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RT by @cinea_EU: Opened today: new safe & secure parking in Jabbeke, 🇧🇪

EU parking standards are ensuring that professional drivers can work & rest in good conditions alongside European roads.

🚛Read more here:!GXb3xJ


[2024-02-06 14:00 UTC]

Inauguration alert 👏🇧🇪🇪🇺
Congratulations to
for successfully lifting 62 bridges on the Albert Canal for the passage of four layers of containers!
A project funded by
for more efficient
and more sustainable freight transport.


[2024-02-05 16:06 UTC]

The Connecting Europe Facility is turning 🔟! 🎂🎉
To celebrate the anniversary, we are launching various activities during 2024 to highlight how
funding have been fundamental in modernising 🇪🇺 infrastructure!
Read more ➡️!fdNJfG


[2024-02-05 10:50 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: Don't miss the next webinar by @RenewablesGrid!🌱

Join our @SafeLines4Birds & LIFE Danube Free Sky and discover how to ensure a bird-friendly European grid🐦

📅 20 February



[2024-02-02 13:46 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: 🐦The Yelkouan Shearwater & Balearic Shearwater are among the most endangered bird species in the .

@MaltaSeabirds is safeguarding these seabirds from the threats of fishery bycatch and invasive predators.



[2024-02-01 13:30 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: Interested in learning how the initiative can help EU-funded projects share results and knowledge for a smart ?

Watch the full interview 👉

📥 Download BRIDGE publications 👉!YFhg6n


[2024-02-01 13:55 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: 🛰️Did you know that satellite remote sensing can track ?

A study on aspen trees in 🇫🇮 Finland finds that remote mapping shows promise as a cost-efficient way to roughly predict lichen communities in European boreal forests 👉!c6Ntrj


[2024-02-01 14:18 UTC]

RT by @cinea_EU: , the flagship initiative for aggregated demand & coordinated purchasing of gas, matched 42 bcm of gas in 2023 to cover EU demand.

For 2024, to address the growing demand for stability, it introduces mid-term tenders.



[2024-02-01 15:38 UTC]

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