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RT by @EU_MARE: Une interview @CNNFrance & @GEOfr réalisée à la Maison de l'Océan à Paris (@OceanoMonaco) où nous organisions le premier sommet européen des algues voici un mois. Un lieu magnifique qui vibre pour les océans depuis plus d’un siècle !




[2023-11-24 15:45 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 💭In one word, what does the mean to you❓

⬇️We created this word cloud from the answers we received this week during the 2.0 dialogues on engaging Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.

Let us know YOUR answer, and we will create an even bigger word cloud!


[2023-11-24 13:38 UTC]

📢 Have your say to better protect the high seas🌊
🔹Commission is gathering feedback on measures to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems from bottom fishing gear in the high seas
Fishers, NGOs, academia & citizens can contribute
🗓️ Until 05/02/2024


[2023-11-24 12:25 UTC]

region is incredibly rich in nature, culture, & tradition. But its real richness is the people!
Over 200 participants joined us for a vibrant
Stakeholder Conference.
Thank you for being the 💙 of the sustainable
of the future!


[2023-11-23 16:43 UTC]

Congratulations to Romania for the adoption of it's Maritime Spatial Plan !🇷🇴👏 Discover information about their national maritime spatial planning process on the EU MSP Platform👉


[2023-11-23 13:44 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: The 🇪🇺 is a fast-growing sector that will help us achieve our climate goals.

Today, I'm glad to present how our initiative can help blue & in the region shape a modern, competitive & sustainable blue economy.


[2023-11-23 13:56 UTC]

The 🆕 EU Fish Market Report 🇪🇺 is out!
Discover the comprehensive analysis of the EU
industry made by the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture
Check out the highlights of the 2023 edition 👇!8nx4gV


[2023-11-23 14:29 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Thrilling day at the @WTO! The EU 🇪🇺 proudly contributes EUR 1 million to the WTO's Fisheries Funding Mechanism, reinforcing our commitment to ocean health and fish stocks. This fund supports developing Members in implementing the Agreement. 🐟


[2023-11-23 14:49 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Director General @vitcheva_eu presenting the main objectives to be attained for a carbon free European future!


[2023-11-23 07:43 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: 🌊 OLAMUR Project - Baltic & North Sea Lighthouse Area 🌊

Funded under The EU HORIZON Framework Programme, OLAMUR will contribute to the EU Mission Ocean to demonstrate sustainable commercial solutions for both the North and the Baltic Sea.


[2023-11-23 10:00 UTC]

The search is ✅ for the candidates to the
Awards 2024!
🏆 We are looking for innovative solutions in 3 categories: net zero, sustainable food from the ocean, smart ocean exploration solutions.
🌐 Apply or recommend a project by 18/12/2023👉


[2023-11-22 13:39 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Konstantin Petrov is joining efforts towards a sustainable, modern & competitive at the thematic workshop for the

🗣️He is sharing experiences on innovative development with the Sustainable Aquaculture Technical Group


[2023-11-22 15:11 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Today I'm opening the annual @EU_BlackSeaAM Stakeholder Conference.

From a sustainable & healthy marine ecosystems, to resilient costal communities - we need everybody’s contribution to mark yet another milestone under this 🇪🇺 initiative!


[2023-11-22 12:03 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Delving into the significance of restorative in the ❗️

GFCM, @agriculturacat & @irtacat organized a workshop in La Rapita 🇪🇸 with the focus on:
📌 cultivation as a way to diversify and adapt to in aquaculture farms 🌊🌿


[2023-11-22 13:18 UTC]

RT by @EU_MARE: Our on 4/12 at the pavilion in Dubai will open with high-level speakers from the EC 🇪🇺, @eu2023es and EU countries:

"Powering the clean " ⚡️

Register and take part onsite or online 👉!rN6WcK


[2023-11-22 10:35 UTC]

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