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🇪🇺🇺🇦 have become a lifeline for 🇺🇦, carrying imports via rail, road & inland waterways to Ukraine & exports to world markets.

Together with @EIB @EBRD @worldbank, we will invest €1bn in these alternative corridors:!96vPCT


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Dear President @ZelenskyyUa & people of Ukraine, you are in our hearts and the bring you physically closer to us as well! 🇪🇺🇺🇦

The Solidarity Lanes are here to stay and so is our commitment.

We . Slava Ukraini!💙💛
RT @EU_Commission: Dear President @ZelenskyyUa Ukraine can count on us and our partners to further boost the .

To help Ukraine export its goods and increase global fo…


❓How can we reach worldwide & address the challenge in the Global South?

💡 Join us on 8/12, when EU Commissioner @AdinaValean & UN’s @JeanTodt discuss this topic at the Road Safety Results Conference.

❗️Register today!!J3qDHX


🚨Sadly, 19 900 people were killed in a road crash in the EU last year.

⚠️We must do better to reach ! Want to get involved?

👉Join us for our Conference this Thursday, as we take stock of the progress & remaining challenges:!J3qDHX


RT @EU_ENV: Time to act now all together, for the 🌍

People from +20 countries all across the world are already taking actions on the ground to tackle , nature and biodiversity loss

As is getting closer, show your support & share it with the #⃣


❓Considering to reinforce your organisation’s R&I capacity via international staff exchanges?

❗️The latest @HorizonEU call for applications provides funding opportunities for public/private organisations & their staff.

▶️Join @REA_research info session!DkcTMb


Do you travel by 🚆, ✈️, 🚌 or ⛴️?

You still have until 7⃣ December to share your views on improving 🇪🇺 .

For better protection when travelling & against future crises.



RT @CAPA_Aviation: CAPA is proud to induct Henrik Hololei into the CAPA Hall of Fame as the recipient of this year's Legend Award.


We need a military mobility network that is fit for purpose and secure. That’s why we are supporting the Action Plan with funding from instruments such as @cinea_EU.

RT @defis_eu: The new 2.0 Action Plan widens the scope of precursor initiatives:

➡️Improving the capacity of the transport infrastructure
➡️Streamlining administrative processes
➡️Protecting the transport sector against …


❓How to better involve young people in ?
❓What is the future of Road Safety with a more automated vehicle fleet?

💡Join the discussion & share your views at the Road Safety Results Conference next week!

Register here:!J3qDHX


November newsletter is out!

Topics include road safety, electric vehicles, air traffic management and more!

Read the full newsletter 📄 for the latest policy briefs, events & projects in transport.



🔑 takeaways

➡️Building a European drone market for & aerial services requires harmonised 🇪🇺 rules & infra for test sites.

➡️ will strengthen civil & defence industry cooperation.

🔴Day 2 on live:


panel 2️⃣ discussing innovative aerial services ⬇️

We need harmonised rules at 🇪🇺 level and faster implementation in all Member states. To develop the right technology, network infrastructure & having more testing sites is crucial.

🔴Live at:


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Safe arrival in Kyiv 🇺🇦 today with @DFDSGroup

300 of the bikes 🚲we collected for are now with @ucycle_org_ua.

Next: Bikes will be dispatched to volunteers & social workers in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kharkiv & other cities.

Stay tuned!!FHj668


panel 1️⃣ on innovative air mobility ⬇️

COM will enable safe & sustainable development of in 🇪🇺, resulting in regular transport services of goods & passengers by 2030. This will create true EU drone services market and lead the way globally!

– DG Hololei


‘Drone technologies will touch all our lives. They will open the door to new transport & delivery services, & new opportunities for businesses. Our helps to achieve this.’

– Commissioner @AdinaValean

🔴Live NOW:


The vision set out in today’s will be discussed at in just 2 hours!

Focus will be on: innovative air mobility, aerial services and civil, security & defence industry synergies.

🔴Don’t miss it – join via livestream ⤵️


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By 2⃣0⃣3⃣0⃣ ⬇️

🇪🇺 drone services market could be worth €14.5 billion & create 145,000 jobs.

will provide passenger transport services, emergency services, medical delivery, inspection & surveillance.

Our vision ➡️!nqkJRW


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are becoming a more regular sight in our skies, and 🇪🇺's framework makes this safe.

Europe is now ready to pursue large-scale commercial drone operations.

sets out how to achieve this, while creating economic & social gains ⬇️!nqkJRW


🏆Congratulations to 🇸🇪 Skellefteå, winner of the Award 2023!

@Skeakommun's plan includes more accessible public transport with low floors, ramps, text screens and audio announcements.♿

RT @EU_Social: 🎉 Congrats to the WINNERS of the Award 2023!

🥇 Skellefteå 🇸🇪
🥈 Córdoba 🇪🇸
🥉 Ljubljana 🇸🇮

These cities are leading by example and have become a source of inspiration for other EU 🏙️ and beyond 👏

Discover all the awarded ini…


Amazing job by 🇺🇦&🇪🇺 rail sector to bring refugees to safety & establish as alternative routes. As the war rages, we are stepping up efforts to build rail links- for now & future. @AKamyshin & @OlKubrakov our railway connections will be indestructible: DG Hololei


300+ bikes on their way to essential workers in 🇺🇦 with @DFDSGroup & more to follow.

🙏to those who donated bikes & to those who repaired them. @UA_EUMission there to see off the precious cargo.

Wishing a safe journey to Kyiv!


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