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Find out more on what our guest @DijkstraLewis from @EUinmyRegion has to say about the concept of in the 🇪🇺

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: for the better quality of life of its inhabitants, the municipality of Ruse🇧🇬 undertook with 🇪🇺funds large-scale renovation of its city-center and the greening of the public recreational areas along the Danube⤵️


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RT @EU_Commission: Violence against women happens in every country. The facts are shocking:

1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence, and 1 in 5 girls are victims of child sexual abuse.

We are committed to ending this violence.


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RT @SanderHappaerts: 25 plans are now in place in 11 🇪🇺Member States. Stay tuned for more in the coming days!

Explore our to track JTF investments 📊cohesiondata.ec.europa.eu/fund (4/4)

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€89 million for a just in Denmark🇩🇰
fund will:
✅invest in research&innovation alternatives to CO2-emitting fuels
✅support SMEs transition to circular economy
✅support 10,200 workers to be up-and reskilled

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Twin cities 🇮🇹 and 🇸🇮 and their inhabitants see their links strengthened with a 🇪🇺funded project that supports new bike 🚲🌉paths between them👍

Join them and enjoy the rides! ⤵️

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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: Integration of Roma Communities is strong 🇪🇺 priority

That’s why will invest close to €1 bn funds in Slovakia 🇸🇰in 2021-27

I welcome new organisational set up w/ Plenipotentiary. We need strong administrative capacity for robust projects & speedy implementation

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‘The EU’s Geography of discontent’ : does that ring a bell to you?

Listen to what our guest @DijkstraLewis from @EUinmyRegion has to say about inequality between regions and cities in 🇪🇺 in our brand-new podcast episode!


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RT @saved_mat: Responding to the energy crisis, mitigating the effects of climate change and involving young people: 3 cornerstones of the Italian presidency of .

Now the Presidency will go, for the first time ever, to a non-EU country: Switzerland 🇨🇭

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RT @SanderHappaerts: 24 plans are now adopted, mobilising already €7.1 billion to make sure that no region is left behind in the

Stay tuned for more approvals in the coming days! 👉ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/f (8/8)

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RT @SanderHappaerts: Slovakia🇸🇰 is the 10th 🇪🇺Member State to have a plan!

Launched today by @ElisaFerreiraEC, it brings €459 million to alleviate the impacts of the climate transition ec.europa.eu/commission/pressc

Find out more in this 🧵 (1/8)

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🇸🇰Territorial Plan is adopted!

🇪🇺€459 million will be invested to support:
⚡️energy efficiency measures
👷jobs in just transition regions
🧑‍🎓upskilling and reskilling of workers
for a


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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: Our @EU_reforms helped 🇸🇰 in preparing the TJTP through the Technical Support Instrument, see how audiovisual.ec.europa.eu/en/vi
@Veronika_Remis @RegioCZ_SK @EUinmyRegion @ZEKvSR @SLOVAKIAinEU

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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: will support:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦workers & families in the phasing out from coal extraction & coal-fired electric power generation
🔋energy savings, efficiency & reduction of dependence from Russia
📈reskilling of people & businesses
🚵‍♀️sustainable mobility


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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: Congratulations to Slovakia for the newly adopted Territorial Just Transition Plan!

€459 million will be invested to ensure a just energy & climate transition in the most vulnerable regions - Trenčín /Upper Nitra, Košice & Banská Bystrica.



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RT @EuropeNancy: Vous êtes au Salon des Maires ? Vous avez des questions sur les financements européens💶?

RDV📍Pavillon 4, stand E46.1 pour découvrir les services de formation pour les élus locaux proposés par @UEfrance

@EuropeDirectCTG sera sur le stand jeudi !

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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: My 4 key take aways of discussion:

📍Policy needs to remain agile but keep focus on long-term transformation

📍Reconcile common 🇪🇺 goals with needs of each territory

📍Funds are necessary
but not sufficient condition. Reforms, institutions & rule of law are crucial


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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: 📍Cohesion can’t be an objective for policy alone, all 🇪🇺 & national policies must contribute to it

GAC conclusions 👉 consilium.europa.eu/en/press/p

Work will continue in the context of the High Level Group on future of Cohesion that I’ll announce soon. Stay tuned 📻

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RT @euronews: A third of Europe's population lives in a border region.

And new bike paths could be the key the improve cooperation between countries. Or at least this happening with an initiative linking Italy and Slovenia 🚴🚶

👉 euronews.com/my-europe/2022/11

w/ @EUinmyRegion

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RT @EuropeenFrance: Lancement national de la politique de cohésion 2021-2027
🗓 5 décembre (11h30 à 19h30)
📍Palais des Congrès de Tours
Fin des inscriptions jeudi 24 novembre 👉 https://seminaire-cohesio/...
@Regionsdefrance @RPFranceUE @EUinmyRegion @ANCTerritoires @RCValdeLoire @FSE_nat

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