Glad to meet @OpenAI CEO @sama

AI can fuel huge progress and improve our lives.

But we must mitigate risks and build trust.

To match the speed of tech development, AI firms need to play their part.

EU will work with global partners and stakeholders towards trustworthy AI.


Great to coordinate with @ZelenskyyUa on our continued support for Ukraine.

A just and enduring peace is what Ukraine needs.

Ukraine has made impressive progress on its EU path.

We are by your side, we will work hard together to reach this goal.


Unity and Strength.

This is what the European leaders gathering in Moldova today are demonstrating.

Together we stand up for our values.

And we stand up for Ukraine.

Today we will also discuss challenges at European scale: energy, security, connectivity.


I met and congratulated President @JakovMilatovic on taking office.

The people of Montenegro want to move ahead in its EU accession process.

For this, it is essential to continue to deliver on reforms – we are supporting you every step of the way.


Dear @sandumaiamd this week, Moldova is the heart of Europe.

It is natural that the second summit of the European Political Community takes place here.

Your home is in Europe.

We support you every step of the way.


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1. Lower roaming charges between the EU and Moldova

2. Provide new economic support to leverage up to €1.6 billion

3. Support energy sector & invest in renewables

4. Help increase Moldova's security & resilience

5. Support accelerate progress on its EU path


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Good to see Prime Minister @DKovachevski.

North Macedonia can seize the enlargement momentum, accelerate reforms and build consensus on the country’s EU destiny.

I believe in North Macedonia’s European future.

We always stand ready to support.


Glad to meet @LudoOdorPM.

We discussed Slovakia’s implementation of the Recovery Plan and the transit of Ukrainian grain via the Solidarity Lanes.

Slovakia’s cooperation will be instrumental.

We also agreed to join forces to combat disinformation.


Good meeting with President @Zourabichvili_S.
I welcome your strong commitment to Georgia's European perspective and look forward to continue working with you.


Venice is a world’s marvel.

But this jewel of Europe’s heritage is threatened by climate change.

We can act and preserve it. The New European Bauhaus is showing us the way.
This is what I’m here to discuss at @la_Biennale.


EU funding can support farmers who have lost crops and machinery.

We will also help you rebuild with the EU Solidarity Fund.

Finally is investing €6 billion to make Italy more resilient to natural disasters.


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We are mobilising European support.

For relief, for rebuilding, and for adapting to extreme weather.

I want to tell the people of Emilia-Romagna:

“Tin bota. L’Europa è con voi.”


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We must keep giving protection, as tech is changing the game.

The answer to the challenges of AI must be “human in control”.

Algorithms are shaping work, beyond digital platforms.

So we are keeping an eye on potential need to regulate algorithms use in the wider world of work.


We work hand in hand for the twin transition.

The euro is now the currency of choice for sustainable finance and Europe is the largest issuer of green bonds in the world.

Today we are also working on a digital version of the euro, to complement our coins and banknotes.


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Today’s agreement is a major step for the production of green hydrogen in Namibia.

Proud that allows the EU and Namibia to invest in a shared future.

Together we will fight climate change, make Namibia energy-independent and create jobs and prosperity.
RT @hagegeingob: The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Namibia and Hyphen, signifies an exciting chapter for Namibia's growth trajectory. We wish to thank all of our development …


The European Union stands by Moldova’s side.

We support your energy security. Your economic stability.

We support your reforms, on your way to our European family.

Moldova is not alone.

The EU is with you.



Сьогодні ми виділили Україні ще 1.5 млрд євро.

Наша підтримка допомагає Україні підтримувати роботу основних державних служб, захищаючи себе.

З початку року ми надали Україні 7.5 млрд євро бюджетної допомоги, і більше буде.


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Today we have disbursed another €1.5 billion to Ukraine.

Our support helps Ukraine maintain essential public services running while defending itself.

We have now provided €7.5 billion in budget assistance since the beginning of the year, and more will come.


I want to reiterate the EU’s full solidarity with you.

The EU will never accept the DPRK’s possession of nuclear weapons as a normal state of affairs.

We condemn the DPRK’s constant nuclear saber rattling.
We stand firmly by the Republic of Korea.


At the Memorial of the Seoul Cemetery, I pay tribute to those who gave their lives for Korea, and those who made it the free, democratic, prosperous country it is today.

오늘, 국립서울현충원에서 대한민국을 위해 목숨을 바친 분들과 오늘날의 대한민국을 자유롭고 민주적인 국가로…


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