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On , let's celebrate all the amazing ERC-funded researchers from across Europe, like these nine ERC grantees based at @esrfsynchrotron in France 👇

RT @esrfsynchrotron: Let's celebrate with our @ERC_Research grantees.

There are currently 9 ERC grantees who use ESRF-EBS, an @ESFRI_eu landmark, for breakthrough research projects.


Today's marks the official start of the . ERC-funded @carneiro_econ @ucl says investing in from an early age is crucial to building a brighter , especially for disadvantaged children. 👉!6hMxCC


Happy 🇪🇺! Did you ever wonder what holds Europe together? ERC grantee Anelia Kassabova is part of an international team who investigates this issue to find out what "unites us in diversity" 👉

🇪🇺 @BgSciencesBAS


⚱️Classical tombs & urns often portrayed dancing & to convey messages about society.

Discover the fascinating meaning behind these ancient artworks from Véronique Dasen @unifr


@HorizonMagEU @Locus_Ludi


Curious about the amazing things happening at the forefront of scientific discovery? Be sure to follow us on Instagram! We believe that science is not only fascinating but also beautiful, and we want to share that beauty with you through visual stories 👉


Writing a more democratic, inclusive history of begins with establishing the centrality of women’s .

Elena Vezzadini @CNRS investigates the history of urban professionals in 3 African countries. 👉


@EUScienceInnov From developing a new way to locate space debris, 🛰️ to the development of a cheap and reliable method to detect ovarian cancer, the Proof of Concept scheme fosters innovation. 📚

Check out the full list of grantees 👇


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📣The results of 2023's first ERC Proof of Concept grant competition are out.

66 researchers will receive €150,000 each to narrow the gap between the results of their research and its market or societal application. 👇



Nederland viert vandaag 🧡 Let's celebrate the amazing research being done in the Netherlands.

DYK that the ERC has funded over 1280 projects here, worth €2,149M - like cancer research @prinsesmaximac 👉!cTYhwM

@SimuACF_NL @EUinNL @Europarl_NL


DYK is driving a growing disparity between those who thrive in the and those who fall behind? @ERC_Research funded research @ucl on how family dynamics impact children's critical offers valuable insights. 👉!6hMxCC



A fruitful week for research! 🔎 Check out exciting ERC-funded research results on:

⚡Needle-free injections using lasers
🌳The feasibility of climate action measures
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Effects of conspiracy beliefs on relationships

And many more topics 👇


“Diversity of ideas is essential” said Maria Leptin, ERC President, @WEF .

“You don’t stew in your own juice. If you do, you are not going to discover anything new.”

Watch the playback
RT @MirageNewsCom: Growth Summit 2023: Reskilling and Job Creation Key in Age of Uncertainty


🔎 Searching for a position or a job?

Look no further. We've gathered a collection of tweets about vacancies in ERC-funded teams.

Browse to find a perfect fit 👇


Did you know you can also follow us on Instagram erc_research? 🔬📸

Hop over to stay updated on the latest ERC-funded breakthroughs, learn more about the brilliant minds behind them, and discover the impact of their work on our society and the world. 👇


“Quality journalism is necessary to safeguard democracy, which is our collective responsibility. All institutions and bodies should contribute, and the ERC is certainly no exception." ERC President Prof. Maria Leptin.

RT @ERC_Research: We've selected a consortium of organisations as partner for the ERC Science Journalism Initiative.
The project will support science journalists' residencies at research instit…


Congratulations to our President, Maria Leptin, on being elected as international member to the US National Academy of Sciences!

Very well-deserved recognition!
🇪🇺 🇺🇸

@theNASciences @MLeptin

RT @theNASciences: We are thrilled to announce the election of 120 members and 23 international members to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of their distinguished and continued achievements in original research.…


Missed the celebration of 1500 ERC grantees in France?

- personal message by @GabrielMariya
- strong stance by Minister @sretailleau
- speeches by @MLeptin et al.
- debate with former ERC President J-P Bourguignon & great grantees

Watch the replay!


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🌍 ¿Cuál es el potencial del litio para la descarbonización?📱💻🚗

Lea el artículo aquí 👉

@UNClimateChange @IISD_news @cristobalbonell @UvA_Amsterdam @ciper @Un_Norte @CodelcoChile @EP_ScienceTech


Do you research physics, chemistry and materials or computer sciences? 3️ six-month posts are available in the ERC's ‘Physical Sciences and Engineering’ team. It manages the peer review used to select ERC grantees, plus scientific monitoring. More info 👇


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