ERC's year in review is here! 📈Get insights into competition statistics and learn more about the ground-breaking discoveries of our grantees.


Find out more by reading the highlights in the below 👇

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@EUScienceInnov @mleptin @GabrielMariya In 2022 the ERC received 6801 proposals for our , , and grants. 📈

An additional 1168 applications were for our Synergy and Proof of Concept competitions.


@EUScienceInnov @mleptin @GabrielMariya Beyond advancing scientific knowledge, ERC-funded projects have a direct impact on future-shaping innovations 👩‍💻


@EUScienceInnov @mleptin @GabrielMariya Following the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we launched the “ERC for Ukraine” initiative, helping connect refugee scientists with our community of grantees.


@EUScienceInnov @mleptin @GabrielMariya In 2022, 80% of ERC funded research led to either a scientific breakthrough or major scientific advancement 🔬


@EUScienceInnov @mleptin @GabrielMariya With two Nobel prizes going to ERC grantees, 2022 held many achievements for our community. 🏆

From the first images of exoplanets captured by the , to new ways of generating protein shapes, read more about the discoveries of ERC grantees in our !


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