New research funded by 2022 (e.g.) ⬇️

☀️ Sun’s magnetic field 
🕵️‍♂️ Breaking crime cycles
🗣️ Language technology for everyone
👩‍⚕️ Next generation mRNA therapy
🌿 Making flora more attractive to bees
😡 Causes of domestic violence


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🗣️ Language technologies can assist in many areas of life, but availability is mostly limited to the global North.

grantee @annalkorhonen @Cambridge_Uni aims to develop a universal approach to language technologies, with equity at its core.



@annalkorhonen @Cambridge_Uni 🐝 Bees are key to sustaining life on Earth. They are the most important insect pollinators in agriculture.

New 🇪🇺 grantee Abdelhafid Bendahmane @INRAE_France will help make cultivated plants more attractive to them as a food resource.

How? 👉


@annalkorhonen @Cambridge_Uni @INRAE_France Domestic violence is a serious problem in the EU. @PlanasRodriguez from @UniBarcelona will use new 🇪🇺 funding for her research to understand how different factors affect the risk of domestic violence against women.

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@annalkorhonen @Cambridge_Uni @INRAE_France @PlanasRodriguez @UniBarcelona 🌤The Sun’s importance to humanity is immeasurable. Yet there is still plenty about it we do not know.

A new 🇪🇺 project, led by Sami Solanki @maxplanckpress aims to expand our knowledge on the inner workings of the Sun’s magnetic field.

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@annalkorhonen @Cambridge_Uni @INRAE_France @PlanasRodriguez @UniBarcelona @maxplanckpress How can we break the cycle of crime and economic inequality? 🔄

By investigating the justice system and the job market, new 🇪🇺 grantee @ProfHjalmarsson of @goteborgsuni will try to uncover the discrepancies at the core of the problem.

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@annalkorhonen @Cambridge_Uni @INRAE_France @PlanasRodriguez @UniBarcelona @maxplanckpress @ProfHjalmarsson @goteborgsuni mRNA vaccines 💉 were crucial for curbing the Covid19 pandemic but for deeper integration with modern medicine, further research is needed.

@AndrzejDziembo1 will use his 🇪🇺 grant @IIMCB_Poland to help design the next generation of mRNA therapy.



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