Follow has launched! We want to make it easier to join the policy discourse on the .

For now we just mirror on about 1500 accounts of EU officials and MEPs as listed by Wikidata and

Example topics:

Special thanks to @mastohost for the excellent service and @robertoszek for being so helpful with / .

@praetor @mastohost @robertoszek

That is very interesting. The first page you linked doesn't include fediverse channels unfortunately, but there are interesting institutions and politicians active directly on fedi already. I started listing them in this wiki post that anyone can edit and update:

@praetor @mastohost @robertoszek cool! is there a way to explore policy topics / tags currently in use / heavily used? I have a bunch of digital / data strategy related topics I closely follow, but now would have to guess which tages are in use for them.

@ton Good question... As a local user I can see them on the explore page.

Are non-local or non-logged-in users only able to see the top 3 trending hashtags?

I'm also hoping that something will start showing up here at some point but I'm not sure what the requirements are:

@praetor the link to the tag explore page gets redirected to a login page, so that's only for local users it seems. The explore page only shows the admin account now, which is logical as you're mirroring accounts. Btw, that list of accounts you're mirroring would be a good dataset to publish in itself. To build lists etc. Maybe that is something to contemplate and link to from your instance's front page?

@ton Good idea. Most of the accounts are already in Wikidata, I'm still cleaning some mistakes I found there and I'll link the query then.

I'm not sure how to add all European Commission handles on Wikidata because not all offices and initiatives have their own item. Maybe I can just upload a CSV to Zenodo under CC-0. (I also wrote the EC asking that they do it themselves.)

@praetor @mastohost @robertoszek Only 2 weeks later and your instance is flooding the fediverse with rather, let's say, questionable content. Is there a significant portion of active accounts coming from conservative parties?

@lumiukko Not sure what you mean by "questionable".

We've included all elected members of the European Parliament found on Wikidata (past or current), so it's quite a wide spectrum. Due to the size of constituencies, in the various countries the threshold for a party to be included may be anywhere between 1 % and 5 % of the ballot for a majority of the seats.

Tweeting patterns may differ though. Do you have any specific example in mind?

@lumiukko I see that you probably mean certain French-language accounts. They are overactive this week for obvious reasons.

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