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To the people of Syria and Türkiye: we care, and we are here to help.

This week, we have raised €7 billion for the people affected by the devastating earthquakes.

contributed to this pledge with €3.6 billion.


Leaders had strongly backed the main pillars and objectives of the Green Deal Industrial Plan.
So the @EU_Commission tabled concrete proposals to roll it out:

→ Net-Zero Industry Act
→ Critical Raw Materials Act
I now call for a rapid agreement on our proposals.


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To deliver more ammunition to Ukraine, we need to ramp up production in the EU, and fast.
The @EU_Commission will table a proposal for the ramping-up of industrial production of ammunition.


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Deporting children is a war crime.
In partnership with the Ukrainians, Prime Minister @MorawieckiM and I have launched an initiative aimed at repatriating Ukrainian children abducted by Russia.


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I will highlight 4 topics, 4 challenges we have to address as a Union:

→ Speeding up to climate neutrality

→ Supporting Ukraine

→ Strengthening our competitiveness

→ Managing migration


Europe's competitiveness strategy goes hand in hand with a strong social agenda.

We will work even closer with social partners to make the EU the home of clean tech, create quality jobs and equip people with the right skills.


Glad to meet President @Christodulides ahead of EUCO.

We discussed his proposal for the resumption of negotiations for a settlement in Cyprus, within the agreed framework.

We also discussed how to further support Ukraine and tackle circumvention of our sanctions on Russia.


Good phone call with PM @GiorgiaMeloni on migration ahead of

We need to keep acting in a fast and coordinated way. This is how we achieved solid progress so far.

We discussed the need to support North African partners, prevent irregular departure and loss of life at sea.


🇧🇦Very good meeting with @KristoBorjana, Chairwoman of @Vijeceministara
The EU has sent a strong, positive message to the people of BiH with the candidate status.
Important to see steps being taken towards crucial reforms.

The @EU_Commission is ready to support.


Сьогодні ми виплатили ще €1,5 млрд Україні.

Наша підтримка допомагає Україні функціонувати, захищаючись.

Вона також твердо ставить Україну на її шлях до ЄС, підтримуючи реформи – наприклад, ефективне управління та фінансову стабільність.

Разом ми пишемо 🇪🇺 майбутнє України.


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Today we disbursed another €1.5 billion to Ukraine.

Our support helps keep Ukraine running, while defending itself.

And puts Ukraine firmly on its EU path by supporting reforms - good governance and financial stability, for example.

Together we’re writing Ukraine’s 🇪🇺 future


We have shown to the people in Türkiye and Syria that we are supporting those in need.

Together we have exceeded expectations with pledges worth €7 billion.

We will continue to work together to support those affected by the earthquakes.


Ukrainian soldiers are showing great courage and tenacity.

But they need ammunition.

I welcome today’s agreement aiming to deliver 1 million rounds of ammunition over the next 12 months.

We will work with Member States to ramp up defence industrial production in 🇪🇺 to deliver.


The @EU_Commission will support the people in Türkiye with €1 billion for reconstruction.

We will also provide €108 million for humanitarian aid and early recovery in Syria.

Additional pledges are expected from


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A story of catastrophic loss and touching solidarity.

When the earthquakes struck, the world mobilised to support the people in Türkiye and Syria.

We now need to support the survivors to rebuild their lives.

I invite all nations to contribute ↓


Glad to visit this impressive gas rig, 60 km off the 🇳🇴 coast, with our key partners

@jensstoltenberg @NATO

Climate & energy policies can no longer be separated from security issues.

Today’s joint visit is a strong signal of our unity ↓


Good to see you again, @jonasgahrstore

Together, Norway and the EU strongly support Ukraine.

I welcome your commitment to contribute to the reconstruction of 🇺🇦

We are close partners across the board, from securing reliable energy deliveries to fighting climate change.


For the fight against climate change, we need to speed up the net-zero shift of the EU industry.

The Net-Zero Industry Act will help create a simpler and more predictable regulatory environment for clean tech.

It will scale up net-zero technologies & create good jobs in Europe.


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Without critical raw materials, there is no green transition and digital transition.

The Critical Raw Materials Act will improve Europe's refining, processing and recycling of raw materials.

And create a Critical Raw Materials Club with reliable partners to diversify supply.


The fight and the courage of Iranian women move and inspire women all across the world.

Freedom to study, to work, to love without asking anyone's permission.

But progress on women's rights requires attention and commitment everywhere ↓


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