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🗣️ More than 40 sessions
🏆 The coveted Awards
💡 Energy Fair with hybrid stands
⚡12 Energy talks onsite

's flagship event on renewables & clean starts today!

Don't miss out. Join us to discover the future of 🇪🇺 energy 👉


RT @jagot_cha: Very interesting discussions at the @biogears workshop. Discussing technical, economic and environmental drivers/opportunities and potential barriers. Also exploring promising cooperation opportunities with new stakeholders. Well done 👏


RT @HorizonEU: 🆕The 5️⃣ are a new way to bring concrete solutions to our greatest challenges!

They support 🔑 EU priorities like:

Discover how over 45 projects help us achieve the Missions' goals! 👇


RT @cleanenergy_EU: Join today's @EUPVSEC “Results from EU research and innovation to further drive the energy transition world-wide” given by @Maider_MG our @cinea_EU colleague along with @EUScienceInnov
📍15:15 - 16:45

More info👉


RT @LIFEprogramme: No food system can be resilient if they're not .

In a 🌎 where the number of people affected by hunger keeps increasing, it's critical to take action!

Here are 3⃣ working to put an end ✋ to food loss



RT @jagot_cha: Ready to discuss and . "Sustainability is the objective, circularly a means to achieve this."This will be also the topic of @BIOGEARS_EU project workshop today. @EATIP_eu @aquavitaeEU @JaneM2020 @cinea_EU @easaqua


RT @Food_EU: How effective is your prevention initiative?

Fill in the survey before 3 October and scientists at @EU_ScienceHub will evaluate your action. Help us identify and promote best practices in food waste prevention!


RT @LIFEprogramme: Extreme weather events harm crops and threaten the food supply.

In northern 🇮🇹, maize is the most cultivated cereal crop 🌽 but it needs a lot of water to grow.

Discover GREAT LIFE's healthier & more climate-friendly alternative 👉


RT @energycities: 📆 SAVE THE DATE for the launch of the LIFE-NECPlatform Project in Brussels 📍

The project will support 6 EU States in their transition to by setting-up and managing permanent multi-level dialogues ➡️



", under , has the capacity to establish and coordinate funding programmes to help on the challenge of investing but also on encouraging best practices on , and planning," added @BeatriceCoda.


"CINEA is already supporting the offshore wind infrastructure," said @BeatriceCoda.

How? 🤔👇

5️⃣ programmes support over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ projects.

Among those programmes, has a new sector covering under a cross-border approach.
Check the pictures for more!


We're live 🔴 @ !

Now discussing how , and mostly cooperation in the field, is one of the answers to the crisis that we are facing today.


RT @euenergyweek: Discussing : the @SquadMobility Solar City Car is with us, leapfrogging the grid!

☀️Charges w/solar panels in roof
🔋Combines energy generation, storage & usage in 1 single unit
🚘No charging infrastructure needs

Thoughts on this urban mobility option?


RT @euenergyweek: 🌱Did you have a chance to engage with the community at the Energy Fair & Energy Talks?

Find 3⃣0⃣ stands onsite and, if you are not with us in the venue, find even more stands online!

🫱🏿‍🫲🏾🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️european-sustainable-energy-we 🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️🫱🏿‍🫲🏾


RT @PlasticPirateEU: We are thrilled to be part of this years‘ . Dennis Brennecke from the German @PlasticPirateEU team will be speaking in the session on „Youth for a healthy ocean“. Looking forward to the discussion with @bellser48, @AllAtlanticO and BlackSea&Med Youth Ambassadors.


RT @EUScienceInnov: 🆕 THIS IS IT! 🚀🇪🇺

📢 We are excited to welcome you to the 1️⃣st day of the 2022.

Join us for the Opening Ceremony today at 13:45 CEST with @EP_President Roberta Metsola, @GabrielMariya, and @ratsosi.

🔴 Tune in and watch live all sessions!


RT @HorizonEU: 🆕 During the today, we will launch 🚀 the strategic planning for 2025-2027!

📢 Join @GabrielMariya, MEP Bușoi @EP_Industry, and Deputy Minister Wildowá @EU2022_CZ to discuss on the main challenges!

🗓️28 September at 18:30 CEST


👀Look for projects this year at Europe 2022 , the biggest aquaculture conference in 🇪🇺

@marianaml_mar from @aqua_lit and Chiara Petrioli from SEASTAR project will be there

Find out other aquaculture projects!TTTfmk


RT @LIFEprogramme: 🌄Summer is over, but many of you are already planning the next trip!

As today is , discover 4⃣ whose work encourages practices for your holidays & boosts Eco Tourism!

🇪🇸 @LifeIPDuero & @LIFE_Garachico
🇫🇷 @watsavereuse


RT @GabrielMariya: 🔸Making cities climate-neutral
🔸Making regions climate resilient
🔸Restoring our ocean & waters
🔸Saving our soils
🔸Improving the life of +3 million people
...the EU is on a mission for 2030!

Join🇪🇺 & discover our Exhibition⤵️


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