Had a productive meeting with the delegation from Bremore Port yesterday, discussing EU Port policy. Ports play a pivotal role in the transition to renewable energy and the decarbonisation of heavy goods transport 🚢

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[2024-02-14 14:01 UTC]

RT by @SeanKellyMEP: A delegation of IFA representatives met with MEPs Sean Kelly, Colm Markey and Deirdre Clune today in the European Parliament to discuss the Industrial Emissions Directive.

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[2024-02-13 14:57 UTC]

With the need to build more housing and to upgrade the energy efficiency of the building stock, construction workers will be vital for Ireland.
These can be well paid and secure careers, but its important we attract people more into the sector.

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[2024-02-12 11:27 UTC]

RT by @SeanKellyMEP: The Belgium GAA AGM took place last 24th January at the European Parliament.
We were thrilled to welcome our Honorary President, @SeanKellyMEP and we prepared the next season.
And welcome to the new members of the Committee !

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[2024-02-12 17:43 UTC]

RT by @SeanKellyMEP: Great night last night @SeanKellyMEP @AndrewFryaay @GormanCaitriona
Michael O Dwyer
Tommy Hayes
Elenor Lahart

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[2024-02-11 13:35 UTC]

Farmers' protests across Europe have not fallen on deaf ears. In the European Parliament this week, MEPs recognised the need for a revision to the
and more supports for farmers. Key areas to be looked at include calendar farming, bureaucratic burden and budgets.

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[2024-02-10 09:00 UTC]

An excellent
AGM of new North Tipp/West Kilkenny Constituency.
at Borrisoleigh tonight .Open discussion, no beating around the bush . Can’t beat a bit of
. @EuropeanParliament &
Elections , June 7. V fine executive with Ml. Harty , great Chairman.

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[2024-02-10 01:52 UTC]

Here’s a roundup of what happened in this week’s plenary session in Strasbourg ⬇️ part 1

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[2024-02-09 10:46 UTC]

I am glad to see the vote on New Genomic Technologies passed in the
NGTs will allow farmers to compete better and it will help us to better adapt to challenges facing the sector in the future as well as help them achieve the goals set out in

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[2024-02-08 13:20 UTC]

RT by @SeanKellyMEP: Green Hydrogen agreement between Shannon Foynes & Rotterdam Ports fleet.ie/green-hydrogen-agreem via @https://n.respublicae.eu/fleettransport @SeanKellyMEP @ShannonFoynes @PortOfRotterdam @HandlingNetwork

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[2024-02-08 13:21 UTC]

Yesterday the EP voted to make instant payments in euro more available and affordable while increasing efficiency in their processing. In Ireland, relying on transfers that can take up to 3 working days is holding us back.

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[2024-02-07 14:44 UTC]

BTS 🎙️recording for the EPP podcast series “A Europe that protects you” discussing how to help business and trade and protecting European competitiveness

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[2024-02-07 18:16 UTC]

Excellent address
. Said in EP elections, ‘we can fight one another but NOT fight Europe’ & no one should use veto ‘to stop us helping others’ - Orban!

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[2024-02-07 12:13 UTC]

R to @SeanKellyMEP: Iar Taoiseach John Bruton has had an enormous positive impact on our island and the European Union as an Ambassador to the US. I always appreciated the respect he gave everyone, his insights, and his dedication to public service. He will be truly missed.


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[2024-02-06 10:38 UTC]

Back in
this week for
plenary session.
Some highlights to watch out for:
👨‍🌾Supporting European Farmers
💶Instant € payments
👩‍🏫Teachers’ working conditions
👨‍💼Quality traineeships in the EU
🌿New genomic plants
🇺🇦Russiagate/Ukraine war
Stay tuned! 👀

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[2024-02-05 10:05 UTC]

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