R to @RookmakerDorien: Inclusieve Gender ideologieën en identiteitsbeleid leiden tot slachtofferschap en discriminatie. @Assita_Kanko Er is bovendien weinig wetenschappelijks aan. We moeten terug naar de basis: “Solving the problems of higher ed requires rejecting this victim ideology wholesale. “Universities need to abandon the concept that they have a central role in moral education,” Lawrence Summers, a former Harvard president, told me. Donors and alumni should demand changes in governance and curricula to counterbalance the anti-Western ideology that undergirds the anti-Israel coalition. Every identity-based bureaucratic sinecure should be eliminated. Trustees and presidents should be chosen based on their determination to support humanistic learning and academic excellence, not “inclusion.” Efforts to impose such changes will be fought tooth and nail. On their success hangs a civilization. Ms Mac Donald author of “When race trumps merit”


[2023-12-07 04:54 UTC]

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