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A particularly prolific user was reported by a user for the volume of their posts. Configuration was exceptionally changed for that user in order to not crosspost RTs and replies.

Such suggestions are welcome directly to this admin account. Reports may not always reach us.

For transparency and in case it helps people considering whether to self-host a similar instance, the operating costs of are currently a little less than 25 €/month (VAT included).

Without any performance optimisation whatsoever, the instance is currently quite overprovisioned and should have enough capacity to withstand over 1 year of growth.

Using a smaller instance would cut hosting costs by some 10 €/month, but reducing time costs is more important.

One frustrating experience is receiving a non-obvious moderation report from another instance and not being able to reply with a comment. I understand that wants to protect the identity of reporters (presumably) but this doesn't foster cooperative gardening of the shared space that is the .

As long as we're running, our APIs are open. In case of shutdown, we'll do our best to deposit an dump on , so that any research value of the dataset isn't lost.

The overall database we can share in but no single license on the text and media would be available.

Some data scrubbing might also be needed if doesn't yet provide a native way to provide dumps of public-only information.

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This service is experimental and offered without promises of permanence.

We're mostly a privacy-friendly mirror or proxy which offers some more features than by virtue of integrating directly on the .

A long-term service for the EU's communication on social media would be useful, but we're not such a service. (A suitable institutional home would need to be found.)

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We're very happy to see, a instance run for the by the European Commission (@EC_DIGIT + @EDPS). Hopefully it will grow and improve fast. The sooner becomes redundant, the better.

Given the changed circumstances, there's no longer a need to consider offering local accounts in the future. The frontpage has been updated accordingly.

Maintenance is mostly over. Some files are still being restored.

The terms of service and privacy policy were updated:

We're now running a very minimal setup on a small virtual machine (Debian 10) + object storage. Let's see how it goes.

Show thread will go through some maintenance to switch to another hosting provider.

🇩🇪 Endlich könnt ihr Informationen der EU-Institutionen, EU-Politiker, EU-Fraktionen usw. auch über inoffizielle Mastodon-Mirrorkonten beziehen:
🇬🇧At last you can follow EU institutions, politicians and groups via inofficial Mastodon mirror accounts:

Profile directories are also fascinating on smaller instances, share those you like. got rather interesting even if it's quite random.

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Welcome and welcome back on and the !

It seems got as many interactions in 12 hours as it previously got in 2 weeks.

Remember to boost generously to help people discover interesting accounts. Not everyone will use .

Nasce un EuroPoliverso! è stato lanciato! I loro amministratori vogliono facilitare l'adesione al #discorso politico dell'UE sul #fediverso .

Per ora si limiteranno a creare su # Mastodon un mirror dei 1500 account #Twitter di funzionari ed eurodeputati dell'UE elencati da Wikidata e…

Argomenti di esempio:

Un ringraziamento speciale a @mastohost per l'eccellente servizio ea per essere stato di grande aiuto con #Stork / #pleromabot .

(notizia segnalataci da @filippodb ) has launched! We want to make it easier to join the #EU policy discourse on the #fediverse.

For now we just mirror on #Mastodon about 1500 #Twitter accounts of EU officials and MEPs as listed by Wikidata and….

Example topics:

Special thanks to @mastohost for the excellent service and @robertoszek for being so helpful with #Stork / #pleromabot.

There's an uptick of sign-ups on larger than on the day Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter's shares (that's the other peak). I suspect similar graphs across the entire Mastodon network (at least I hope so!)

Mastodon for iOS is in the Top 100 free Social Networking apps in Germany, Spain, and Greece!!

The fixes are here! ✨ #Mastodon 3.5.1 is out, fixing some issues in the last release:

Notably, instead of having to enter a code sent by e-mail to login from a new IP address, you'll now just get notified about a new sign-in.

Upgrade finish. Every instance on is now running v3.5.1

Any issues or questions please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

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OK, so all issues have been solved and instances are working. About half of the instances have already been updated to v3.5.0.

The rest of the update will be going much slower and probably only tomorrow it will finish.

There will still be another restart (15 seconds of downtime) even on instances that have already been updated, just to make sure I didn't miss any instance when I corrected this problem manually.

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