Our relationship with China is one of the most intricate and important.

How we manage it will be a determining factor for our future economic prosperity and national security ↓ n.respublicae.eu/i/broadcasts/

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China is changing:

→ We expect to see greater focus on security and control

→ The imperative for security and control now trumps the logic of free markets and open trade

→ China’s clear goal is a systemic change of the international order with China at its centre

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We must ensure diplomatic stability and open communication lines with China.

We also do not want to cut economic ties with a vital trading partner.

We need to focus on de-risking; not de-coupling. ↓

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1 – Making our own economy and industry, especially clean tech, more competitive

2 – Bolder, faster use of our trade instruments

3 – Develop new defensive tools for critical sectors, like sensitive high tech

4 – Aligning with partners around the world

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We are exploring an instrument on outbound investment.

To avoid enhancing the military and intelligence capabilities of those who are also systemic rivals with tech and knowledge transfers that comes with some investments.

We will present ideas later this year.

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Our story about our relationship to China is not fully written.

We must show that our system and values delivers prosperity and security.

And always be ready to talk and work with those who see the world differently.

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