Europe will only survive if we fight for it, if we understand & explain its benefits. If we push back against those determined to undermine it. If we listen.

Now is the time for Europe to be at its best.

My speech at Night of European Ideas in Berlin 👉


Ukraine needs heavy weapons & tanks. And we can help provide them.

Europe must be ready for the next phase. Our response must match the threat.

Tonight in Berlin, I spoke about how Europe must lead & deliver in concrete terms if we want to protect our democracy and way of life.


The fight against corruption, for democracy & human rights in Russia must continue. @navalny must be released.

As we continue to stand with Ukraine, @europarl_en supports further sanctions against Kremlin and oligarchs funding Putin's war & domestic oppression.


Yulia Navalnaya's tenacity & resistance are an inspiration.

Your and @navalny's determination & courage in standing up for a democratic Russia is commendable & impressive.

Because of our common values - peace, democracy, rule of law - @europarl_en welcomes you with open arms.


In Europe's fight against terrorism, cybersecurity & criminal organisations, cross-border cooperation is crucial.

With @Europol Executive Director Catherine De Bolle, discussed the importance of information exchange between authorities in Member States.

Europe can be safer.


United in diversity.

There's no better day to celebrate our EU motto than today, on the European Day of Languages.

Understanding the power of Europe is best in your own language.


The daughters of are rising up to demand equality, respect for their rights & freedoms, an end to oppression.

It's the brave, young women leading the charge. From @europarl_en, I want to tell you that you are not alone.

was 22 years old. Remember her.


To be clear: no sham referenda will change Europe's stance on Ukraine and its territorial integrity. Nor will it change the fact that it was Russia that invaded sovereign Ukraine.

Europe stands with Ukraine 🇪🇺 🇺🇦


People are still paid differently for the same jobs. Either due to gender or race.


On , @europarl_en stands firm in its resolve to close gender pay gap, to abolish discrimination, to ensure gender equality in Europe and the world.




Our global partnership is united.

In defending democracies & in helping Ukraine.

Democracy must be consolidated & supported.

At @G7 Speakers' Summit with @baerbelbas @YaelBRAUNPIVET @Roberto_Fico @SpeakerPelosi @AnthonyRota @HosodaHiroyuki @r_stefanchuk


Democracy requires continuous effort. Deserves bravery. Needs leadership.

At @G7 Speakers' Summit, I spoke on our responsibility to educate, reassure & listen to our citizens.

Democracy is directly opposed to autocracy. And this is the only way.



Always great to meet my friend @r_stefanchuk. A symbol of optimism and courage for the people of Ukraine.

In Berlin, at G7 Speakers' Summit, discussed Ukraine's next steps following EU candidate status.

@europarl_en, @G7, remain resolute in our support to @ua_parliament.


First it was Bucha, then Mariupol and Irpin… now Izium.

War criminals responsible for these atrocious acts must be brought to justice.

Follow my press conference at @G7 Speakers' Conference with 🇩🇪 @baerbelbas, 🇺🇸 @SpeakerPelosi & 🇺🇦 @r_stefanchuk.


With @HosodaHiroyuki at @G7 Speakers' Conference.

Japan is a like-minded partner in our defence of global peace & rules-based world order.

Discussed priorities for upcoming 🇯🇵 @G7 Presidency 2023, joining forces in supporting Ukraine & diversification of energy supplies.


A threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.

With Russia weaponising energy & hunger, @G7 Speakers' Conference is united.

We must support Ukraine now with all possible means & isolate the aggressor.

This war must end. All war criminals must be held account.


Touchdown in Berlin for @G7 Speakers' Conference.

Great meeting the trailblazing @SpeakerPelosi.

We stand united in defending democracy & freedom. Against autocracy, aggression & foreign interference.

We remain strong transatlantic partners in our support to Ukraine.

🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🇺🇦


🛰 Here it is!
From Strasbourg to Space

Had such a great time speaking with the brilliant @AstroSamantha - first European woman Commander of @Space_Station

Thank you for the inspiration Samantha - I hope to be able to welcome you to the Europarl_EN soon!


@europarl_en Вирішальний момент для України.

Сьогодні @Europarl_UA схвалив додаткові 5 мільярдів євро допомоги для України.

Наша підтримка залишається непохитною.
Задля економічної стабільності.
Задля перемоги України у війні.

🇪🇺 завжди буде поруч з Вами.


Ukraine is at a crucial moment.

Today, @europarl_en approved an additional €5 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Our support remains unwavering.
For economic stability.
For Ukraine to win the war.

You will always find 🇪🇺 at your side.


Congratulazioni alla fantastica @AstroSamantha, la prima donna europea Comandante della @Space_Station 🛰

Grazie per averci ricordato che bisogna sognare in grande per raggiungere le stelle!

Sintonizzatevi domani alle 13:00 per vedere la mia conversazione con lei dallo spazio🌟


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