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📢Big news! 🚄

As of today, stronger 🇪🇺 when you take the train!

✅Better protection if travel is disrupted
✅Smoother travel experience for passengers with reduced mobility
✅Better access to real-time data

Find out all about it here:!XbXnfd


Join us for the 2⃣nd Transport Cybersecurity Conference!
The event will provide a platform for 🇪🇺 transport & cybersecurity actors to take stock of recent developments & exchange best practices in the field.
➡️Stay tuned for registration!


[2024-02-14 12:38 UTC]

Want to learn more about the revised
Join us at the
Days for discussions on extension of the network, cross-border cooperation & reinforced efforts to develop intermodal infrastructure.
✍️Register here:!3MJVFq


[2024-02-13 08:52 UTC]

❓What will the future of 🇪🇺
look like?
Join us on 21 February for an all-day academic conference on:
Green transition 🍃
Digitalisation 📱
A better-connected EU 🔗
The new geopolitical context 🌍
📍in Brussels or online


[2024-02-13 15:10 UTC]

COM welcomes political agreement between
on our proposal to modernise maritime accident investigations:
✅Most serious accidents w/ small fishing vessels covered.
to provide training & support to nat authorities.


[2024-02-13 16:24 UTC]

✅Our Expert Group on
(EGUM) has adopted its first recommendations!
They focus on:
1️⃣ Prioritising public transport in urban areas
2️⃣ Boosting inclusivity of public transport
3️⃣ Addressing worker shortages & evolving skill requirements


[2024-02-12 13:29 UTC]

Join us at
– Europe’s largest
innovation conference!
💡This year's theme: “Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility”. Join experts, policymakers & industry leaders to discuss the future of transport.


[2024-02-12 10:09 UTC]

Will you be coming to the
Conference 2024?
Join us for sessions on important topics including:
🔸Applying the
🔸Automation in mobility
🔸Urban road safety
🔸Rural road transport
🔸Serious injuries & post-crash care


[2024-02-09 11:11 UTC]

📢 Final call!
We are looking for members for our Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF), bringing together public & private stakeholders to promote the
transformation of freight transport.
🗓️Apply by today, 8 February 2024!3hDGrk


[2024-02-08 08:09 UTC]

R to @Transport_EU: "The 🇪🇺🇲🇩 high-level dialogue on will be important for the European project, &amp; for pan-European connectivity. It will further deepen our relations as we work towards aligning the🇲🇩transport network more closely with that of the EU."

- Commissioner @AdinaValean


[2024-02-06 15:38 UTC]

capacity of the
cluster for present &amp; future connectivity needs between the EU, Ukraine &amp; Moldova.
Continued progress at yesterday’s Quint meeting in Brussels with high-level representatives of 🇪🇺, 🇺🇸, 🇷🇴, 🇺🇦&amp;🇲🇩.


[2024-02-02 15:06 UTC]

⚓️Want to learn more about the upcoming FuelEU Maritime Regulation?⚓️
Join us for our upcoming webinar with
where you can learn everything you need to know!
📅 February 27
🕒 10:00 - 12:00 CET
👉 More info &amp; registration:!FCNMG3


[2024-02-02 13:00 UTC]

This week was all about
transport connectivity!
The result: €10 billion commitment for the Trans Caspian Transport Corridor:
🤝creating sustainable
🤝bringing EU &amp;🇰🇬🇰🇿🇹🇯🇹🇲🇺🇿closer together!ppxTh7


[2024-02-02 08:28 UTC]

❓Do you have an innovative mobility &amp; transport project you want to present❓
Apply now for the
Days Marketplace! Pitch your project &amp; share your vision for a sustainable, smart &amp; resilient transport system.
Deadline: 1 March 2024


[2024-02-02 10:05 UTC]

Committed to enhance 🇪🇺🇲🇩 connectivity across all
modes, strengthen ties &amp; pave the way for sustainable solutions!
Fruitful prep session with 🇲🇩Transport State Sec M. Păscăluța &amp;
D. Morari ahead of the launch of our upcoming High-Level Transport Dialogue.


[2024-02-01 13:38 UTC]

🆕report alert!
🛫Assessing air traffic management performance in the US🇺🇸 &amp; Europe🇪🇺
The aim? Identify
•ways to improve operational &amp; economic
performance in both systems
•areas for future research 🔎
Read it here:!mD8yVB


[2024-01-31 09:10 UTC]

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