Follow has launched! We want to make it easier to join the policy discourse on the .

For now we just mirror on about 1500 accounts of EU officials and MEPs as listed by Wikidata and

Example topics:

Special thanks to @mastohost for the excellent service and @robertoszek for being so helpful with / .

@praetor @mastohost @robertoszek

That is very interesting. The first page you linked doesn't include fediverse channels unfortunately, but there are interesting institutions and politicians active directly on fedi already. I started listing them in this wiki post that anyone can edit and update:

@praetor @mastohost @robertoszek Only 2 weeks later and your instance is flooding the fediverse with rather, let's say, questionable content. Is there a significant portion of active accounts coming from conservative parties?

@lumiukko Not sure what you mean by "questionable".

We've included all elected members of the European Parliament found on Wikidata (past or current), so it's quite a wide spectrum. Due to the size of constituencies, in the various countries the threshold for a party to be included may be anywhere between 1 % and 5 % of the ballot for a majority of the seats.

Tweeting patterns may differ though. Do you have any specific example in mind?

@lumiukko I see that you probably mean certain French-language accounts. They are overactive this week for obvious reasons.

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