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When security forces use spyware, it must be within clearly defined borders.

The abuses of spyware in Poland and Hungary have been flagrant violations of the and against EU values.

Read @zoidoJI and @vladobilcik’s view: epp.group/8pfrkg


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We expect that future @NATO Summits will pave the way for Ukraine to join NATO.

Its membership will strengthen the Alliance and will be a further step towards sustainable peace in Europe.

Read @ManfredWeber & @rjukneviciene’s view: epp.group/59htzd


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💶 The is already squeezed to the point of having no margins left in some areas.

The introduction of new direct revenues is essential to ensure Europe can continue to recover and rebuild post-pandemic!

Read @JMFernandesEU’s view: epp.group/w2fsq6


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After her daughter's suicide, @JackieFox21 led a national campaign to highlight the issues of online abuse.

In 2021, Ireland adopted its legislation on . Now, we want it to be a criminal offence across the EU!

@FitzgeraldFrncs’s view: epp.group/94b659


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💶 The EPP Group welcomes the @EU_Commission’s methodology on EU funds.

But we want it to take a closer look at how EU Member States spend the €723.8 billion Resilience and Recovery Facility ().

Read @MHohlmeier and @jeroen_lenaers’s view: epp.group/km29p5


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🚨We are concerned that in different European capitals, local people from Russian diaspora, inspired by Kremlin propaganda, are celebrating the end of WWII to glorify Russia’s war against Ukraine.

@kalniete and @KubiliusA’s view: epp.group/kcxyck


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We denounce that @EU_Commission initiatives such as the Nature Restoration Law & the Action Plan to Protect Biodiversity are incompatible with:

🔵the EU fisheries sector's reality

🔵the EU's need for

Read @GabrielMatoA’s view: epp.group/8c1tww


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💻 We want clear standards for a human-centred approach to Artificial Intelligence based on European ethical standards and democratic values.

The EU Act is the right step to ensure so!

Read @AxelVossMdEP and @deirdreclunemep’s statement: epp.group/5labi7


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