RT by @EU_MARE: is coming to a close today, so let’s take a beat to share a few highlights from the past days, starting with the EU’s call for a swift ratification of the agreement.

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[2023-12-10 11:50 UTC]

The EU 🇪🇺 concluded fisheries agreements with the UK 🇬🇧 and Norway 🇳🇴 for 2024 before starting
🔹 Opportunities for EU fleet
🔹 EU quota of 415 000 tonnes of cod, haddock, saithe, whiting, plaice and herring
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[2023-12-08 20:25 UTC]

R to @EU_MARE: The EU 🇪🇺 also concluded three fisheries agreements with Norway🇳🇴 for 2024

🔹 +9 980 tonnes of Arctic cod for EU fleet
🔹 Measures to reduce fishing mortality for Western Baltic herring
🔹 Reciprocal access to waters for several stocks

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[2023-12-08 20:25 UTC]

The EU🇪🇺 and UK🇬🇧 agreed on fishing opportunities for 2024 and joint management measures in the Atlantic:
🔹 >85 total allowable catches agreed
🔹 Catches for the EU fleet worth around €1 billion
🔹 +380K tonnes for the EU fleet
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[2023-12-08 19:50 UTC]

🚢📊 In the next few days the
Council will meet to agree on the 2024 fishing opportunities.
But what are they?
Here is a breakdown of what TACs & Quotas are and how they work.
Learn more:

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[2023-12-08 17:06 UTC]

that last month the
Forum added a 🆕 section focused on EU-funded
​projects & companies?
If you are an EU4Algae member interested in sharing your project or a success story, reach out to contact@eu4algae.eu to be featured!

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[2023-12-08 09:00 UTC]

🗓️🚢 Save the date! European Ocean Days are docking soon in Brussels (4-8 March 2024)
4 days dedicated to:
🌊ocean restoration with
🧭navigating the future of
📖the future of
💼 unlocking potential with

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[2023-12-07 13:35 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Ocean acidification, driven by emissions, poses a serious threat to marine life and ecosystems 🦑🪸🐠
Understanding & addressing the long-term impacts is critical to the health of & planet🌊
Learn more in the new Ocean Climate Portal 👇

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[2023-12-07 13:54 UTC]

🌊🗓️ This Saturday, Dec 9 at
: explore the vital role of oceans for the climate!
Join us to boost the ocean-science-policy interface for sustainable seas.
Share views on creating the Intergovernmental Panel for Ocean Sustainability:

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[2023-12-07 13:15 UTC]

📧Subscribe to the Aquaculture Assistance Mechanism bi-monthly newsletter & gain fresh insights into sustainable
Explore the sector's current state of play & receive important updates directly to your inbox 👉

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[2023-12-07 08:35 UTC]

eyeGauge makes the # BlueEconomy's digital transformation affordable & efficient, turning any equipment into a 'smart' one🤝
Thanks to EU
, they have earned €530,000 in funding!
Join the BlueInvest Readiness Assistance, apply by 15/12👉

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[2023-12-07 10:03 UTC]

🚀 Exciting Opportunity Alert! 🏆 Are you a 🇪🇺 project, startup, or SME in the
Pitch your groundbreaking idea at
Day 2024 & follow in the footsteps of innovative companies!
📅 Apply by 18 Dec 2023, more info here 👉

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[2023-12-05 15:43 UTC]

📢Our latest newsletter is out!
On the menu this month:
🎣Betting on the ‘Fishers of the Future’
🌿Carbon catching coastal wetlands
🗺️Map of the month: what are coralligenous habitats and where can we find them?
Read it here:

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[2023-12-05 16:01 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: and (DRR)

is crucial to mitigating extreme weather events 🌀⛈️ in coastal communities

We provide data on significant wave height 🌊 and ocean winds 🌬️, helping to prepare for and respond to such events

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[2023-12-05 09:46 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: The 1st Community workshop will be held online on 6 December 🤝. The aim of the workshop is to introduce stakeholders to the EU Blue Parks initiative and the EU policies 🇪🇺 dedicated to protected areas 💧.

Learn more 👉 tinyurl.com/mu6hv4m2?utm_sourc

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[2023-12-05 12:59 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 🌊Be part of the Mission Charter to Restore Our Ocean and Waters! 🐬

Are you ready to take action for a sustainable future? 🌟 Endorse the Mission Charter today and become a protector of our ocean and waters! 🙌🏼💙

Together, we can make a difference! 🌊


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[2023-12-04 09:00 UTC]

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