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🇪🇺 EU leads on sustainable stock management @
annual meeting:
🐟 Consensus on Chilean jack mackerel allocation for 10 years ➡️ stability for the sector.
📈 science-driven stock management ➡️ EU's jack mackerel quota up by 22%


[2024-02-07 13:56 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: The Advisory Councils are essential as they set up the real dialogue between the Commission & the sector.

✅ Today in Brussels we are tackling topics that will be crucial for the fisheries of the future.


[2024-02-06 17:16 UTC]

🌊 New month, new newsletter! Exciting updates ahead:
🚢 European Ocean Days - Register now!
🌍 Make your mark with an
🇫🇷 France pledges support to the
🌀 Magallanes Renovables' tidal energy breakthrough.
Dive in:!gJp6J6


[2024-02-06 15:03 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Join us for the "EMODnet for Horizon Europe and EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters projects" webinar, where we will focus on streamlining data submission, guiding data collection, optimizing data flow to EMODnet!
Email for registration details.


[2024-02-06 10:12 UTC]

Europe's surrounded by an untapped energy source-the sea! Dive into the latest Ocean episode W/
to see how 🇪🇸 's Wavepiston, 🇵🇹 's
, and 🇫🇷 s HydroQuest  gear up their innovative solutions to harness the sea energy:!G3T7hy


[2024-02-05 16:19 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 🌊⚡️ Exciting insights from the FLOW Workshop for Policy Makers on Floating Offshore Wind! Discussed national plans, collaboration, and key outcomes for countries.
The future of is promising! 🌐🍃
@cinea_EU >@EU_MARE


[2024-02-05 10:09 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: A great discussion with DG Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala @NOIweala today, on phase II negotiations of the Agreement on .
Gearing up for the @WTO 13th Ministerial Conference, the 🇪🇺 is fully committed to a fair & balanced agreement 🤝 in Abu Dhabi.


[2024-02-05 10:47 UTC]

Unlike other
, sea waves provide predictable
EU-Funded 🇫🇮 company AW-Energy created the WaveFarm Project, developing WaveRoller converters to transform wave energy into a stable electric power source for Europe.!kWVXJr


[2024-02-04 18:47 UTC]

🐟A Tale of Growth: Discover how Meduza, a fish-product company from Karlovac, 🇭🇷 went from a family dream in '89 to setting standards in 🇭🇷's
Here's how this growth was enabled by EU funding:!WQDqYG


[2024-02-03 21:30 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 📢 The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership launches its second joint transnational call 📢
❗ More information about the call, annexes, deadlines and general information webinar (15 Feb at 14:00 CET) here 👉


[2024-02-02 11:42 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Did you know that we can produce energy thanks to ocean waves? 🌊

Here's how it works. 👇

Watch in full:

w/ >@EU_MARE


[2024-02-02 13:43 UTC]

🌍 Celebrating
with a journey to Europe's coastal wetlands!
🌿 From Ireland to Italy, discover how these ecosystems outperform forests in carbon capture.
Let's dive back into the mysteries of
with our
series- in partnership w/


[2024-02-02 10:31 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: What are the challenges and opportunities in starting a career in marine biotechnology?

Join this webinar for both students & entrepreneurs and find out more about BlueBioTechpreneurs

🗓️When? 27 February

Register here⤵️


[2024-02-01 09:15 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Excellent meetings with the EU Arctic Members States and EU Ambassadors & representatives at .

Thank you for your insights on Arctic matters, and your suggestions to further enhancing the EU’s support in and for the !


[2024-02-01 13:59 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 🛳️Shipping is a major economic activity in the .

We are committed to making green & sustainable:

🏭aiming for zero emissions & pollution
📉promoting faster & more ambitious reductions for Arctic shipping, at @IMOHQ & EU


[2024-01-31 13:25 UTC]

📢 Last chance to have your say on how to better protect the high seas’ marine ecosystems 🌊
🔹The Commission is gathering feedback on measures to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems from bottom fishing gear in the high seas
🗓️ Until 05/02/2024


[2024-01-31 13:46 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 🇫🇷 France formally pledges its support to the Charter of the EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters in the framework of a Mission conference in Paris. 🇪🇺



[2024-01-31 09:12 UTC]

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