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Managed to connect to the amazing @AstroSamantha, who is in space (!), to congratulate her as the first European woman to be the Commander of the @Space_Station🛰

Thank you for reminding us to reach for the stars Samantha!

Tune in tomorrow at 13:00 CEST to see our chat 🌟



Europe must remain united.

With war on our continent & increasing energy prices, we will continue to act strongly & responsibly.

Following today's , @europarl_en is committed to act effectively: further support to Ukraine & energy proposals to come into effect swiftly.


We still need Pride 🏳️‍🌈

Too many live in fear. Too much discrimination exists.

In Europe you should live as you wish to live, love who you wish to love, be who you wish to be.

I wrote to Serbia's authorities to transmit the strong message from so many MEPs on @belgradepride 🇪🇺


Welcome home @ZelenskaUA.

You represent the courage, strength & defiance of the men & women fighting to protect your country & our shared values. Against all odds.

Thank you for showing the world that might is not right.

You inspire us all.



Today, people across Europe expect concrete & decisive actions on their concerns.

On increasing prices, on the rising costs of gas and electricity, on security, on climate.

Our support for Ukraine will remain unwavering.


We will not turn a blind eye to war crimes, to breaches of human rights.

After 200 days, Russia's brutal aggression in Ukraine continues. Our support to Ukrainians must remain strong.

With @PACE_President agreed on cooperation & synergy between @europarl_en & @PACE_News.


Time to stand up for our values. Adapt to changing geopolitical realities. To reform.

On energy, 🇪🇺 can no longer afford to depend on undependable actors. Decisions needed now.

Facing security challenges, we must build a real security & defence Union.



Dear @MarinSanna 🇫🇮, welcome to @europarl_en.

As Europe faces inflation & increasing energy prices, citizens expect strong leadership & decisive decisions.

Finland can play a central role in shaping the future of a more resilient, more united, Europe.


70 ans de démocratie.
70 ans de solidarité.
70 ans de débats.

Nous célébrons 70 ans d'@Europarl_FR.

Une institution qui grandit de plus en plus.

Une maison qui défend des valeurs et aspire à la paix et à l'unité.

Une assemblée qui travaille pour les citoyens.



Europe has always responded by moving closer together.

Once again, Europe is being tested. We must respond, must adapt, and must work together.

@europarl_en stands ready to play its part.

This is Europe's moment. We can be more. Together.

Read more 👉


When people look to Europe for answers, we must be able to respond with solutions that have a tangible impact on people’s lives.

That is what people expect from us and that is what we must be able to deliver.

Europe can be more 🇪🇺


For decades people everywhere looked to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as an example of stability & service.

Her influence stretched far beyond the shores of the United Kingdom, as will her legacy.

On behalf of @europarl_en I extended our condolences to His Majesty Charles III.


Europe stands with Cyprus.

The only way forward must be peace & reunification.

The future can only be decided by us working side by side. Together.

A future which is full of possibility.

My speech at @CYParliament 👉


A library full of books which inspire.
Young people full of ideas and enthusiasm.
Students optimistic about their future.

Could not have ended my visit to Cyprus in a better way.

This is how Europe can be more.



Where there is belief, there is hope.

An emotional moment looking towards Famagusta. Symbolic place representing the prospect of a peaceful solution. Hope for a better future.

With Mayor Ionnou transmitted @Europarl_CY's solidarity & commitment to help find a way forward.


For @europarl_en, the only way forward for 🇨🇾 is a single, sovereign, European State.

Good discussion with @UN_CYPRUS Special Representative Colin Stewart on current situation.

Aim must remain a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation in line with @UN Security Council resolutions.


The world has lost one of its greatest daughters.

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II and the mark she left on the world today.


Strong cooperation between @europarl_en & national Parliaments is essential if we are to ensure decision-making is close to people.

Thank you @AnnitaDemetriou for inviting me to address @CYParliament.

@Europarl_CY support to Cyprus is unwavering.

🇪🇺 🇨🇾


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