Today the Blue Mediterranean Partnership steps up its support for sustainable
in the
Tune in at 3:00 pm CET to discover the🆕announcements from partners & donors at
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[2023-12-02 12:12 UTC]

Research & innovation are key for sustainable and smart economic transformation.
With the Smart Specialisation Strategies, the
encourages all 🇪🇺 regions to discover their competitive advantage.
Discover the 🆕
interregional partnerships👇🧵


[2023-12-01 17:21 UTC]

R to @EU_MARE: has been identified as one of the highlighted areas in the Thematic Platform on sustainable .
Discover the Partnership on Circular Smart Aquaculture 👉!3Fvyw9


[2023-12-01 17:31 UTC]

R to @EU_MARE: Partnership on Sustainable Blue .
This partnership aims to capitalise on previous EU-funded projects & regional initiatives on several aspects of the Blue sectors.
Check out its mission & objectives, and join here 👉!nnfNbY


[2023-12-01 17:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 🌊⬆️Sea level rise is increasing, with the global rate doubling in just two decades!

Driven by , this rise can lead to flooding, erosion, and storm risks 🌪️

Explore the Ocean Climate Portal to learn more 👇


[2023-12-01 13:08 UTC]

In the story of our oceans, each of us has a role to play.
From ocean energy to maritime cooperation, your workshops at European Maritime Day 2024 can ignite change.
Submit your workshop proposals by 8 December:


[2023-12-01 14:08 UTC]

🐟 EU's 2022 catch: 3.4M tonnes, with significant catches from Spain 🇪🇸, France 🇫🇷 , Denmark 🇩🇰 , and Italy 🇮🇹
Learn more ⬇️


[2023-12-01 11:05 UTC]

🚀 Exciting Opportunity Alert! 🏆 Are you a 🇪🇺 project, startup, or SME in the
? Pitch your groundbreaking innovation at
Day 2024 & follow in the steps of companies like eyeGauge! More info here 👉
📅 Apply until 18 Dec 2023!


[2023-11-30 16:14 UTC]

🌊 The future of the blue economy is here, and it's green. Operating in the Oosterschelde, 🇳🇱,
-supported AlgaeDemo confirms that a large-scale
farm is economically viable.
Dive in this success story:!txyf43


[2023-11-30 16:21 UTC]
is going at full speed 🌊
From advanced data services🛰️to sustainable marine policies📊, see how we're powering Europe's green transition 🌍💚


[2023-11-30 13:11 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Reliable marine data & knowledge are crucial in our decision-making process.

Today at the , I experienced firsthand what the @EMODnet powerhouse for marine data offers.

Your work will be vital in achieving @EU_Commission's priorities!


[2023-11-29 13:35 UTC]

🌊 Join the
Readiness Assistance Programme for tailored coaching, networking and funding opportunities 💼📈
⛵️ Apply now and become investment-ready 👉
📅 The deadline is 15 December 2023


[2023-11-29 11:25 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: and

Sustainable fisheries 🎣are essential for the livelihoods of coastal communities

Our service supports this goal by monitoring parameters such as phytoplankton concentration, which is key to assessing the health and productivity of marine ecosystems🐠


[2023-11-29 09:24 UTC]

June 2023 marked the start of a 🆕stakeholder cooperation on the
in the EU
Today, the members of Energy Transition Partnership meet for the 1st workshop on financing the transition, mapping challenges & exploring opportunities.


[2023-11-28 10:38 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: for

Thanks to 🇪🇺🛰️ we have a clear view of the Mediterranean shipping lanes

This radar view helps to ensure a safer and more efficient maritime navigation, playing a crucial role in sustaining the vibrant of the


[2023-11-28 10:58 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Very useful meeting with MFA of Norway @EspenBarthEide on fisheries negotiations which I hope can run smoothly for the benefit of both Norway 🇳🇴 & the EU 🇪🇺

Our teams work tirelessly to deliver good progress in the coming days & I look forward to conclude negotiations shortly.


[2023-11-27 13:05 UTC]

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