Q6XQhG

[2024-04-19 14:51 UTC]

Severe drought is worsening the humanitarian and environmental crisis in Southern Africa, and its impact on agriculture is leading to acute food insecurity.
We are monitoring the situation with
and other partners.
Our new report:!HKgM8d

[2024-04-19 14:40 UTC]

RT by @EU_ScienceHub: 🇪🇺🇺🇦 Proud to announce €10M in extra funding for Ukrainian researchers via our programme .

This top-up from @HorizonEU will enable 50 displaced researchers to advance their crucial work elsewhere in Europe.

Read more ➡️!9mDNyM

[2024-04-18 10:25 UTC]

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