🧵 Every citizen in the EU produces 12 kilograms of waste per year because of textiles.

But, on average, we only wear our pieces 7 or 8 times before we send them to the waste stream!

“We want to change that”, says @weisspernille.

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In 2024, EU elections will be faced with pressure from authoritarian regimes that have been attacking democracies for years.

We must protect our democracy!

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We have withdrawn from the negotiations on the law because:
1️⃣the proposal is flawed
2️⃣our concerns remain unanswered
3️⃣it will endanger our food security & increase inflation

Creating consistency with existing regulations must be the first step. @NiclasHerbst

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Abducted and forced into Russia’s “filtration camps”.

More than 20,000 Ukrainian🇺🇦 children were deported. At least 6,000 are held in special camps in Russia.

Children should not remain Russian prisoners.

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"EU funds must be distributed to Hungarian citizens and the economy in a fair and unbiased manner and in accordance with the protection of the Union budget", says MEP @petrisarvamaa.

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No more !

As @NiclasHerbst says: "Everyone is in favour of , but it has to be in line with existing regulations and the needs of the industry and the fishing sector as well.

🇪🇺We need to regulate for the people, not against them."

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Undoubtedly, the new Polish law, , is designed to eliminate Polish opposition leaders from public life.

Mr Kaczynski, President Duda, do not bring Poland into darkness.

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👉We say NO to additional .
👉We say NO to legislation that it's not fit for purpose.
👉We say NO to new laws that endanger our food security.
👉"We say NO to degrowth and inconsistency," insists @AnneSanderElue.

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The is often heard in the context of gender-based violence.

Some EU Member States are yet to ratify it, but many have already taken this step.

So, what has changed in those countries that have ratified it?

Listen here 🎧 epp.group/s4e25

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Post-pandemic high demand, inflation, and high fuel prices have skyrocketed ticket prices.

With , we could have a more effective air traffic control system for Europe and cheaper flights.

Let’s unlock the potential of European airspace.

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❓What does the EU's formal accession to the mean for the six countries that have yet to ratify it?

MEP @arbakokalari explains it all.


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The current proposal obliges EU farmers to abandon 10% of their farmland and do all their activities on only 90 % of their land.

⚠️Higher food prices
⚠️More farmers out of business
⚠️ Dependence on third countries

🚨Withdraw this law!

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President Duda's signing into law of breaches fundamental democratic principles.

The law further undermines in Poland.

It drags Polish democracy into darkness.

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🔐What kind of package does the EU need?

“We can have autonomous protection and we respond to cyberattacks immediately,” says @AxelVossMdEP.

Learn more ⤵

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“I want to hear men say how appalled they are with what’s happening to women in the world”, says MEP @FitzgeraldFrncs.

She believes that one way to battle the silent epidemic of violence against women is to have men speak up.

New : epp.group/s4e25

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⏰Time is running out! There are only a few days left to submit your essay.

📌You have suggestions to improve youth engagement in the EU?

Share your ideas with us, and maybe we will see you soon at the @EPPGroup in the @europarl_en 🚀

Visit: epp.group/epp4youth

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The EPP Group calls on the @EU_Commission not to release frozen EU funds to until the remedial measures are fully in place.

“The frozen funds cannot be released without endangering the EU Budget”, says @petrisarvamaa.

Read more: epp.group/3j3dhb

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Are you a postgraduate student or a postdoctoral researcher?

Are you interested in the impact of Christian Democracy on European integration?

The @EPPGroup Postgraduate Research Programme is for you ❗

More info: epp.group/researchgrants


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The law cannot be used to eliminate political opponents.

Poles, bring back Poland to the heart of the EU, where it belongs!

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It's a disgrace for Poland and the EU! @europarl_en must urgently address it. These are classic autocratic tactics. If you're afraid of elections, afraid of opposition, afraid of checks and balances that define any normal democracy, this is what you do. @jeroen_lenaers

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