It is your right to love who you love 🌈
On the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, the European Parliament stands by the LGBTIQ community.

[2024-05-17 10:57 UTC]

What makes this year’s European elections so important?
We put this very question to
Roberta Metsola in a special interview about the European elections.
Watch the full interview:

[2024-05-16 18:00 UTC]

European political parties have put forward lead candidates for the post of European Commission President.
Find out more about the Eurovision Debate taking place in the European Parliament on 23 May:

[2024-05-16 15:59 UTC]

Food delivery, ride-hailing and online workers need fair labour conditions. A new EU law approved by Parliament aims to ensure this.
Find out how:!FphyQF

[2024-05-14 16:30 UTC]

Do you know how the EU is regulating AI?
Thanks to the European Parliament, the world’s first set of laws governing its use were agreed this year to protect people from abuses while also driving innovation:!wDmRcF

[2024-05-13 16:19 UTC]

Discover the highlights of what the European Parliament has achieved for you in the 2019-2024 legislative term:!4VRYvb

[2024-05-13 09:17 UTC]

Products are set to become more durable and reliable as well as easier to reuse, upgrade, repair and recycle.
This is thanks to ecodesign rules approved by MEPs, which introduce requirements for environmental sustainability.
Find out more:!4JWbMd

[2024-05-12 16:37 UTC]

2022 Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra have an important message for European voters.
“Vote because our future depends on your votes."
in the
on 6-9 June.

[2024-05-11 11:31 UTC]

On 6-9 June, Europeans will choose the 720 members of the European Parliament that will represent them for the next five years.️
Check this map below to see when you can cast your vote 👇

[2024-05-10 09:00 UTC]

RT by @europarl_en: President Metsola in Ukraine on Europe Day

President Metsola’s visit in Kyiv on Europe Day demonstrated the European Parliament’s continued support and commitment to Ukraine and its European path.

[2024-05-09 18:59 UTC]

We put it on iconic European landmarks so you can put it in your calendar: 6-9 June, European elections.
With just one month to go, iconic locations around Europe are showing their stars to remind everyone to
in the European elections this June.

[2024-05-09 15:45 UTC]

Europe Day takes on even greater significance this year as it comes one month before the
This is your chance to make your voice heard in Europe, to have your say on what's most important to you.
. Or others will decide for you.

[2024-05-09 07:00 UTC]

European elections:
Roberta Metsola calls on Europeans to vote on 6-9 June.
“This Parliament gets to decide on a lot of things that matter to your daily life. Do not let anybody choose for you.”
Read our interview with her:!TqDbtY

[2024-05-08 18:32 UTC]

Travel within the EU will become easier for people living with disabilities thanks to two initiatives adopted by the European Parliament.
Find out more about how it will work:!dyVq3H

[2024-05-08 09:07 UTC]

Not another divisive social network.
: a community built on shared values and a common belief in the power of democracy:!nT6GhJ

[2024-05-07 17:13 UTC]

Sisterhood Pathways, a Lithuanian project aiming to combat violence against women, has won the 2024 European Charlemagne Youth Prize.
Find out more:!Rb8rfJ

[2024-05-07 14:16 UTC]

The European elections are your chance to have your say on the future of Europe.
Find out about the election rules and how you can use your vote:!X8bjmP

[2024-05-06 09:07 UTC]

Reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️ New EU rules approved by Parliament set out to make packaging materials significantly more sustainable.
Read more about the new rules:!Bt3npT

[2024-05-05 14:02 UTC]

The EU's Stability and Growth Pact has been updated to allow EU countries more flexibility in how they manage their budget deficits and debt levels.
Find out more:!Qn3w3Q

[2024-05-04 07:43 UTC]

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