90 years after the , Ukrainians are once again fighting to preserve their lives, their identity and their freedom.

Just like we fighting for our values today, we remember all those who were left to starve to death by the Soviet regime.

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Our campaign is in full swing.

As snow falls, Ukrainians stand up. We stand with them and provide generators from around Europe to help power their homes & light up the night.

Together we will pierce through the darkness caused by the Kremlin’s bombs.


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Today we 🟠

For those who are still subject to abuse

For those who on a daily basis are victims of threats

For those killed because they are women

For our fallen warriors

Women must be protected.
Laws must be enacted.
Perpetrators must be brought to justice.

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Stop killing women.
Stop beating women.
Stop abusing women.

Bernice Cassar should have never been killed. She should have been safe.

Bernice and so many others across Europe are not victims. These are our fallen warriors.

Women deserve to live free from fear. Everywhere.

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We've kicked off Europe's campaign for Ukraine.

@europarl_en calls on all cities & towns across Europe to join our campaign with @EUROCITIES.

To give Ukrainians energy, to provide them with clean water, to guarantee everyday services.

To generate hope.


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10 million Ukrainians are without electricity due to Russia's attacks.

We can help.

Today we launched our campaign to provide generators to our Ukrainian friends.

Solidarity in action.


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Capturing the moment as we celebrated 70 years of European democracy in action. 70 years of @europarl_en.

Thank you Prime Ministers @Elisabeth_Borne, @alexanderdecroo & @Xavier_Bettel for joining us today.

Together we must keep reforming. Pushing for positive change.


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Schön, Premierminister @Xavier_Bettel im @Europarl_LU zu begrüssen.

Heute würdigen wir die Erfolge Europas.

Gemeinsam blicken wir in die Zukunft. Zum Schutze der Demokratie und Freiheit.

Das ist die Stärke Europas.


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Verheugd om premier @alexanderdecroo te verwelkomen in @Europarl_BE om 70 jaar Europese democratie te vieren.

Europa heeft de uitdagingen altijd aangegaan. Samen hebben we veel bereikt.

Samen zullen we een betere en sterkere toekomst bereiken.


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Première ministre @Elisabeth_Borne, bienvenue au @Europarl_FR.

La démocratie nous unit depuis des années.

Elle doit rester le fondement sur lequel reposent nos sociétés.

Promouvoir nos valeurs en Europe et au-delà.


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Girls are still banned from secondary school in Afghanistan.

rights are increasingly under threat. Their futures are uncertain. Their lives are on hold.

The Taliban want women to be invisible. We want them to thrive.

@europarl_en will keep amplifying their voices.

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We will not look away from those who look to us from the streets of Iran.

Iran must stop its oppression of legitimate protests.

In response to Iran sanctioning MEPs, @europarl_en will no longer engage with Iranian authorities.

زن زندگی آزادی

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With free movement at the heart of Europe, Bulgaria's road to Schengen should find no more obstacles. Bulgaria's place is in Schengen.

Good also to discuss further cooperation in supporting Ukraine with Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament Vejdi Rashidov.


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Glad to hear that Croatia is in full gear to join the Eurozone in 6 weeks' time. Croatia's economy deserves this important step.

Welcoming Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandroković, I also reiterated @europarl_en's support for Croatia's accession to Schengen.


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Barcelona es una de las grandes ciudades de Europa. Avanzamos cuando unimos lo local, regional y nacional a lo europeo.

Cuando llevamos el mensaje de Europa a todos nuestros pueblos y ciudades.

Cuando trabajamos unidos.


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In Barcelona today to discuss Europe's digital transition and how we can use this to boost innovation, create jobs and answer people's concerns.

We can grow our economies, we can strengthen our competitive edge.

Europe can set the standard. We can lead.


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Thank you @SpeakerPelosi for being a role-model not only to the American people, but to women in politics across the world.

You always showed dignity, strength & relentlessness.

You have always been a true friend of Europe. The people of Europe are grateful.

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We are stronger when we are together.

That is why I invited EU Member States' Permanent Representatives to @europarl_en.

To discuss our next steps: aid to Ukraine, further sanctions, addressing energy crisis & inflation, return to economic growth.

United we provide solutions.

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Great meeting @Bundestag President @baerbelbas at @Europarl_DE.

As Russia's indiscriminate attacks intensify, security impacts of war are clear to all.

Citizens are worried. Our response must be strong & united. Further cooperation between Parliaments can achieve this.


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Good exchange with @CommonsSpeaker.

The European Union and United Kingdom face common challenges. On Russia's aggression in Ukraine, on security and defence, on climate and energy.

We will be stronger and more successful when we cooperate closely.


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