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Are you attending the , the most important event of the year on 🇪🇺 policy?

Don't forget to pass by the @cinea_EU stand & learn how we are funding the

Follow online the conference, including our event 👉!VGDHKt


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RT by @cinea_EU: 📬The newsletter is out with:

⚒️a new interactive tool on Industrial projects
💭inspirational stories from projects
🗓️Major events ahead



[2024-02-14 11:07 UTC]

Exciting news for environmental innovators! 🆕
The dates of the
calls for 2024 are known, pencil them down & don't miss your chance to make a difference! 💡


[2024-02-14 09:13 UTC]

🌐The call for Sustainable Energy Days is now live
gives the chance to events from Europe and beyond that promote
to be showcased on the interactive map and gain more visibility👀
🔗Find out more:!v3NvvG


[2024-02-13 13:40 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: "This is our moment to be part of a generational change & mobilise all the resources available to ensure that the happens in a fair way, leaving no one & no place behind!"

Read more about @cinea_EU's role in the achievement of the objectives of


[2024-02-12 12:14 UTC]

call to obtain the CB RES status closed last week.
4⃣ projects submitted their application, covering 7 countries & various themes: from hybrid offshore
production to onshore wind and
Stay tuned for the award list!


[2024-02-12 09:10 UTC]
has a community of experts who:
✅support projects in overcoming challenges
✅strengthen the viability of
✅enhance the sustainability of investments
Can you also contribute to these goals?
Join us as an expert! 👉!HXMVQ7


[2024-02-08 12:20 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 🇺🇦 in 2022, the EC 🇪🇺 proposed a series of coordinated actions & measures to phase out EU dependency on Russian fossil fuels and help EU countries & citizens tackle the .



[2024-02-08 07:29 UTC]

❔Did you know that the EU Aquaculture Assistance Mechanism facilitates networking, connecting its registered users to other actors in the sector?
🤝Join our Users Area to exchange knowledge & valuable aquaculture insights
Sign up➡️!kR4wqH


[2024-02-08 07:38 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: CCAM hits the roads! With @SHOW_H2020, @AWARD_h2020 and @_HiDrive_ at we are exploring the first real-world applications and challenges of automated mobility in 🇪🇺 So many useful learnings from different use cases: public transport, logistics, and private cars 🔝


[2024-02-06 16:25 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: Launched today: 🇪🇺🇲🇩high-level dialogue

📌First meeting: 19 February
📌On the agenda: work ahead to improve 🇪🇺🇲🇩transport connections, aligned with EU standards, & ongoing cooperation



[2024-02-06 15:37 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: To reach the 90% net emissions reduction by 2040 & become by 2050, the EU will need to capture:

🔸 at least 50 mio tonnes /year by 2030
🔸 approximately 280 mio tonnes by 2040
🔸 around 450 mio tonnes by 2050!FFJKRM


[2024-02-06 15:38 UTC]

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